Wednesday, February 25, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

if you have a second...check out clnmike's piece about domestic violence...deep!

don't think that it's an open and shut case vs chris brown. we all thought that rkelly was going to jail for having sex with (then peeing) on that child. but this fool is still steppin in the name of love

i still don't get madea. a 6-5 black dude in drag ain't funny to me.

i hate it when people invade my know...when they stand too close to you.

ladies...if a escort (prostitute) gave you some excellent tips on how to keep/satisfy your man...would you listen? just wish it was ok to punch a co-worker in the chest!

it was 43 degrees and this FOOL is standing outside with short sleeves and jean shorts. WTH???

how many of y'all sat through President Obama's speech last night? raise your hand! well, I did! lol

did you see the lil girl from south carolina who wrote a letter to President Obama about her school and they brought her to DC for the speech? wonder what would've happened if i had written Ronald Reagan a letter when I was in school??? nottahdamnthang!

i wonder why people will almost run you off the road while they are on their way to work when you know that they hate their jobs?

the oscars were on tv the other night. so was lebron james and the cleveland cavs. guess which one i watched?

facebook has helped me confirm something that i lost sight of...i went to high school with some cool azz people!

my 6 yr old son, kameron, asked me the other day..."daddy, if you flunk out of you go back to the first grade?"

where is eminem?

too bad that there are no minority editors at the ny post. if there were, we would've never seen that racist cartoon!

tiger woods is back! the experts are marveling at his speedy comeback but he ain't foolin me! tiger's ole lady just had a baby and tiger is ready to get out of the house so that he can go back to sleeping normal!

the music industry had better find real artists and stop putting out this garbage or THEY will need a bailout.

i tried to explain to my boy JFresh what twitter was. i couldn't explain it but i told him that he needs to join. lol

gimme some fried chicken and black eyed peas and i'm strrrrrrrrraaaight!

the nfl combine is must see tv

to all the deadbeat dads...take care of your children. do more than just send a check.

a SORRY woman should never get with a SORRY man. If they do, they'll be SORRY together. Prolly have some SORRY kids. They'll live in a SORRY house. And bring nuffin but their SORRY ways to school...with the intent on making my kids SORRY...just like them.

halle and taraji...halle and taraji...halle and taraji...


Charles said...

I agree with you about Chris Brown...and people don't know all the details about what happened....even though Rihanna got effed up!! You see those pics...

Madea is NEVER cool with me. I don't get the obsession with the movies nor the plays. And some people swear by them. That drag stuff ain't for me. If people want to see drag, watch Rupaul's show...thats for free.

You're dead wrong for takin a pic of Kool Aid man too. You know you gotta keep that red drank chilled.

Music needed a bailout a looooooong time ago...


Darius T. Williams said...

Boy - you're hilarious. I put up a post about Madea...well, kinda - lol.

Um, I'll do black eyed peas though. I know, I know - me not eating something?!?!

Otis said...

Folks i went to school with werent too cool...guess i should say that wasnt into them folks like that, lol.

I didnt even really know them till after high school. Oddly enough, we have a reunion-ish outing this Saturday, lol

Ra said...

Ok, as far as the hooker is concerned, I think she made some valid points on the blog yesterday. Women should consider some of the things she said, married or not. But why are men so quick to say women need to listen to a woman like her. I could care less what she does. It's a recession. Gotta make your cake somehow. But if your significant other was cheating on you with someone (especially a paid escort), how open would you be to taking relationship advice from that same person?

Dude in the red shorts is just dead wrong for having on red jean shorts.

Can't say I know much about Reagan's reign in the White House, cuz I really hate discussing politics. But in his defense I will say that he "adopted" my elementary school when I was younger. He actually made several visits to our school in SE Washington, DC. We also made frequent trips to the White House for private tours and each student student had a pen pal in the White House and Congress.

I never rush to work, which is probably why I'm late

Next time a person stands too close, just reach out and give them a big hug, laying your head on their shoulder. I bet they won't stand too close to anyone else.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Looking at the comments, I need to roll back to yesterday and believe it or not I still haven't stepped foot on twitter's site. I barely have time for blogger.

JuzFine said...

Can you do me a plate of Chicken and black eyed Peas Ohhhh and don't you dare forget the rice!

Yeah I would listen...


ShellyShell said...

Who knows if CBreezy will go to jail. I heard he sent her a diamond bracelet for her 21st bday this past Friday! I also heard from a very reliable source(Rhi Rhi's cuz) that this shyt has been going on for awhile! Both of them throwin blows at each other! That shyt is dysfunctional as hell! Go your seperate ways and get counseling!

I like Madea because the end message is always about family and God! All the extra shyt isn't needed sometime but it's Hollywood. Every movie/play touches on real shyt...domestic violence,drug abuse,black people being succesful etc. Although I have never seen one of the movies in the!

