Monday, September 15, 2008

mixtape monday


Lauryn Hill
Sweetest Thing

A Tribe Called Quest
Check the Rhyme


Mary J Blige
Real Love

To all my football heads out did your teams fare this weekend?

My school...South Carolina State...kicked azz on Saturday.


Rich said...

Well, I'll be -- first!!!

eclectik said...

Wow...Juve on purpose.


Anyway...and to add to the Sigh
My State sucks at football..and Im not likin how things are starting...but I know what to do...I know what to do.


The Dreamy One said...

well, LSU whip the hell out of them boys but the game wasnt that good because the other team was garbage!!

but we won nonetheless,lol

Jodeci and Mary J, they were the shyss back in the day. what in the world happend to Jodeci, all those members have fell off!!!

Smarty Jones said...

Man, I used to hate that Juvenile song. Everything else though, I'm with ya!
Uh, my Aggies lost but it's OK, my Panthers won again in the 4th quarter.
I tell ya, when we get Steve Smith back, we are going to be the shiz!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ode to football...


anyhoo, classics today! but, HA...never did get that song

12kyle said...

@ Rich
Yes! Finally first! LoL

@ e
Not looking good in the state of Ohio. The Browns are 0-2 and so are the Bengals. And Ohio State were flat out embarrassed on Saturday night by USC

@ dreamy
LSU did open up a can of whup azz!! Jodeci has fallen off really bad. I think they are all strung out on drugs

@ Smarty Jones
(rappin' like Juve in the song) So, you don't like that Juve, Ha?
Did you know that Cash Money used to be the shyt, Ha?
We used to bounce to it, Ha! It was a differrent kinda song, Ha!


Yeah. Carolina will be better when Smith gets back...and so will my Fantasy team. LOL

Aggies lost? Nooooooooo. Say it aint sooooooo! Haaaaaaaaa

Football is like "Be-Be's kids"...never die...just multiply

i.can't.complain. said...

"das u in dat big body benz, ha..."

damn i had such a crush on juve in 9th grade

had myself a little cash money chain and everything

the good ole days...

happy monday, big bro


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I didn't watch any football this weekend...too much to do

The mixtape is great...took me back (look at me talking like I'm GROWN).

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I used to hate that Juvenile song at first, but then it started to grow on me. LOL!

Boy did I have a crush on Mr. Dalvin!! He was so handsome!!

Eb the Celeb said...

Laaauuurrryyynnnn come back!

And yeah... you already know my boys play tonight and we're going to get in philly's arse!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

alday Mary J

Charece said...

Definately feeling that Mary song right about now "Real Love" thats what I'm talking bout!

TravelDiva said...

ooooooooooooooooh, classic Jodeci. Oh I miss them.

L. Renee' said...

Damn you took me back to walking on the quad in undergrad.
The fall leaves and the cool air. Watching the Kappas step. LOL
Yep..good memories.
Thanks for the flashback.

12kyle said...

@ -1-
This one song started the end of the run of No Limit era in the South. I liked this cd. Very underrated

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Glad that you liked it!

I haven't seen Mr. Dalvin in years!! I wonder what car wash does he work at? LOL

@ Eb the Celeb
I'd love to see LBoogie make a comeback. I miss her too


@ rawdawgbuffalo

@ Charece
I've got a thang for MJB

@ TravelDiva
I think they could make a comeback if they got off the drugs

@ LRenee
Noooo problem!!!

Exhale_Whew said...

Nice selection Kyle...took me down memory lane.

Go Gophers....3-0

Go VIKES....we got plenty of time:-)

ShellyShell said...

My Niners pulled it out in OT! Thank goodness!
I HATED THAT DAMN JUVIE SONG!! Uhhhh! I started to like him on Back dat ass up and Slow Motion!

LBoog come back to us! Jazmine Sullivan kinda reminds me of her.

Jodeci and Mary take me back to Freshman yr...lawd have mercy good times!

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm not for sure what is going on with my team but we need to get it together asap! i'll say a little pray for them tonight, hope it works! lol

12kyle said...

@ Exhale_Whew
The Gophers are playin' very well.

@ ShellyShell
The Niners almost blew it...twice! That stinkin kicker! LOL. But a good win. Seattle is in trouble

Why didn't y'all like that Juve song? LOL

@ Sexxy Luv
I watched the Vikings game yesterday. Why were those fans booing Jackson? That's crazy. He's gonna be a good QB. I don't think they wanna see the brutha do well.

Ms. Jones said...

This is the first time I could actually jam to the songs on Mixtape Monday...o the memories!!!! already know I would rather watch Lifetime than football so whatever team you are cheering for so am I :)

Mizrepresent said...

Got know football news for you...still in training on that, lol...but i do love the throwbacks Kyle!

B said...

Dang, I remember that "Ha". That was like 7th grade for me. And "Real Love" by Mary is my jaaam. I still be bustin' it to this day!

dessex said...

Juve....I never could get down with that guy....

But I love the Tribe joint tho.


12kyle said...

@ Ms. Jones
You know all of the movies on Lifetime are the same. LOL

@ Miz
In training...I like that

@ B
7th grade? You makin me feel old. Haaaaa

@ dessex
USC looked like a machine on Saturday night

Stew said...

"that's you with that bad ass benz ha"

he did not rap on that song at all. it was just him talking about what he saw in the hood