Tuesday, September 9, 2008

off tha dome

got my backpack on...listening to instrumentals from Jay Dilla...time to go off the dome

random thoughts...

if any of you bloggers who come to the 12th Planet errry day see me on the street...don't extend your hand out to greet me. for the ladies...it's gotta be a hug. for the fellas...the proverbial pound/half hug. it's all love. there's a connection here. i appreciate that.

"Leave me alone" ... that's what my 1 yr old son, Brandon said to me yesterday. Oh lawd...he's off the chain already. Wonder where he gets it from?

Speaking of Brandon, he's still winning the stare down battles against me. I don't like that.

I could use this time to hate on McShame and Pale-lynn...but I won't. I'm done talkin'. See you at the polls on November 4! Sukkaz!

I missed the VMAs...but I heard that they stunk anyway

I almost witnessed a fight at work yesterday. A white dude named Mike asked a brutha named Rich "how much do you make here?" Whoooa playboi!!! Maybe Mike missed the memo but you don't count another man's money. Rich's response..."That's none of yo damn bizness, Mike. Don't ask me that again!" LMAO!!!

Brittney Spears is making a comeback. Why?

Puffy is complaining that he has to fly commercial now b/c he can no longer afford to fly private b/c of the high costs of fuel.

You know what Puff...I have that same problem!!!

Shouldn't a woman, who's been having menstrual cramps once a month for 10+ years, be used to it by now??? Just a guess?

Sanaa Lathan...Sanaa Lathan...Sanaa Lathan

Why are people in a rush to get work when they know that they hate their jobs?

Fellaz...if your opening line is "Hey ma" "Hey shawty" "Hey miss" "Excuse me miss"...get anutha line.

Try looking a woman in her eyes and saying..."Hello. My name is Kyle"

Well...don't use my name...but you get my point

Callin all my ATL Bloggers...when are we gonna have a get together and drink sumthin? I'm really getting tired of these New Yawk bloggers and their "social sips". Eb, Jaded Santana, ShellyShell, F' it List, Cap, and all of them New Yawk bloggers.

LMAO!! (in a new yawk accent) Got maaaaaaad love for y'all son!!! That's my word, Beeee!

You gotta admit...I have some cool people comment on this blog. Maybe it's b/c I'm cool. Maybe

JFresh...can I get a beat, bruh? Something simple. Email it to me or put it on a website. Something like Dizzy Chillin'?

My new alias is Skippy Nutman! Thanks -1-! LOL

I'm loving Facebook . On twitter, I'm down with Rezidl, Ms Jones, RawDogBuffalo, Skoolboikrush, and TheJadedNYer. Feel free to join us! It's free. And we don't bite

Do you know how to change a tire or the oil in a car?

Do you remember floppy discs?

Hurricanes are scary. Period

Hold ya head up Tom Brady. I had planned to win the fantasy football league with you like I did last year. It's all good. I've got McNabb. He'll get the job done.

Michael Phelps will make an estimated 100 million after his 8 gold medal triumph in the Olympics. Damn! Maybe I should've stuck with those swimming lessons for my son, Deion

What percentage of athletes do you think are on SOME type of performance enhancing drugs?

The NFL season has kicked off...i dunno if i told y'all. haaaaa

Why do people get quiet in elevators?

Zoe Saldana...Zoe Saldana...Zoe Saldana (back off e! lol)

What's your favorite sandwich? Mine? Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Greatest of All Time

LL has a new cd coming out. I'll pass

Interoffice romances almost always fail

Chicken wings just taste THAT much better with alcohol. I dunno why. They just do


Eb the Celeb said...
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Eb the Celeb said...

OK the thing about the cramps... you are a man so you will never understand...

but let me try to help you... imagine someone punching you in the balls for a week every couple hours...

OK then...

And I know you are NOT clowning the NY accent... shhawwwtty...because the ATLien accent is the worst... we do NOT all say Bee and Son all the time thank you very much!

and ya'll had a meet-up.. back in may at my bday party...lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-Chicken wings taste better with hot sauce!

-Alias? Ha...that's your nick name for me Brother Nutman.

-Puffy WE feel your pain!

-When I see you Bro Imma give you a hug and a high five!


The Jaded NYer said...

Aww... don't hate on LL... I have the new CD and it's pretty good.

and PUH-LEESE stop hatin on the N-Y just 'cause y'all are wack.

YEAH, I said it... AND WHAT?!?!

