Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in 3 more months...

I was looking at my calendar today.

Then...it hit me.

In 3 more months, we'll be celebrating Christmas.

Wow!! This year has really flown by. Seems like Christmas was just a few months ago.

Anyway, the thought of Christmas brings to mind the birth of Christ and the gift giving. They say that you should give and not expect anything in return. Well...we all know better than that! LOL!!!

As I think about the great gifts that I've gotten over the years, I think about the terrible ones, too. It's not that I'm ungrateful but some things should just not be given as gifts.

For instance...THE SWEATER. A few years ago, my Aunt Ruth, whom I love dearly, gave me a sweater for Christmas. I was in college at the time. The sweater was PURPLE and GOLD (my high school colors). The problem was it was not a good looking sweater. It looked like something from the 70s. Not to mention, it was too tight. I mean it was so tight that if i raised my arms...I'd rip through tha damn thing! LOL

Well, I accepted the sweater from my aunt. And I never wore it.


It was a bad gift. I know it's the thought that counts but she could've thought a lil bit harder than that! Haaaaaa

What about you? Have you had some horrible Christmas gifts? Or what about your best Christmas gift?



Sexxy Luv said...

Did you say purple and hold....as in the minnesota Vikings...let me get that sweater!!!0lol

Folks know not to play with me on Christmas they learned from when I was a child, I hated all of my gifts I was never grateful and that is why they get me gift cards! Lol

Sexxy Luv said...


This mobile blogging sucks!

Big Cheekz said...

i've gotten a horrid sweater as a Christmas gift also. it was tan & and cable knit (sp?). it was from a relative that didn't know me well at all. i never wore it & donated it to Good Will eventually.

dejanae said...

purple and gold?
not a good look even if that shit did fit

i dontreally celebrate christmas but i am willing to accept gifts
folk betta not expect shit in return

Opinionated Diva said...

My mom once bought me this floor length robe...it was black velvet trimmed with gold satin...and looked like something Prince Akeem might have worn!

dessex said...

I don't think I ever really got a bad Christmas gift....

But the best I ever gave was this one...

A couple of years ago my sister and I planed a way for me to cali to surprise my mother for the holidays. I got to cali...I let my siter walk in and about 10 minutes later....I knocked on the door and she open the door and started crying.

Darius T. Williams said...

Honestly, my best Christmas was last year. I was in love big time with a knuckle head. I bought him a GPS and I was hoping he'd get me a great gift too - he did. I got a itouch - which is sitting right next to me now.

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
LOL @ u!!! I see why you get cards!

@ Big Cheekz
Good Will came in handy! LOL

@ dejanae
It looked horrible. I felt like Barney when I put it on. LoL

@ OD
LMAO!!!! Floor length robe like the ones pro wrestlers used to wear! Haaaa

@ dessex
That sounds like a great gift

@ Darius
LOL@ knuckle head!!!! That's a very good gift, tho

B said...

I am an enormous Christmas fan!!! Seriously, I start putting my Christmas trees (yes, more than one) up in mid-November. I love that time of the year. But uhhh...the worst gift I ever received was a pair of used Chanel glasses from my step-mother. Apparently she received them as a gift, didn't like them, wrapped 'em back up and gave them to me. Who does that?

....and they were ugly! *SMH*

Juz Fine said...

Oh Boy! My worst gift was from an ex's mother. She had the nerve to give me 2 pair of those "thong Bloomers" is what she called them.

That wasn't the worst part of it.

They were done up like roses and she said she couldn't wrap them. And she had the nerve to bring them out behind her back in front of the whole family on Christmas eve.

Thank God I wasn't with him the next Christmas.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Worst: Fruit Cake

Best: A Barbie Jeep that I could drive...all the girls were either hatin' or trying to get a ride.

pink said...

Generally all my christmases were really good. My stepdad always bought the electronics and gadgets...he's the one who bought my laptops and sound system for my car and my ipod...my mom did the clothes and shoes and purses thing. so i always knew my christmases were gonna be bomb. Its my grandparents who got me the stuff from kohls or target that were always too big or just plaian ugly. Id rather get a gift card from extended relatives...

Oh yeah...how you likin them cowboys? =/

Rezidl (3rddeadline said...

