Tuesday, September 9, 2008

that ain't my style

On my left hand...i have a gold ring (with diamonds) that I wear on my ring finger. Mrs 12 gave it to me the day that we got married. It's called a wedding ring.

On my right wrist...i wear a watch

On my right ring finger...i sometimes wear a my gold ring with diamonds. The diamonds are in the shape of a football. I earned this championship ring when I played football in college at South Carolina State University.

Other than these 3 things...I don't wear jewelry. I've always hated jewelry. Never had a chain to hang around my neck. Never understood the "platinum chain phenomenon" that so many bruthas are into.

Unlike most men...I don't wear much jewelry.

What about you? What are some thing(s) that you are not into that most members of your gender are into?

Unlike most men/women...I don't...(u fill in the blanks)



CurvyGurl said...

Hey Kyle! Truth be told, unlike most women, I don't like shoes all that much. The weird thing is that I own a lot of them...who only knows.

Anonymous said...

Unlike most women (in this Midwestern area) I don't dig the hairy, au natural legs. I shave regularly!


Unlike most women, I don't get the Sex in the City/Desperate Housewives/soap opera drama type shows.

The Dreamy One said...

i dont wear jewerly on the regular either.

especially rings. i mean shyss i wear a freaking uniform to work everyday,lol

The Flyyest said...

Unlike most women i dont care for accessories!!! i mean i will if need be but other than that... i feel i dont need to accessorize because i already look good!!! lol...

i think im serious tho!!!!

eclectik said...

Unlike most men I don't

Care about flashy cars/rims
Women with fat asses and big breasts
Current rap music
Refuse to ask for direction
Mind being wrong

...and a buncha other more ish


Mizrepresent said...

I wear earrings...no more rings, no watch, and very seldon a necklace.

I hate pantyhose, stockings.

I don't do braids.

dessex said...

unlike most men...I don't wear my pants off my ass. I never really did. When I was young my mothers and sister always told me how tacky it looked...so i wasn't into it.

I also don't like lil wayne like everyone else

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Let see,
unlike most women I am not into:
Make up
High heel Shoes
or obsessed with my hair!!!!

I used to feel like something was wrong with me because I aint into all that stuff...but I've come to realize that it doesn't make me any less of a woman...I'm just me...Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs :)

12kyle said...

@ CurvyGurl
You don't like own shoes...but you own a lot of em? Ohhh lawd. LoL

@ Ieisha
*internet dap*

Hairy legs on women are not a good look to me

@ dreamy
I feeeeeeel you!

@ Flyyest
"i feel i dont need to accessorize because i already look good!!!"

That's why you're the Flyyest!

@ e
I'm with you on the rims. Especially the spinnin rims. I love the NBA, tho

@ Miz
No pantyhose or stockings? Do you freeze in the winter?

@ dessex
I feel you, bruh. I never understood that. Why would you wanna walk around showin ya drawz? They are called UNDERWEAR for a reason!

@ Keisha the Kitten
You're right. It doesn't make you less than a woman. You are who you are.

Sexxy Luv said...

Unlike most men/women i don't have a man! lmao

okay get serious....

Unlike most women i don't wear eye shadow....because i don't know how to apply it to my eye lids.... I don't know! lol

Sexxy Luv said...

as far as jewelry goes i don't wear a lot either...some days i wear none, unless it's my Tiffany Bracelet! :)

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

my hubby's just like you...not the jewelry guy except for the wedding ring...which i like because i have a thing about lots of jewelry and dirt....nevermind

now about me, unlike most women, i...DON'T KNOW!?!?! OMG! i don't know what to say!!!

i'll just say what i do or don't cuz i don't know if its like or unlike most women or not...i don't

listen to the radio
enjoy cooking
dislike beer
talk a lot (unless you're in the circle)

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oh, i just thought of one for real, i DO believe that beauty can be painful, whether it be waxing, tweezing, threading, pilates, raw foods for a while, or a rough aesthetician...if the outcome is good, i'll suck it up

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Unlike most women, I don't:

*Spread gossip

*Think football is boring

*Find Shemar Moore sexy...he looks gay to me

*Want to get married so soon

*Shave; rather I get waxings...everywhere

*I don't wear foundation and blush. I believe in having naturally, healthy skin.