I'm gonna let that cramps comment go because like Eb said- you'll never understand it...

Did you know Zoe is Dominican? We don't usually claim her, though, 'cause she like to act like she's not Latina. Whatever, Zoe. It's cool. Whenever you (and Jessica Alba) are ready to come home, we'll be here.

Big Cheekz said...

for some women cramps are comparable to pre-labor pains (for those of us with kids) - you can NEVER get used to that type of pain no matter how often it comes...

i used to rush to work cause i didn't want to lose the job i hated & i was always runnin late cause i didn't wanna get up & go to it...

i say YOU plan the ATL blogger gathering & let me know when it'll be :)

the Falcons bust this season wide open! hopefully they can keep it up...

eclectik said...

Lucky for you she's pissing me off and slowly dropping...but still...
leave her alone! LOL


dessex said...

you forgot about the this line "sexy can I?"....corny beyond words.

Whoever had Tom Brady on their fantsy is proabably pissed....

100 Mill all from swiming...thats crazy.

12kyle said...

@ Eb
Errrrrybody from New York says Bee and Son. And not to mention...Kid! LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
Wings with hot sauce...so necessary

@ Jaded Santana
All I'm asking is that shouldn't you be used to the cramps by now???

@ Big Cheekz
I just might have to plan something. There are a lotta ATL bloggers 'round here

@ e

@ dessex
Yeah. I'm pissed that Brady is hurt but I have McNabb. If he can stay healthy, I'll be ok

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

ok, kyle...you would make an off-beat comment about cramps...thats why i wish with all m heart men could experience all we go thru :-P

i missed the vmas too :-(

note to britney: sit down, no one cares...well, at least i don't

am i sensing some hateration up in this dancery? even tho i have yet to make one of the ny blog-stravaganzas, thats my peoples, i take offense-GRRRRRRRR!!! oh, and no one says beee and son like that...stop watching new jersey drive and that fat boy in ATL-LOL!

note to ll: you also should take a seat sir.

and peanut butter and jelly make my eyes itch. haven't had one for years...plan on keeping it that way

Exhale_Whew said...

- Yes...See all the McShame and Pale-Lynn supporters @ the polls

- Puff is CRAZY....have you seen his comments about the election? Does he think before he speaks???

- My alias is Midnight Cedar :-)

- Brandon sounds CuTe....I say he gets his wittiness from his father.

Have a blessed day!

Ieisha said...

I know how to change a tire. Had to do it once. I know the steps for changing oil but haven't had to that one just yet.

Favorite sandwich...old school, pb & strawberry jam. In this day and age, this authentic Italian sandwich recipe I got from this authentic Italian. It's FFFFFIIIIIIAAAAAA!!!!

As a man, you'll never understand cramps or childbirth. It's ok though. No love lost, lol.

Messing or questioning anotha man about his money is a misunderstanding instantly! Def gonna see some furniture moving!

Confession: I still have ALL my floppy discs. My law school uses them for taking final exams on laptops. Drugs, I know. Something with wireless printing not supporting Vista and all that jazz.

FYI: LL has a clothing line out int Sears. Peeped the commercial yesterday. Weird.

i.can't.complain. said...

hey skippy nutman !

no, we don't get used to the cramps

just like if someone kicked u in the balls once a month for 10 yrs u wouldn't get used to it.

sanaa is hot

yep, i remember floppy disks.

pale-lynn. hehe. classic.

chicken IS better with alcohol.

we rush 2 get 2 the jobs we hate so we can continue to live paycheck to paycheck. lol

lemme know when yall do the atl blog hook-up. i love your city and i would totally fly down there for the meet-and-greet

happy hump-day, big brother nutman


Charece said...

"Fellaz...if your opening line is "Hey ma" "Hey shawty" "Hey miss" "Excuse me miss"...get anutha line."

Praise the Lord, finally somebody gets it...I can't stand that and please tell this niggaz that my name is not sexy so please don't call me that... "Hey Sexy", Sexy is a description of me but it's not my name how bout askin my name first. I understand you calling it like you see it but you wouldn't like if I said "Hey broke nigga" or "Hey dirty dude who aint got no life" cause that definately what I see when I hear that.

"Chicken taset better with alcohol"...everything taste better with alcohol.

12kyle said...

You are funny!! Every NYer DOES talk like that. LoL

@ Exhale_Whew
I think that's why I'm gonna have problems with Brandon b/c he's a chip off the ole block. LOL

@ Ieisha
Yooooo! I saw that LL commercial, too! I was like..."Huh??"