...my B-day is on Xmas, and people always try to combine both B-day and Xmas gifts into one. So it's always some clunky hybrid gift that is weak. I tell people to simply give me a call and that is good enough. Then I don't answer the phone.


Urban Thought said...

I don't celebrate Christmas. Saves me a lot of time, money, trouble and disappointment.

ShellyShell said...

This is so funny that you wrote a post on this. Last night I showed my homeboy a picture of the ugliest gold dress that you've ever seen. This dude I was dating back in 02 gave it to me. I looked at it like he thought this shyt was cute! I found out where he got it and sent that shyt back and got a bathing suit and shoes!!

When I was 12 my mom bought me this white turtleneck sweater that had bumps on it. I looke like fricken cottage cheese...it was the worst! From that christmas on I always pointed out what I wanted.

For my 21st bday I wanted a Gucci watch. I told my parents too late(like 3 weeks before my bday) they had already purchased me a big gift. Fast forward 6 months to christmas. I open up a box and there it was the hot Gucci I wanted! I jumped so high! It was a mess! Also three years ago my brother bought me an Ipod. I was stunned because he's cheap as hell! But he is a gadget freak! Ok I'll stop cause I've had some good gifts!

Oh yeah...I will post today. This Lehman shyt has me working my azz off...even on the weekend!

L. Renee' said...

The worst christmas gift I ever got was from my ex in college who bought me a fake fur coat with big bright hearts all over it. The next year the same boyfriend bought me an african outfit including the head wrap. At the point, I realized this fool doesn't know me at all! LOL
Donated both to charity.LOL
The best gifts I ever received were from my husband who knows me better than I know myself sometimes. He really listens. Anyway, He bought me a beautiful diamond necklace. That same year he took me to Italy for 10 days. This past Christmas he bought me a Black Convertible Solara. Yeah,I'm lucky.
@ Rezidl
???? wow..that sounds pretty crappy.

bombshell said...

@ Rezidl
Not kool. Just not kool. LOL!

The best Christmas' for me were visiting my aunt and uncle in NJ. We would fly from Cali and to land at Newark Intl with snow on the ground was always the greatest! It never snows in Cali either, well not unless you are at Big Bear or something. Ha! Anywho....the Barbie Dreamhouse and convertible were great gifts as well. My last greatest Christmas present was my baby boy. 15 days before

Big O said...

last year a really good friend of mines got me some Unforgivable by Sean John when i didnt think i was getting anything....thats some nice "smell good" !!!

Smarty Jones said...

Man, for whatever reason my dad deems it necessary to pick out some of the craziest stuff that he knows I will never use.
One year he bought me this lilac sweater that looks like somebody's grandma would wear. Last year, he bought me that purse organizer thing that I never use and one year he bought me these two Baby Phat knock off purses that I have yet to use because, well, I don't do the small, cute purses.
In recent years, my dad has given me money or paid a bill. Year before last, he bought me a set of tires and that was the best present I'd gotten in a long time.
I'm a practical girl and I like practical gifts. Buying me tires says two things: 1. I care about your safety and 2. I love you so much that I want you to be safe.

Eb the Celeb said...

if you were in college when she gave you that sweater... than it was waaaaayyyy more than a few years ago...lol

I'm just saying!

prettyparker said...

I receive great gifts because I pass out wish lists. I put the item, store, price and description (color, size, etc).

The greatest non-list item was a wooden jewelry box my sister hand-painted in my favorite color with my pet name "sister" in calligraphy. I love that box to this day.

12kyle said...

@ B
A re-used gift??? That's crass!

@ Juz Fine
"Thong Bloomers" LMAO!!! Too funny!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
I've never understood the fruit cake phenomenon.

@ pink
Gift cards are always welcome

Cowboys looked good but they can't beat the Giants. LOL

@ Rezidl
I thought it was bad for me b/c my bday comes 2 weeks before Christmas. But having a birthday on Christmas day has to be tough. Maybe they should do what I do...don't get you anything. LOL!!!

@ Urban Thought
I hear you. Good to see you back on the scene.

@ ShellyShell
Cottage cheese sweater! LMAO!!! Hilarious

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
Italy! Sounds like a good dude.

