Wednesday, September 17, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

tell the truth...some of y'all initially go to blogs b/c you think that person is cute and you're attracted to em.

there will be no mention of menstrual cramps in this post. i've learned my lesson from last week

why is faith evans, pepa (from salt n pepa), and kim osorio writing "tell all books"? don't write a tell all book and say "it's not about the money." if it's not...then what is it about?

i wish bobby brown wrote a tell all book

i haven't purchased stamps in years. they were 30 cents the last time that i can remember buying stamps

i chuckle when i hear white folk say..."i have black friends. when i grew up...i didn't see color." really?? how is that possible???

for the last time people...put lotion on ya feet before you leave the house. if i see one more pair of crusty dogs...i'ma call the crusty patrol

that blackberry curve is callin me...kiiiiiyuuulllll....
kiiiiiiyuuuulllll. i was tryna wait until the blackberry bold came out but i dunno if sprint is gonna get it

if you are not mr black man should rock a mohawk

i got gas for $3.99 the other day. i guess that's a "sale"

if you're in school...stay there!!! this economy is horrible

alicia keys...alicia keys...alicia keys

why do we give stuff that we don't want to the salvation army and goodwill? if we don't want it...what makes us think that somebody else would want it? lol

one of my favorite quotes from the late old dirty bastard..."i feel so good right now. i just feel like peeing on the floor right now." lmao!!!! that was my dude!!!

i love the "chill" in the air. fall is 'round tha corner

ok...if you are reading this...and you live in metro atlanta...and the company that you work for is hiring...hollatchaboi! a new job is on the horizon. why not work with a fellow blogger?

coming soon to blogtalk radio...12kyle making a guest appearance on the show hosted by jaded nyer. sept 29th. i'll remind y'all b/c i know that you have a.d.d

what happened to jody watley?

kerry washington...kerry washington...kerry washington

if you take a bath alone...isn't your back still dirty when you get out of the tub?

david duchovny was recently admitted to rehab for his sex addiction. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

let's keep it real...he's a freak. just like the rest of us. he just tried to take it to the next level. lmao!!!

you can't run that on no sista! "yeah baby...i'm cheatin on you b/c i'm a sex addict." you'd get your head busted to the white meat!

keep our texas fam in your prayers. the storm has gone and so are the cameras. there are millions of people who's lives have been "shook" up.

queen and -q. (hope y'all are str8)

twitter is maaad cool!

just heard that queen latifah's next album will be produced by dr dre. hmmmm...i dunno bout that! not sure how that's gonna sound

she expects the album to be out by december. but if dre is working on'll be december 2015

i think i know more than sarah palin. lemme be the vp! pleeeeease!

wonder if there will be an influx of kids named barack over the next few years? you know how black folk do it! haaaa.

barack johnson?!? hmmmm...just don't sound right to me. lmao


Keith said...

I'm first today...Yayyyyyyy!! I have to admit, There are a lot of cute female bloggers...but I'm actually attracted to their personality. -WOW, Did I actually write that?? I must be maturing in my old age????-lolol.

I bought gas for $3.45... In New Jersey..I paid $3.00 toll to go to
Jersey and buy gas at $3.45 a gallon. A sure sign of early senility 4 sho.

Crusty toes drive me up the wall too!

Keith said...

My Daughter let me "hold" her Blackberry...I'm addicted..I don't
want to give it back.

I tried telling my wife that I was
a sex addict. She didn't believe me.In fact, she's still laughing.

Maybe if my daughter has another son she'll name him Barack..If it's
a girl, Michelle is a pretty name

Tha L said...

hmmm...blackberry is OFF.THE.CHAIN. Except for the fact that I just threw mine against the wall two weeks ago and busted it. Had to spend $350 on a new one...yes, I'm addicted.

I buy stamps about once every six months. And ONLY becuz my dad and step-mom have both been postal employees for almost 35 years. gotta make my contribution to their retirement...maybe I'll get a decent return in their will. LOL!

let the people say AMEN! to Alicia Keys...dayum she foine! Lawd help me.

maybe i need to come to atlanta, cuz it's still 100 degrees in vegas. shit.

lovin' yo randomness, kyle! smooches!