@ -1-
LOL!!! Ok...lemme ask this...is a menstrual cramp worse than a stomach cramp that we get? LOL!! I just wanna know. But...I don't wanna know what it feels like to get kicked in the jewels each month

@ Charece
I've always found dudes to be comical when they do that. I mean...if you approach her...she'll respond better even if she isn't interested.

Smarty Jones said...

About your son, Beat his ass! My mom beat me everyday when I was a kid and I turned out fine. That tick went away my senior year at A&T. :)
Freak the old guy and the fake ass librarian!
I missed the VMAs too, but then again, I wasn't tryna catch 'em.
That guy should have got a foot in his ass!
I won't even address Poppa Diddy Pop. He makes my skin crawl.
On those cramps, uh, let me put on my heavest steel toe boots and come to ATL and kick you in the nuts, stomach, back and head once a month and see if you get used to that!
Well, since I'm only hit on by men old enough to be my father, or at least a young uncle, I don't have that problem with the opening lines. The one I hear most is, "you married?"
Yes I know how to change a tire, in fact, I've changed it before in the dark. In my family, changing a tire is a rite of passage. My mom made sure we could do it before we could drive alone.
Poor kyle, what a loss to your fantasy team. How the hell could you not start McNabb last Sunday? That's OK, I kicked enough ass for you in the fantasy league!!!
Hell, I think all pro athletes should be on "performance enhancing" drugs. Don't we want their performances enhanced if we're dropping $60 bucks on nosebleed seats?
That's a good observation on the elevator thing. I think it's because we're already in each other's comfort zone so we don't want to impose anymore with a conversation.
My favorite sammich? Turkey on Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread with a lil' bit of Miracle Whip, provalone cheese, a tomato and a little bit o' lettuce!
By the way, did I say I was kicking yo' ass in the Fantasy League?

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh how I love your random posts. LOL

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm so over award shows...the only one I watch is the Oscars, and thats only if a Black person is nominated.

A meeting with the Atlanta bloggers? Count me in :)You got my drinks, right Kyle?

I don't know how to change oil or a tire...I'm too cute for that ;)

At first I said, "what is a floppy disc?" Then I remembered...so sad.

I think at least 40-55% of athletes are on something...either that or they are blood doping.

Elevators can be a scary place...either someone can nut up or the elevator can go out...either way, I get quiet b/c I'm scared.

I like tomatoe sandwiches

Interoffice romances are suppose to be sex sessions...nothing more, nothing less...and it relieves mid-day stress ;)

Brad said...

I been gone for a while but I'm at it again....to my internet bloggers and my so called friends.

McCain and Palin are liars. But for Republicans it's like when you favorite Uncle tells you stories about how he killed 20 men in the big war......you just don't even question whether it's true or not.

Puff has been a media hog since he was an intern back in the 90's.

Tom Brady is reaping what he sewed. Remember all them touchdowns he threw while up 40? You can shame the league like that and not PAY dearly.

Keith said...

My wife gave the same anology about cramps..What? Do all of the females get the same playbook at birth with all of the same phrases
and anologies in them??

Yeah,Yeah..I'm with you Kyle,Aint nothin like some Fried Chicken wings or buffalo wings and a cold Corona on a Friday night, when you're chillin with your friends after work somewhere..That's pure heaven..

And about those New York Bloggers,
I already told Eb and The F$@% it List that I'm coming up there soon
to check em out...I'm just a hop skip and a jump away..They just have too much fun up there.

I have a cousin in the ATL and all
of my wife's people are in the ATL
and they keep beggin us to come down...Maybe next summer.

Keith said...

Oh yeah...PB & J is the bomb..Still
eat em.

The Anology for cramps I was talkin
about was Eb the Celebs- "Imagine
someone punching you in your balls
for a week, every couple of hours."
Ouch, Ok ladies...I get it..

The guys up here used to approach women by saying- "Hey Slimmy" , "Yo
mommy, what's good?" and my favorite-- "Psssst....psssssst..."
As if they were calling a cat or something. Guess some brothers haven't evolved much, have they?

L. Renee' said...

I saw McCain's daughter on the news this morning promoting her microwave children's book. I think it is called my daddy John McCain. Wow..that's truly original. Obama already had a children's book out last year.
Anyway, what the hell is all of this controversy about a pig with lipstick. LOL
Folks really need to find a hobby. Something other than over analyzing a freakin thing OBAMA says.

