Friday, September 19, 2008


more randomness...

OJ is on trial again. This time he'll be judged by a jury of 12 white people. I'll bet that they will deliberate for 15 mins before he's found guilty. Haaaa

Speaking of OJ, I was in college when the verdict was read. I remember watching it in my dorm room. When they said not guilty...there was a roar of approval like you'd normally hear in our stadium.

It's going down on Sunday. My son, Kameron, along with the rest of his 6 and under team...will play a football game vs another team. The game will be played at the Georgia Dome immediately following the NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs. How cool is that to play a game on the same field as pro athletes in a 72,000 seat stadium?

Most of the 72,000 will be gone by the time that they play. LOL

I played on that field, too. But I was in college at the time. Damn...that's what I call progress.

I watched Michael Phelps host Saturday Night Live last week. He's a cool dude...but he should stick to swimming.

Like my boy e...I'll watch women's track. Athletic women. Somethin about em. I married one!

I can't get into the WNBA. Sorry

Anybody remember the Harlem Globe Trotters cartoon?

If you are a pro athlete and you wanna go out and get drunk...hire a driver. You can afford one

I probably won't watch golf again until Tiger Woods come back

Gonna be hard to watch the playoffs in baseball because my NY Yankees aren't playing

In 1989, businessman Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for 120 million. In 2008, the Cowboys are worth 1.6 billion. Pretty good investment!

USC is the best football team in college football

Speaking of college football, my alma mater...South Carolina State University will play against the Clemson Tigers. Clemson is ranked # 21 in the nation. We are expected to get crushed by them. However, our school will make about 400 grand for playing this game. Not a bad days work for 3 hrs of getting beat up. lol

I don't like referees

Not fond of kickers in football either. Especially, when they are called upon to kick the game winning field goal and they've been on the bench all day sippin Kool-Aid.

I love tailgating at a football game.

Candice Parker...Candice Parker...Candice Parker

The Cowboys aren't as good as I thought they were

The San Diego Chargers had better win this week...or else.

I like the Falcons chances this week.

Everybody watches the Super Bowl.

I think I'm married to football.


Big O said...

"If you are a pro athlete and you wanna go out and get drunk...hire a driver. You can afford one"

MAAAANNNNN!!!! i been saying that for forever....swear i dont understand that at ALL!

Dilusi said...

I just really can't get into watching ANY sport unless it's live.. lol, and at most football games i'm all about half-time and whatever they're selling outside -lol-

And that's kind of cool.. your son playing on the same field you did more so then him playing b4 a big team :)

eclectik said...

Now THIS is a post!

Indeed Mike should just swim

Mannn you know about the women then, see if wifey has a friend for me

I can get into WNBA...there's a good 5 women that soooo can get it.

Not only do I remember that (and their powers) I remember the cameo on Scooby

If Ima pro athelete I got a damn club AT my house

Why would you watch baseball period?



Muze said...

wow i was in my eighth grade science class when the oj verdict was read. and their was an uproar like never before there too. lol.

awww @ the baby playing in the stadium. i LOVE the name kameron by the way.

i can't get into the wnba either. just doesn't seem natural. booo.

michael phelps SUCKED on snl. stop mike stop!

and yes, makes no sense for any pro baller to be caught drunk driving. ever.

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle

Gave you a shout it today bruh!
Great topic yesterday. you remember the jackson five cartoon? Do you remember school house rock? Let me refresh..Conjunction..junction what's your function? LOL

Happy Friday!

12kyle said...

@ big O
I just don't understand it, bruh. These dudes have enough money to hire a professional driver to take them to and from the club. It makes no sense.

@ Dilusi
Watching sports live is the shyt!!! Every game is better live. I've even gone to a hockey game. It was tight! And I don't even like hockey!

@ e
Glad that you approved the post! Haaaa

5 WNBA'ers??? I only know about Candice. You gotta tell me about the other 4. LoL

@ Muze
Kameron is so excited about the game. I'm a lil pumped up, too! Haaaa

@ LRenee
Yes!!! I remember all of those. They don't make cartoons like that anymore

B said...

LOL @ OJ...that negro. I remember being in 5th grade when it took over my regular programming of TGIF.

And woooow, congrats to your son! That's a big deal! I hope they win!