Muze said...

hahaha. honestly, the only blog i've ever clicked on for looks was G-Sweet.

please don't. i'm suffering enough. lol.

bobby's book would be 700 pages. lol.

eww @ crusty feet.

umm thrifting is a very compulsive habit that a lot of women have, kyle. have you never heard one man's trash.. another man's treasure? duh... lol.

booo hiss booo @ fall coming.

i have to admit, twitter IS cool. so many pressured me into joining, and now they aren't even following. i guess if i updated. lol.

barack johnson... NO. lol.

hope all is well kyle!

The Jaded NYer said...

man, I would read bobby's book in a minute, but you know whitney's lawyers would put a stop to that so fast...

my bad... I'll try and remember to lotion my feet from now on

and for the record, unless you are a Native American and it is the year 1492, NO ONE SHOULD ROCK A MOHAWK!! That is the most annoying hair fad to date!

dessex said...

Kerry very nice.

Man I sure wish I would have stayed in school, because its rough out here in the worst way.

Queen Latifah working with Dre????? I'm not looking forward to that. But I might just give it chance.

dessex said...

oh yeah....There are some cute women bloggers but I think its creepy if you look at their page just because they are cute.... Its like stalking to me lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - so the currve is nice...I have it. It's made a cameo in many of my food pics - lol...not on purpose, but just because I can't live without it. I hate it - but I love it at the same time. Funny, right? yup, I know.

12kyle said...

@ keith
lmao @ u!!! no...your wife is not going for the sex addict line. classic!

@ l
i don't think there is a such thing as "fall or winter" in vegas. today's high in atl...75 (not that i'm rubbin it in) lol

@ muze
can you imagine all of the dirt that would come from bobby's book???

@ jaded santana
i dunno what's worse...a grown man with a mohawk or a lil kid with one.

@ dessex
mannnn, you know that it takes dre forever to drop an album. the last chronic cd came out 7 years ago! i hope latifah ain't holding her breath on this one

@ darius
i've been tryna hold off on getting it but i can't any more. lol

Big O said...

I had the BB pearl....and then it got the Curve in May....nice!! New features is the wi-fi and the spell check.

Go for it!!!

I was waiting for the Bold...but then i got impatient, lol

Urban Thought said...

Nah, never thought to go to a blog because someone was good looking. Now, if I found out they were ugly...

Thank you... is the five day curve over or are you just giving it up because someone said something?

Writing a book is always about the money... And in the book is purchased it better be worth the money spent. I'd actually just sit in the book store and read it. I won't buy that joint.

Bobby Brown is working on his book. I'd read that and walk out the store with it.

Who mails anything these days? Pay bills online.

Ask a white person how many black friends came to their house this past year? If they can give you a number then you know something is up. And if they can't give you a number then you know something is up.

Saw a girl on the train with not only ashy feet but ashy legs. And she sat there like she was cute. I wanted to take her to the nearest drug store and lotion those legs myself.

Spring it whack when it comes to the phones they carry. Always get the leftovers.

Mohawk... Amen... They should also put an age limit on that one.

I don't drive. I save 100%.

Stay in school as long as you can afford it. You know the price of school is crazy and only getting worse.

Alicia is hot.

You know what they say... One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Fall is that season. And then there is Spring.

Jody was on that show Workout. Had an album come out that no one listened to. Maybe she'll do an oldies tour.

Kerry Wash... Yes, she is that lady.

Depends on how you get out of the tub and what you do after you actually get up. Follow the bath with a light shower and you can get that residue off your back.

Twitter is the ish...

You would make a better VP than that Alaskan chick.

Ms. Jones said...

I have Sprint too, but I don't know about staying there once that Blackberry Storm hits the market..especially since you get a 30 day "trial period" with Verizon just to make sure you like the phone, service,etc.

I love the old school heads in music like the Queen and LL but I think they need to just sit down and let us remember what they did instead of trying to prove themselves over and over....

B said...

I go to the blogs of ugly people too. LOL, I'm jivin'...

And yes, not mentioning menstrual cramps is a good idea because until you have'll never understand, my brotha.

I buy stamps allll the time. I do a ton of mailing.

Wait...if you don't have a Curve, what do you have? OMG, don't tell me the Pearl. I want the Bold BAD! Have you heard about the Thunder? Ohmigoooodness.