*Act shy on the first date and only order a salad to eat...If I'm hungry, I'm eating real food.

TravelDiva said...

Unlike most women, I'm not into makeup. Don't get me wrong--I don't leave the house without lipstick--but other makeup I only wear at special events. It's not an every day thing.

Big O said...

I do watches...thats pretty much it

Charece said...

Woow looking at all the other comments I guess I am like most women in many ways but...

unlike most women I don't go for the "Handsome Fly and Flashy Guys" I go for "Quite Loners" who looks as if they have a story to tell or some type of hidden talents. But some how or another I attract the Fly and Flashy Guys which is why I'm still single today!(Sorry I got a little carried away).

Opinionated Diva said...

for me it's perfume...used to love it...but not anymore. can't stand to smell it...i do like cologne on men though.

Kandi Black said...

well...unlike most women in my current area...im not interested in weave (although some of them broads be having the shit hooked up real fly, i aint gone front) and i dont like carrying purses. i think maybe if i ever bought myself a nice ass purse i wouldnt mind carrying it around though. but i loovess jewelry. especially earrings. the bigger the better...lol

ShellyShell said...

Unlike most women I don't love handbags. I own my fair share of Marc Jacobs, D&G but they have all been given to me as gifts. I would much rather buy some stocks or shoes! Although I have been eyeing this Louie Vuitton bag! I'm so ashamed...:(


Unlike most women
I drink beer
love sports
DETEST pantyhose( I agree with Miz)

Rezidl said...

...unlike most men, I don't like:

..women who wear makeup. natural is best..
..political correctness. the truth is the truth even if its cultural.
..wearing tennis shoes (though I have several pair, go figure)
..R&B music
..cars & rims
..long hair

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
Is applying eye shadow difficult?

You don't talk a lot??? Noooooo say it aint so (wink...wink)

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
You don't like Sha-Pretty Moore? LOL! That dude comes off as corny to me

@ TravelDiva
You sound like Mrs12. She'll put something on once and a while. Not big on makeup, tho

@ Big O
For some reason...I can't wear my watch in the house.

@ Charece
LOL!!! Actually, what you said makes perfect sense.

@ OD
That is rare but I feel you. I'm not big on cologne, either. I've had the same bottle of Burberry cologne for the last 4 yrs and it's half empty

@ Kandi Black
No purses!!! Wow! I can dig it

@ ShellyShell
You drink beer and love sports. I think we're like...cousins or sumthin'.

*waving* whussup, cuzzz???

@ rezidl
Wait a minute...since when did you stop liking long hair??? Lmao!!!!

i.can't.complain. said...

unlike most women, i don't care if this dress, pair of pants, scarf, hat, etc.... make my butt look big

in fact, i hope it does.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle!!

Unlike most women, I'm not into name brands or dressing up much. I can easily throw on some bamma gear and be a-okay with that. Not into jewelry much either, especially necklaces. They make my neck itch...even if they are real. And I can do without a tenis bracelet.

Until I got into the makeup industry, I wasn't into wearing it much. Wasn't into shoes. But within the last few months, I am a makeup and shoe feighn. Ohsss well.

Miss Mika said...

What a great concept big bro! I am digging this.

Unlike most women, I don't...

*Talk on the phone a lot. In fact, I rarely ever use my phone at all... and that includes text messages!

*Think that good guys finish last. I will take a good man over a bad boy any day!!!

*I don't mind getting my hands dirty and showing that despite the fact that I am a woman, I am a strong woman... both mentally and physically. Don't let the high heels fool you... I've got guns son!!!

Trish said...