Food for thought...When a couple breaks up Who gets the friends?

Stew said...

i want to comment on all of the shit, but i will do just the things i remember

just changed my oil this weekend

still got a floppy drive on my computer

Tucker Whitfield was the name i got from -1-

i just got finished telling eb that i need to meet some bloggers. it sucks being in the middle of nowhere

man, you should know by now not to comment on a woman's pains, they will almost always bite your head off

TravelDiva said...

LMAO on leave me alone and the Spears comeback.

Boo on "Shouldn't a woman, who's been having menstrual cramps once a month for 10+ years, be used to it by now??? Just a guess?" It sucks--and the fact that its every month is no consolation.

Charece said...

Whats ur name so I can add you on facebook?

ShellyShell said...

"Leave me alone"....LMAO!

I didn't watch the VMA's too busy watching Serena wax azz! I know you were too busy WATCHING that azz!

Puffy is sooooo ignant! Uhhh he works my last nerve!

I'm probably one of the few women on the face of this planet who don't have menstral cramps! I've had them maybe 3 times and they weren't nice! Thank goodness!

As you know. I'm addicted to facebook!

My dad made me learn how to change a tire before I got my license! I know the steps to changing oil but never did and don't plan too! That's what the guys at Jiffy Lube do!

Dayum floppy disc. YOu went wayyy back!

You better get your kids swimming!

You need to work for my company. They equipped the elevators so you can talk on the phone etc. You have to fight to hear someone. People are looking at you like a weirdo if you're not talking.

Peanut Butter and Red Raspberry Preserves!

There was a line around the block yesterday to meet LL and get your cd signed! I like that song with him and the Dream.

Chicken wings are the shyt with a few bottles of Stella Artois! Lawd me go and get them after the gym tonite!

The Flyyest said...


MAAANANNNNN i love NY accents!!!! ill choose east coast accents over any accents anyday.... (although i LOOOVVEEEE down south accents too)

but what about the west coast bloggers.... come one (GLO, MIKA, SWAG, DARRIUS orgin...,BOSSMACK, PPOOOCCCAAAAAAA) we need to all have a drink!!!! hahahahah

Yeah puff!!!! i feel ya bruh!! (GTFOH)

my fave sandwich of all time is bologna and cheese on white bread.... miricle whip and mustard!!! DONT HATE ON THE BOLOGNA!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah...with koolaid and lays potato chips!! LMAO

im still not too sure about facebook...maybe cuz im jus hella used to myspace!!!


Tha L said...

Shouldn't a woman, who's been having menstrual cramps once a month for 10+ years, be used to it by now???

Kyle, I don't know WHY you tryin'a get yo ass kicked by all the women who read yo blog. NOT SMART. LMMFAO!

-Q. said...

first off-

What up Skip?!
-Q. aka Tiger Lenoxxx lol
- i need a cape-

EB broke the cramp thing down as far as it can be broke.. I now understand..

Kitten got it with the hot sauce!! but Everything taste better with Bud Lime!(sigh)

they had the VMA's in a broom closet..

Puff need to sellme a couple of his suits and cuff links.. I know how yall feel..

I left sanna back at the radio station.. She said loved hip hop- i had a thing for thick redbones, go figure..

346 big homie.. McNabb got them boys fooled!!! Real talk, their my pick!! He looked good like 05, 06.. Romo cant take em over the top, Tuck needs help on the Giant D-line.. Good pick..

Im from new yawk but im in TX.. I think i need to do a roll call too.. Oh how i miss the A.. i was just talking to my boo bout that!

shouts to all the folk on the 3rd coast.. Prayers going out to yall with these damn hurricanes.. be safe!

People got hot breath, eatin pickles n shit.. ciggarettes, you know.. STFU on the elevator- unless you got some crest, shit even some Aim form the dollar store.. somethin!

PBnJ ALL DAY- and im out -Q.

-Q. said...

Awww not ba log na!!! c'mon Flyyy. theres a health crisis going on out there.. leave that mess alone.. And spam too.. man you need somebody to do some chef'n or somethin- i'll mail you some mac'n cheese or somethin girl lawd.. lol

Sexxy Luv said...

damn! i clicked on here last night, i could have been the 4th commenter but now my azz is the 30th! lol

~Yea, you cool like that and so is the peeps that visit your blog!

~get use to cramps?...NEVER!!!

~when i see you i'm jumpin' on your back! be ready! lol

~brandon is going to give the entire house a run for there money, put your track shoes on!