Barak Jerome Smith. I can dig it. LOL! Happy Wednesday---see you on Twitter!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

It would probably be Barack Malik Johnson....

If you become the VP can I get a job at the White House?

Majority of the people in the world are sex addicts....just haven't admitted to themselves yet....

Now hear you go with that dang on Blackberry Curve...what is it about that thing that calls everyone's name?? Wait for the patient

The ladies told you a thing or two huh?


Opinionated Diva said...

This is going to sound strange but...I WANT A MOHAWK! LOL. I've been fantasizing about getting one.

I don't go to anyone's blog because I think they're cute. I honestly don't care what people look like.

Wait for the blackberry bold...i'm trying to myself.

ODB said, wutang is for the chirrens! lol

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ that Ol' D B quote!!!!!

LOL @ Diva...chirrens.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Things are SLOWLY getting back to normal around here.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

barack johnson? A M-E-S-S!!!

gas is way cheaper the 3.40s

sex addiction? i don't get it


and one person's trash is another person's treasure

ok, if you pee on the floor, you're not just NASTY!!

Tha L said...

huge misconception about there being no such thing as winter in Vegas, kyle. it actually gets cold as a mf from about November thru March...sometimes it even snows (belee dat, tis true). funniest shit i see every winter is tourists walking around in shorts freezing their asses off becuz they thought the hundred degree heat lasts all year long!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

on the first one nope
in fact i didnt even load images on my browser until last year - then there is photo shop LOL

and naw folk, thats why u haave a back sponge or am i the only man with one

L. Renee' said...


You are so funny.
Why did I see this man riding his bike this morning and walking his three dogs at the same time? One of the dogs ran in front of the bike. Let's just say dude got messed up. What a way to start the day!LOL
I bet he will actually walk the dogs next time.

Smarty Jones said...

I see you've learned Grasshopper. Cramps are a very sensitive subject.
As far as tell alls, do you really think they're tellin' all? If so, why? Shouldn't you have something to tell the Lord?
I don't want to read anything Bobby writes, I think we know all his business.
That whole not seeing color mess is a crock. Growing up I had black, white and Lumbee Indian friends. Those were pretty much all the folks who were in the county. In fact, in high school, two very good friends were of those other two ethnic groups, we called ourselves a Rob. Co. Rainbow.
I am going to co-sign, Amen and hi-five you for that crusty feet comment. A lady here changes her shoes when she gets to work and walks around the office is slippers with the heels of her feet out and it looks like she's been breaking bricks and kicking flour to make biscuits at Mickey D's.
Uh, I don't want you or anyone else peeing on the floor.
I 'on't know kyle, I heard sex addiction is a beast. I mean, it made Eric Benet cheat on Halle Berry. What man would cheat on her? That means we regular looking chicks don't stand a chance!
With Dr. Dre still grieving the death of his son, he might throw himself into his work now.
Speaking of Pale-lynn, I posted about her on my other blog Poli-ticked. Let me know what you think!
I'm praying for Texas and everybody down there!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I want a Black Berry...if anyone wants to sell me one, let me know.

I don't buy that, "I don't see color," thing have to see it when you look at the person.

This weather is the all I have to do is get a man so that we can snuggle and I can get Christmas and birthday gifts (december 28...mark your calendar). Then break up with him after Valentine's Day :)

Juz Fine said...

why do we give stuff that we don't want to the salvation army and goodwill? if we don't want it...what makes us think that somebody else would want it? lol

One mans junk is another mans teasure.

Gawd I hope they don't start naming their kids Barrack. Ewwwww.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Love that "chill" in the air, it's about time, the heat was making people cranky. Or maybe they just cranky anyway.

Bobby Brown is coming out with a tell all, it should be out soon.

Sex addict...*crickets*

I'm waiting on the new Nokia that will answer the iPhone for T-mobile. It looks promising.

Sadly, $3.99 was a sale. I was almost jumping up and down for $3.59 the other day.

Jody Watley was reportedly a Kindergarten teacher. Wonder if she sings to the kids?

12kyle said...

@ big o
maaaaan, you sound just like me! lol. i gotta have it.

@ urban thought
bobby has a book coming out??? i'd cop it!