I don't know how to hide my facial expressions(working on that) so when you stand too close I have the ILL look on my face and I'm moving backwards!

Look if a prostitute wanted to drop some knowledge I would probably listen maybe she has a few tricks I don't know about! LMAO! Knowledge is brought to you in all forms!

Punch a coworker in the chest? Shyt not me.......I want to straight drop kick a beyatch! Do some Bruce Lee shyt!

I watched President Obama's speech! I thought it was very good! But I watch most presidential speeches...that's the PoliSci degree in me!
When he spoke about the girl in SC I teared up.

I'm not running anyone off the road to get to the Plantation. Although I no longer drive to work since I live in NYC but I don't run for a train! Shyt I got to work this morning at 10:10!

I saw bits and pieces of the Oscars..that shyt was too long!

LMAO...your son is funny!

Eminem has a new song out. I heard it the other day!

I don't even want to talk about the dumb azz Post! That's a paper I NEVER read!

LOL@your Tiger observation. I don't think he'll win match play today but it's good for the sport that's he's back!

I can't remember the last time I had Fried chicken! I'm not the biggest chicken fan. I don't like Black Eyed Peas but will eat a spoonful of my mom's!

You know there are a few deadbeat mom's out there! My homeboy got custody of his now 14year old daughter when she was 2. He hasn't seen a dime in child support! If that would have been him he probably would have had his checks garnished and been locked the hell up!
Al Horford Al Horford Al Horford

Keith said...

Madea = $$$$$$

Yeah, the Oscars were on, but I watched The Cav's...Now that I know neither Taraji or Viola won,I know I made the right decision.

I'm with Charles-Music needed a bailout a long time ago..

I'm straight too with some Fried Chicken and some Black Eyed Peas..
but after the post I wrote today..I sure sound like a hypocrite...Ahhhh who cares, that ish is good.

I just set up a Facebook page this past Friday..I know, I'm behind the times..and here is something else in addition to Blogger to get hooked on.

People that try to drive me off the road to get to jobs I know they hate puzzle the hell out of me. You don't see me rushing..I cruise along just as slow and smooth as I wanna. Days I take the train in, I'm even more laid back. But I rush like hell to get out at 5:00 pm though.

They sell the New York Post here in Philadelphia...Nobody I know reads it though and this was before the monkey cartoon.

Smarty Jones said...

OK, I understand the whole Chris Brown thing isn't open and shut but I'm tired of talking/hearing/reading about it. Let's talk about domestic violence as a whole or not at all.
And for the record, it is talk like this that get women killed by their attackers. I'm jus sayin'!
As for Madea, I like it. And as far as I know, there's only been one black comedic actor, to my knowledge, who hasn't dressed up in drag to get a few laughs - and a few dollars. For the record, that is Dave Chappelle.
I can not respond to the prostitute question without incriminating myself so I won't.
Sometimes I wish I could punch everyone in the office in the mouth!
Was the Kool-Aid man serious? I hope he was calling a ride on that phone.
I too sat through the speech and the Reading Rainbow/Sesame Street episode that was Gov. Jindal's rebuttal.
The little girl from S.C. lives about 15 minutes away from my hometown. I wonder how close she lives to South of the Border.
I am with Kameron, they should make them go back.
I'm sick of the N.Y. Post cartoon thing, just let it die, ya'll please. I'm always in the minority on that one so I won't respond.
I co-sign the deadbeat dad comment. I don't usually date dudes with kids (how do I do that?), but if they've got 'em and they don't take care of them, I don't have anything for them.
I love Taraji! She's so cool! And you know she spent some time at the wonderfully fabulous N.C. A&T before she couldn't hack it in the engineering department and went to Howard.

Hadassah said...

Yes i watched the whole prezzy speech it was good!

The F$%K it List said...

I don't thing Chris Brown will get off as easy as R.Kelly. The Domestic Abuse coalitions are already gearing up to boycott him. This is like a gold mine for them, because these two fit the statistics. And you know I believe this was a two way thing even though it doesn't make it right.

Music, they still make that? Ha all I hear is crap.

See that dude is wrong on more than one level, wearing shorts yes but head to toe of one color, YUCK!

Fried chicken, Yes. I only eat Black eye peas once a year the New year.

Twitter is just real time blogging. Its funny to see what people are thinking in the moment.

I sat through my man Obama's speech. I was moved by his speech. And I was happy to hear him speak about the little girl in SC... I still need to know why that child had the mean grill though, she was on TV show them pearly whites!

Step in my personal space and I will straighten your A$$ right on out. Arms lengths PLEASE

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle,
For the first time ever I watched the President address the congress.
Watching President Obama in action is awe inspiring. Michelle is such a mom. Did you see how she looked at the little girl with such pride. When she hugged her it was as if she were her own.
What a great example for all of us!

Stew said...

you are one of the only people who agrees with me about madea