Unlike most women i don't :

Get my nails done, artificial or otherwise. Natural for me.

Like shopping.
I walk in the store, do an overall scan, see it, find my size and color, buy it and Im out.
I dont stay looking thru racks and racks of clothes. hate it.

Spend $90 on a pair of shoes or jeans.

Sit in the hairdresser all weekend. I do my own hair care.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, you know - I'm not even sure. I guess I'm like most men when it comes to jewelry and fashion - oh, I just thought of one. Unlike most men, I only have one pair of gym shoes.

The F$%K it List said...

Unlike a lot of women...I don'tdo braids, chase men, wear pantyhose.

I can think of some more but unlike most women I am too tired to chat hahah (even e-chat)

PrettyBlack said...

Unlike most women I'm not a gossipy ass chick...I say what I have to say to the source of my frustration and I'm through.

Unlike most women...most women annoy me.

Unlike most women I have NEVER gone to see a male stripper...the only dick I want in my face is my husbands'.

PrettyBlack said...

Oh and unlike most women...my husband was my first.

Ms. Jones said...

Unlike most women I don't obsess with makeup...give me some clear lip gloss (the tinted colors for special occasions) and I'm good to go!

Stew said...

Unlike most men I don't own a pair of jordans or a pair of tims or a pair of air force ones. i was never about to pay out the ass for either of them. that is not the type of shit that i do

12kyle said...

@ -1-
U r too funny. You want it too look big! LoL! I hear you

@ Jewells
Welcome baaaaak!

Well...I know that you're into makeup powder, right? LMAO!!! Awww man!!! That picture was a CLASSIC

@ Mika
No talkin on the phone??? Say worrrrd!

"Don't let the high heels fool you... I've got guns son!!!" LOL!!! I believe you!

@ Trish
No hairdresser or nail salon? Truly original!

@ Darius
I've got a couple of kicks but I don't rock em like I used to

@ The F$%k it List
I hear ya. Braids ain't for errybody

@ prettyblack
LMAO @ u and male strippers

@ Ms Jones
I think it's good to see sisters w/out a lotta stuff on their face. Lips are cool

@ Stew
This one cracked me up, bruh.

I own a couple of Js (never paid for em). I love Timbs! And I own one pair of white on white AF1s! Haaaaaa. I feel where you're coming from. I won't buy another pair of any of the above.

Well...maybe some Timbs for the fall.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

unlike most women on the east coast I do not shave my legs. The men that I date love it.
unlike most women I do not like designer clothes. It disturbs the peace in my world for me to pay to advertise for someone else. I don't want to pay outrageous prices to have BeBe printed across my breast or Baby Phat across my rear

Tha L said...

Unlike most women, I'm not into name brand ANYTHING. Versace who? Dior what? I will buy some shit at the target up the street and rock it like I wish a mf WOULD tell me I ain't the shiznit. 4real tho.

B said...

Unlike most women I don't watch The Hills. WTF is that mess? Don't like Friends/Sex in the City either.

Dione said...

Unlike most women
...I do not like to apply makeup. Mostly because I don't feel like buying it and even more so because I like to sleep late and don't want to get up early to put on a different face
...I'm not really into eating chocolate candy
...I've never really understood the weave and braid thing
...I do know how to fix stuff around the house and yes, I own my own black and decker power drill
...I'd rather spend my time in an electronics store like Circuit City than at Macy's or Lerner's

Keith said...

I'm like you..I wear my wedding band and a watch..and that's it..
No earings, no bling-bling, nada.
I don't really like a lot of jewelry either. (I did used to wear a gold pinkie ring.)

12kyle said...

@ Ms Moore
'Cause Calvin Klein's no friend of mine. Don't want nobody's name on my behind!" Run DMC

@ L
I hear you. Some of that name brand stuff is extremely overpriced

@ B
I never even heard of Hills

@ Dione
I've never been a fan of chocolate candy either

@ Keith
LMAO!!! Pinky ring! I can see it!