@ bombshell
Nuffin is better than the gift of the birth of a child

@ Big O
That's some good "smell good"

@ Smarty Jones
New tires sound a lot better than Phat Farm knock off

@ Eb the Celeb
*crickets* haaaaa

@ prettyparker
Wish list! I like that idea

Anonymous said...

The purple and gold that you mentioned immediately made me think of Omega Psi Phi! Lol. The best gift I have ever gotten was probably when I got one of the first Nintendo's when I was a kid. I loved that machine! My grandparents got me a new television to go with it too, so it was awesome. The worst gift would probably be a pair of socks! Lol.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Well one year, a relative gave out Peace Corps tapes that she got from her job--on like the Congo and Kenya. She just went in storage at her job, grabbed them and then distributed them. She had the nerve to say she paid for them. Yeah right.

The same said relative gave my mother, her sister, a partially used candle that she had received as a favor from a 2005 wedding as a christmas gift last year. Although that was not given to me, I think it is the worst christmas gift in the HISTORY of christmas. I know that's dramatical--but it's true.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hmmmmmm, bad gift had to be a blouse. it looked like someone laid it on the floor and barfed on it. i really am not a fan of giving fashionable items unless you KNOW the person like that. and being a family member does not count.

best gift...hubby gives me jewels. that always makes me happy

12kyle said...

@ Kei
Socks are NOT cool

@ TravelDiva
Wow!!!! That's horrible...but funny!!!

The barf blouse. Ohhhh lawd. LOL

The F$%K it List said...

Worse gift was a chenille sweater from some cheap store. So the Chenille shed on everything. I hated that sweater, I think I threw it away before New Years.

Best christmas gift wasn't material, My nephew Mateo ( he was born in Dec a few days before xmas) he is awesome. So smart and I love him dearly. He was only the second boy born into our generation so that makes him special. I hope CJ picks up his kind spirit.

Rezidl said...

CBW....hey, maybe this year your blog family will buy you a gift because you ain't gettin' nothin' from DC...maybe a map of Suitland Parkway...Haaaa!

LRenee....it is what it is.

Stew said...

another bad thing about having a bad memory is not being able to remember what was a gift and what you bought. and the gifts you do remember getting....you dont know for what occasion

it sucks

~Ms.Moore~ said...

Shame on you Kyle talking bad about your auntie’s gift. It sounds like she gave you a gift that was meant for someone else. I don’t recall receiving a bad gift for Christmas. Most often than not we only received one gift per child so mother picked one gift from my list of 20 items (love ya mom)!
I have known my baby daddy since I was 15. He came from a family with $$$. I was born to a family that was poor and lived in the projects in NJ. One Christmas I bought him a pair of flannel pajamas with my hard earned money. I worked for $2.70 per hour (this is true and is not a typo). He (like Kyle) accepted the gift I think he wore the pajamas once. After that I saw them cut up in his shoe shine box. He said the pjs left lint in his hair and the soft material was perfect for buffing shoes. From that day to this I have NEVER given him another gift. People should truly appreciate things that come from the heart.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting panties, socks, and a calendar one Christmas. I was a little disappointed, but know much better now.

A.M. said...

well let's see. I usually get everything I want so not really. Oh yea...I got one. So I had a bday party (sorry i know it's not christmas) at my house in order to raise money for Vegas..they didn't know this ofcourse lol. I was hoping to get atleast 50 from each person (lol) and these two women actually gave me 21 dollars SMH

i.can't.complain. said...

in 3rd grade (i think) we had to exchange gifts in class

the limit was like $25

and my aunt bought this super sweet remote control car as my gift to give

what i got back...

an assortment of dollar store toys.

so not cool.


12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
dayyyyum...it didn't last to new years??/

@ rezidl
LMAO!!! You are stoooopid!!!

@ Stew
Noooo! Not the bad memory!

@ Ms Moore
TWO SEVENTY AN HOUR??? Wowwwwwww!!!!

@ Jewells
That ranks right up there with that sweater that i got. Who buys somebody a calendar??

@ A.M
haaaaaa!!! That's funny

@ -1-
That's not cool...at all!!!