I wish I knew more about sports so I can join in the convo but uhhh...sadly, I don't. *tear*

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i don't watch the super bowl, thank you very much

phelps gives me the creeps

i remember the oj verdict...folks ran around saying "the juice is loose" - hilarious

Big O said...

And i was in 10th grade English class when the verdict was given...folks went nuts lol

12kyle said...

@ B
I just remember watching The Juice sitting in that courtroom with a dumb look on his face. If you turn on the tv now...years later...he's sitting there with that same dumb look on his face.

LOL @ Phelps. He's half man...half fish

@ Big O
I hear you. Mannnn, I saw dudes jumpin around and celebrating like they beat the murder rap! LOL

The Jaded NYer said...

that verdict, man... people took over the lounge to hear it. I was on my way to the cafeteria and stopped to listen in.

when they said not guilty all the black kids (all 10 of them LOL) were cheering and all the white kids were shaking their heads in disappointment.

I immediately and quielty slipped into the elevator. unseen. I wanted no part of any of that

so phelps wasn't any good on SNL? that's not a surprise

if you're ANYONE who goes out and gets drunk you should get a driver or a cab. period.

I tried to get into the WNBA for my daughter's sake, but I just don't like basketball at all, so it never took

awww... yankees are out? maybe they need some new blood; Jeter can't carry that whole team!

LOL @ married to football...

Juz Fine said...

I don't know about married to football, but sports really have a major part in your life.

Have a good weekend.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. I didn't see Phelps on SNL, but he's kind of awkward generally so that would not be a good look.

karrie b. said...

where do you find the images for you blog kyle? lol

and what about the WBNA can you not get into? i mean, i cant either but i'm just curious to know ur reason lol

now i gotta google candice parker.


dessex said...

I love the WNBA...because they play off of pure skill not physical gifts. I can watch anybody play as long as it played right.

Candance Parker is the truth.

The OJ Case is just horrible. His life can never be the same. Its sad because a year before that crazy case I saw at a family reunion and found out he was a cousin. No one in the family has seen him after that and no one claims him lol....

Eb the Celeb said...

Why wont you admit that you just loooooooovveeee my cowboys... more times than not you mention them in your random posts... you need to just stop fighting it...

and the cowboys ARE better than you thought... we just gotta tighten up our defense, and convince Romo to stop hanging out with Jessica because the dummy blonde moments are starting to rub off and then we will be alright

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh and I bet kameron's team could beat the falcons... ha!

Sexxy Luv said...

~those cheap bastards rather take the chance to see if they can make it home! lol

~OJ can forget about it this time around! lmao

~Tell Kameron i said good luck! take pictures of him on the field for us. :)

MsPuddin said...

yeah i saw that pic of OJ on don's page. im starting to feel sorry for that guy. people dont want to see him in the streets for real.

Darius T. Williams said...

You know...I'm just not into sports this damn much...I like watching it though. So what if it's for the wrong reason. I was watching football and though someone made a home run. j/k...kinda.

Rich said...

WNBA -- it's that ball, it's a distraction - I can't get into it either.

Definitely remember the Globetrotter's cartoon and the Jackson Five (but we are on sports today)

The Juice better grease up, he's about to get the shaft this time.

12kyle said...

@ jaded santana
*side eye* Don't hate on my Yankees...but you are right. Jeter can't carry us. Too many overpaid bums on the team.

@ Juz Fine
I think I am married to sports. LOL. Can't leave it alone

@ TravelDiva
He's cool but not acting material

@ karrie b.
I found this image on google images

The WNBA is just boring to me. I've never been a fan of womens hoops

Candice is a cutie

@ dessex
You're related to OJ? Wow! He's gonna spend the rest of his life in jail

12kyle said...

@ eb the celeb
Cowboys? Never! I hope they go to the Super Bowl and lose on the last play of the game. Haaaaaa

What's so hot about Jessica Simpson? Just anutha white chick to me. Tony Romeo needs to get his mind right. Can he win ONE playoff game??? I dunno.

"That's my quarterback."


@ Sexxy Luv
I agree. Why take that chance???

@ Ms P
Stick a fork in OJ. He's done

@ darius
Haaaaaaa! You stooopid, bruh

@ Rich
That ball is horrible! LOL

Yeah. The only way OJ could get outta this would be Johnny Cochran. (RIP)

Eb the Celeb said...