~i'll pass on that LL cd too..is he back with def jam?...

12kyle said...

@ Smarty Jones
Ok...you won last week, Smarty. But we've got a looooooong way to go! Remember that! LOL

@ Queen
Thanks Queen!!! 'Preciate the luv!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
ATL blogger function is coming!!! I'll keep you posted. And yes. I got your drink. You can have as many bottle water as you like. LMAO!!!

@ Brad
I'm done with Puffy. That dude is a joke.

@ Keith
LMAO @ slimmy! Man, you are definitely from Philly! I feel you...we haven't evolved much.

@ LRenee
Welcome back!!! I don't understand the fuss over the lipstick comment either. As long as Obama doesn't say..."I hate white people." He'll be in the White House. Trust me

@ Stew
You're right, bruh. Maybe I should have tempered that cramp comment a lil bit. LOL

12kyle said...

@ TravelDiva
Brittney is done! Stick a fork in her

@ Charece
Kyle Dowling
aka 12kyle aka Randy Floss aka Skippy Nutman aka KD aka Chocolate Boy Wonder aka Big Brother 12 aka 12k aka 12 Times Dope aka...


@ ShellyShell
Ok...its official...I wanna work for your company! LOL

@ Flyyest
bologna and cheese? Now that's old school. You took me back with that one

@ L
They've been kickin my ass all day on this one. Maybe I should just keep quiet about cramps. LOL

@ -Q.
I've gotta roll with McNabb to bring home the fantasy crown. Maybe Philly won't be as bad as people think. He put up some good numbers last week.

@ Sexxy Luv
Brandon is really off the chain. I didn't act like that when I was 1

Mizrepresent said...

Cramps are the devil, lol!

No well, like Eb said...baby you just have go through it a time or two or everyone month and you will see, there is never an easing up! Thank God for Ibuprofen!

yep, chicken wings and liquor. hmmm, hmmm good!

The meetup is on! So says 12kyle, lets do this!

Sexxy Luv said...

-Q. you hush and describe the way you hook up a PB&J sandwich! lol YUK!!!!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Remember that fight at HLC? Talk about having a bad day. His wife pulled up and dumped all of his clothes in the company parking lot. His co-worker beat his a _ _ in the same parking lot, then he got fired from the job. That's bad KARMA for you. When you do wrong, wrong comes back to you!!!

You feeling mighty ballzy to be talking in such a way about cramps with Mrs 12K laying next to you every night and with so many females that visit your blog site.
The number of years that we feamales endure this pain only makes us more tolerant of the pain it does not lessen the pain by any means. Eb broke it down in a perfect way for you guys to understand.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm with Eb, all NYers don't say son. You need to stop watching Paid in Full.

CJ says leave me alone too, so I do. I put him in his room and go in mine.10 minutes later he's like mommy hug me. haha

Hot wings plus a drink = a happy F$%K it list

Don't hate, Nyers know how to do it big. And we do. I think we need to do another one soon just to make ATL real mad hahah.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm with Eb, all NYers don't say son. You need to stop watching Paid in Full.

CJ says leave me alone too, so I do. I put him in his room and go in mine.10 minutes later he's like mommy hug me. haha

Hot wings plus a drink = a happy F$%K it list

Don't hate, Nyers know how to do it big. And we do. I think we need to do another one soon just to make ATL real mad hahah.

The F$%K it List said...

oh yeah and you've been awarded, go to my blog and check it out check check it out!

12kyle said...

@ Miz
We gonna make it happen!!!

@ Sexxy Luv
LOL! Don't knock the PB&J

@ The F$%K it List
No hate for the NYers. I love y'all. It's just time for the Dirty Souf to make sumthin happen

12kyle said...

@ Ms Moore
LMAO @ ballzy. And yes...i do remember that fight. LOL

Bombchell said...

an atl meet that will be fun & interesting. keep me posted

let me state this ahead of time, so whoever/ whomever organizes it, can place my disclaimer below the invites.

I will adamantly refuse to take pictures unless u agree that any picture i believe to be hideous will be deleted ASAP!!!!!

ms.uncensored said...

cramps...men will never get it.

chicken wings + giant margaritas = fried alky awesomeness!!!

Kieya said...

Shouldn't a woman, who's been having menstrual cramps once a month for 10+ years, be used to it by now??? Just a guess

^^no u didnt say that^^

ps stop hatin on New Yawkers, u just mad cuz u can't be us LOL