@ ms. jones
i agree with you. some of these old rap heads need to shut it down

@ B
i have the 8703e (sprint). i love the bold! i've heard that thunder is fiiiiiiyah

@ keisha the kitten
the ladies beat me up...on my own blog! lol

@ od
you want a mohawk??? c'monnnnnnn! lol

@ queen
good to see you back in tha mix

@ pcd
lmao @ peeing!!!

12kyle said...

@ l
i'ma make sho that i check the weather before i come out there.

@ rawdawgbuffalo
back sponge is sooo necessary

@ lrenee
now that is soooooo lazy!!!! haaaaa

@ smarty jones
there's a sista who works in my office and she takes her shoes off at work. i've never seen crustier feet in my life!!! and keep in mind that i've spent many hrs in a football locker room!!! lmao!!!

@ beautifully.conjured.up
you are a decemeber baby, too??? mine is december 9th!!

@ juz fine
you know how our people do it. you can go into any school and find 5 or 6 kids named after some entertainer or athlete (shaquille, jalen, etc.) lol

@ kay c
i used to love me some jody watley. i remember her from the days with shalamar

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

i love your off the dome posts so much!!!

LOL@ kids named "barack!" you know it will be a slew of them!! Remember how many "denzels" came about. My niece goes to school with a girl named "Jodeci," if you can believe it!! LOL

Oh and I finally broke down and got a Blackberry Curve...I like my 8700 much better, oh but the camera is good!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

ODB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooooo I miss him! I know that sounds crazy but he was just soooooo real. I like a man who means what he says and says what he means. He always gave me a good laugh. OMG I love that music video he made with the Dolemite clips in it. He and Ruddy Ray Moore seem like they should have been the best of friends.
One man’s fruit is another man’s poison. Just because I’m tired of that lime green, polyester, halter top doesn’t mean that someone else wasn’t searching for one. But on the real people you should only give things to the good will that are in good condition. Giving a person in need torn clothes with missing buttons and zippers is just wrong.
I agree with Muze: booo hiss booo @ fall coming, I love the summer, long days and hot nights.
About 95% of the people I know would read Bobby Brown’s book. I would love it if he wrote it himself uncensored Ebonics and all!
Kyle, If you get elected VP don’t act like you don’t know a sista, cause I’ll stand in the lobby and show out---LMAO

Mizrepresent said...

To be honest, i have checked out some cuties, but what keeps me coming back is content.

Gas - PHEW!

Not guilty of the crusty toe and heel syndrome, but i hear ya!

Hey, hey, i got a book,lol!

Dayum, i wonder if Bobby will let me write it for him...


Even when you shower it still dirty...hmmm, checking, checking...

The F$%K it List said...

I went to one guys blog because I thought he was cute and I was intrigued by his comment on my blog and low and behold he was gay. I have no internet gaydar haha
I'd read B.Browns book in a hot minute, and I'd probably read it over and over again for laughs

I bought stamps for the first time in7 years this past christmas. I was not happy about it

# for the crusty police (866) K-e-r-i i-s s-o V-e-r-y!

I have a crackberry for work and I purposely leave it at work so I don't get addicted

Mohawks SUCK

Gas in the NY is about 3.45, guess we need some kind of break since the rest of the finances are down the drain!

AMEN! this economy is horrible

Salvation Army in the richest neighborhoods are the BEST. You can get great stuff.

I love ODB too but if he pee'd on my floor it would have been a real Brooklyn Zoo. And that goes for anyone.

YEAH Fall, but why is the management in my building running the air like its 100 degrees out.

No job change in this economy.Grit your teeth and bear it

Oh yeah you better make it worth it if I'm staying up past 10

what are your arms only 2 inches long so you can't reach your back EWWWW.

I wish a man would, that addiction would end with a snip snip

TX ya'll are always in my prayers

what is this twitter you speak of?
I love the Queen but I'll pass

Palin is an idiot

If I meet one kid named barack I will smack the parents and then get someone to post where ya'll can send my bail hahah

12kyle said...

jodeci??? ohhhhh lawd! lol

@ Ms Moore
i know that you would show out! haaaaa

@ miz
fall in the a-town is a beautiful thing

@ the f$%k it list
i love odb too but if he pee'd on my floor it would have been a real brooklyn zoo.