I see you aint respond to Kameron's team beating your Falcons...ha... cuz you know they probably could...hahahahahahahaha!!

12kyle said...

@ eb the Celeb
they could beat long as Tony Romeo isn't starting

"That's my quarterback."

LMAO!!! WHoooooooo!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

TOO BAD SO SAD! HAHAH. I'm glad the Yankees are taking a bow.

Married to a football, see I told you FOOTBAL HAZE

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother

"Not I" said the fly....I don't watch the Super Bowl...sorry...hope I'm not getting stinky socks thrown at me for saying that...(*ducking just in case*)....that is cool about your son's upcoming game though...have a great weekend!

Pro said...

I can believe that very last statement. A brown, firm something another you can hold onto, toss around, and score (through 1st and ten and touchdown!). Yeah, I'm sure Mrs. 12 appreciates the metaphor of your undying love! lol

I'm back with you blog fam'... Hollatchagirl sometime.

~Ms.Moore~ said...

Eclectik “why would you watch baseball period?” c man u was alright with me but now I just have to question “can I bond online with a man that doesn’t like baseball?” LOL
The 90+ mile per hour fast ball, the swinging so hard at a ball that u corkscrew into the ground and only come up with air (aka the ugly strike)? What’s not to love?=) Kyle the Yankees are done let it go. I’ll let you get on the Met’s band wagon (#1 in our division baby!!!) Santana good looking and talented, Reyes the young boy has heart, spirit and speed. David Wright baseball has to have a great white hope in the mist of all these Latinos taking over LOL and Delgado!!! I could go on but I won’t
Now stop hating on my Cowboys. Yes we are still working on Romo. Marion Barber at 25 years old still thinks he can run through mac trucks and I love it. T.O. loves football, loves his team (especially his quarterback) LMAO. Whitten a work horse. Adam (pacman) Jones gotta have somewhere to express his anger b4 he goes to jail for hitting women.
E a club at the house? I hear that. All ya peeps would be tryin to get in. I just can’t understand any celeb driving under the influence

Kyle – that’s cool ur baby will be playing at the Dome. I know we will see pictures on your blog but make sure you email me some pictures to keep in my files. Man the boys have grown so much since we worked in the refrigerator at HLC---LMAO

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
We are the Yankees...we will be back

@ Keisha the Kitten
No Super Bowl for you? Word?

You know I'll have pics

@ Pro
Awwwwww shyt! Welcome back! Only you could come back on the scene with a comment like that! LOL

@ Ms Moore
I don't think the Mets will do much in the playoffs. I'm still mad at how they handled my dude, Willie Randolph

LMaO @ refrigerator at HLC. I've never been THAT cold at work on a daily basis. When you sit at your desk and "see your breath" know that it's toooooo cold

Keith said...

You're a Yankees Fan too?? So much to like about you Kyle.-lolol.

Of course my first love is the Phillies, but when they're not playin, I'm rootin for the Yanks.

Yeah, Dallas isn't as great as everybody thought...Unfortunately,
my Eagles didn't play that game to win..they played not to lose and that's why they lost..Late in the game..I saw the possibility of them losing the game just as clear as day...I keep thinking of how dominant we would've been if we had kept T.O.

If I was a Pro Athlete or any kind of celebrity, I would never drive at night when I was out having fun.. I would always have a driver.
I don't know what's wrong with people.

I'm a Basketball Junkie...I watch the WNBA almost as much as the NBA.

OJ??? Man, He was one of the first
subjects I blogged about when I started my blog in January...WHat was on HIS mind, running up in a casino on a caper with some white guys he didn't know that well???
He couldn't have known them that well...As soon as they got caught,they sang like Keshia Cole and Mary J. Blige..

Somebodies Friend said...

I have been thinking about that the last couple of days; the question?

I also went to that school, and I was wondering how many of the players were going to play in the game today that I knew?

After the highlights I hope I can get a complete list of ALL the players, even though they are going to get crushed I really want to go pat them all on the back and say HI!

Show my appreciation!

Dione said...

Didn't see Phelps on SNL. I probably wouldn't have seen him anyway because of all the doggone teeth in his mouth.
Ok, that was mean but I don't care...

12kyle said...

@ Keith
We've got a lot in common, fam.

Yankees ALL day!

The Eagles were very impressive vs Dallas. They are a lot better than I thought they'd be. They are gonna be a problem for Dallas and New York. McNabb looks like the old McNabb

You and I remember OJ...the player. I saw him at the end of his career but I knew about his contribution to the game. He should have disappeared into the sunset after he beat that murder rap. What a dummy!

@ Somebodies Friend
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like bad traffic

What school did you go to???

@ Dione
LOL!!! That was mean

The Flyyest said...

thats funny cuz i think thats the only football game ill watch the whole thing super bowl... i mean ill watch a football game if im at someones house and its on the tube but more than likely i wont sit and get into it!!! sorry ;)

Jackie E. said...

yeah for track girls, lol!!! but seriously, it's nice to hear you say that you like watching us/them because i always wonder if men will think we're too muscular or too masculine because i'm sure everyone has their preference. but at least we know between you and eclectik, we know we have 2 on our side....yeah!!

12kyle said...

@ flyyest
I hear yah! The Super Bowl is usually a good game to watch

@ Jackie
I love watching track. It's a shame that it's not on tv more often. I don't think track girls are too muscular or masculine like. I think the bodies are just right (except for the javelin girls...haa). The WNBA chicks are the ones who look masculine to me.

Somebodies Friend said...

I thought someone would have called with directions to the stadium by now.

It is almost noon and our game starts right after KC @ ATL, and that would be in three hours, I'm going for a walk, I'll check back @ 2:00.

12kyle said...

@ Somebodies Friend
Try mass transit...that'll get you where u need to be

Somebodies Friend said...

I'm coming from the North, I'll be heading south on 101 to Marshall.

The Express Way is the fastest way to the hotel across from the stadium.

It is 2:45, I need to make a quick stop on the way. I should be there between 3:30 & 4:00.

Meet me in the hotel parking lot, across from the stadium.

12kyle said...

Cool. Hollatchaboi

Somebodies Friend said...

Halla back, a brotha sicka waitin' in the parking lot.

I'm kickin it at the coffee shop I always go to, about a mile south of the hotel on Marshall, behind the drug store.

Needed to halla at ya, so I'm kickin it here till I here back from ya.

12kyle said...


I'm in the ATL, bruh. Dinner time. If you ever come to ATL, check out Cafe Sabor on Sundays. That's the spot

Somebodies Friend said...

I'll look around, but I am getting real tired, it's been a very long DAY!

I'll get back at ya if I can't find ya!

Somebodies Friend said...

I'm there, in a minute!

Somebodies Friend said...

I went to the place that was close by and no luck, there wasn't anyone waiting there for me.








Somebodies Friend said...



Somebodies Friend said...

I was the happiest today since I can remember, and what do I get, the run around, more of the same.

Thank's friends!

I'm going home, you know here to find me if you actually want to see me.

If it's more games, don't even bother friends.

My friends, they are gettin just like the old friends I thought I got rid of.

All about the games,games, games, games, games

12kyle said...

Hold up...
Hold up...
Hold up...

First, I dunno what kinda games you're playin...but it don't go down like this at the 12th Planet

I was kinda joking around with you earlier.

I don't know who you are, B! But don't be playing no fuckin games on my blog. I don't get down like that. All comments are welcome and opinions are golden but this ain't somebody who plays games. Beleee dat. I don't wanna put you on blast but this is your FIRST day at the 12th Planet. No drama over here. I'm in a good mood b/c the Falcons won. Otherwise...there'd be some words exchanged.

And lastly, if anybody's gonna be cussin on my blog...then it'll be ME!

Like I said before, all comments are welcome. I see that you came here from Curvy Gurls blog. She's maaad cool. Pump ya breaks and chill with the multiple comments, son. This ain't the place for that.

If what I have said has pissed you off to the point where you don't wanna read my blog, then it is what it is. Hopefully, you understand where I'm coming from

Eb the Celeb said...

hahahahahah... tell em 12kyle... damn weirdo!

Dione said...


12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb
Very weird! I dunno where that shit came from but you know that I don't play that.

@ Dione
You know how I gets down. This is a "drama free" blog. And it'll stay that way

Muze said...

ok. wow.

i was wondering when you were gonna tell him where to go. lol.

whew... the internet.

12kyle said...

@ Muze
LOL!!! Very strange. I hated to take it to that level but I had to. Dude was out of line and it was his FIRST day here! LOL

Stew said...

athletic women are probably more sexy than models