Wednesday, February 18, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

first things first...gotta give congrats!

congrats to mrs12 who just became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc Sorority over the weekend...

congrats to my homegirl PCD who is expecting her second child. I'm happy for you! If you're having a can him Kyle!

congrats to my nephew, Tyler. He turned 5 yrs old today! Happy burfday! Uncle Kyle loves you!

President Obama took the First Lady out on a date to a restaurant for VDay. Talk about setting the tone for playas around the country.

gas is going up!

Martin, Living Single, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...what happened to shows like these?

this kid can recognize every letter in the alphabet and he can count to 20. i think we'll enroll him at Harvard in 4 yrs.

we're in a recession. we all know that. sometimes i'm amazed at how we manage to keep pushing on. we are some resilient people. if you listen to some people, they'd make you think that the world was coming to an end!

i found myself explaining to my 9 yr old son what chris brown allegedly did to rihanna. i told him that you never put your hands on a woman...period. he got my point

on the other don't let a woman put her hands on YOU! we don't play that!

gotta love shaq! the dance before the nba all star game was classic. how can you hate on a 7 foot, 350 pound dude who doesn't take himself or the world too serious.

memo to alex rodriguez...if you tell one lie, then you'll have to tell 3 more to cover that first lie that you told

i have like 800 channels on directv but i only watch like 10 channels

every man that i know really appreciates a woman who knows something about sports

does the fear of rejection ever prevent you from stepping to a man/woman?

on a scale of 1-10...where do you land when it comes to flirting? me? well...i'd say 7 but i've been told that i'm higher than that.

when i get mad...i put it down on a pad. give you something that you never had

to my old hip hop headz...does anybody know what happened to the Bomb Squad??? if you have to ask who the bomb squad is...then you ain't an old hip hop head!

lil wang (yeah...i spelled it wrong on purpose) has ESPN tatted on his forearm. WTF???

i hate squash.

i also hate watermelons! i may be the only black man that you know who hates it.

don't you hate it when you leave your desk and you come back and you can tell that SOMEBODY has been at your desk in your absence????

hey's the HATERMOBILE!!!! I could say alotta things about this idiot who put this on this car but i'll let y'all do that...

did i tell you that i had to speed up on em just to take this picture???

there are 3 dangers of trying to make someone love can affect you EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, and FINANCIALLY

have you ever been unpopular? i'm curious...seriously. i only ask b/c i've always been popular. just wanna know.

ok...i admit it. kobe bryant is the best in the game. buuuuuut WHY did he need to take damn near 30 shots in the all star game?

if anybody hears from oj simpson...tell him to keep his head up and don't drop the soap

is condi rice working or is she unemployed?

white or brown liquor?

if you're gonna be in Charlotte for the CIAA tournament next week...hollatchaboi!

you can go into any office and find the bad news person. that's the person that will always bring you the bad news. "kyle, do you know that the stock is down today? do you know that we have to work on saturday???"

if you've got air in your lungs and blood is flowing through your're ok. you can overcome anything.

self respect...have it...flaunt it to the world!

memo to the twitter weirdos...stop following me

mike tyson is gonna write a book about his life. i wonder if it'll be in pencil or crayon?

where's das efx?

i bought bone thugs n harmony's first cd and after all these years...I STILL don't know what they were saying!

happy bday (2-17) to the GOAT...Michael Jordan! there's a rumor going around that you're gonna get married again. take my advice...DON'T DO IT!!!

gabby and b...gabby and b...gabby and b...


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Tell me why I have to take notes to comment on your off the dome posts! My memory aint what it used to let me see...what were we talking about?...Well, I reading this in the dark from my boo Mr Blackberry Curve so I aint got no pencil or crayon to take notes...hmmm did I tell you my favorite color is red..speaking of which..Congrats again Mrs12Kyle....I loved learning the greek alphabets when I pledged..oh yeah one of your babies is a genius and is headed to Harvard right?...speaking of babies I was so surprised to see PCD picture on her post...that's what's up! Hell, Bro I can't remember what you talked about in this post, so I'm going close out this comment with a "Good nite...& sleep tight!"

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hold up...wait a minute...stop the press.....I'm FIRST! Its been along time since I've been first...*putting on my dancing shoes*.....boy yall aint ready for that Pop Lock I just did...

clnmike said...

Brown Liquor.

The F$%K it List said...

Since you had to bring up how late I was yestersay thought I'd better get over here as early as possible heheeh.

Now I miss das efx music but not them they scare me.

This chris brown news is annoying me. My niece is asking questions too but she knows better because my hubby told her he'd go to jail if a boy ever hit her. Did I mention she was 2 at the time (10 now)

I'm on my bberry so that's it for now

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I'm all about white liquor, but red wine!

I remember the bomb squad and das efx. BTW, nobody knew what bone thugs were saying. I think they were mumbling and gettin' paid!

Mr. Pres. took the first lady to a restaurant? He is so smooth. Only he could have pulled that off :)

Congrats to Mrs. Kyle. I remember when I was a neo a long time ago! Hope she enjoys her greek journey.

You are right, every man I know appreciates how I love sports. It gets me MAD brownie points :)

Keith said...

Big Ups to Mrs. 12 for becoming a
Delta..Someone say- Ouu Ouu ooop!

I'm Happy for PCD too!

I never missed an episode of "Martin" or "Living Single", That's when Television was kind of cool..(Remember "Roc" with Charles Dutton??)

The young lady I was dating before I met Mrs. Keith hated sports, didn't know or want to know anything about it. Mrs. K only
knew about one sport in particular-
"Basketball" , and a little Baseball, but that was good enough...Now if I could just teach her about the game of Football....

I miss the "Bomb Squad" ,they produced so many great tracks for Public Enemy and L.L. Cool J.( in his early years.)but mostly PE.
I don't know what Hank Shocklee is doing...Harry Allen, Media Assasain
is blogging ,just like us now and freelance writing.

Everytime I'm out of the office for a day and I come back to work..Somebody has used my phone,
moved my pictures around, et al..That's why I keep a can of Lysol nearby to spray my phone and wipe it off. Somebody left their ATM card and Driver's Licensce at my desk one time (One of the cleaning people.)

lolololololol @ Mike Tyson writing his memoirs.

You can't make someone, or anyone love you..They either will or they

Keith said...
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12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Yes! This lil fella is a genius. Wanna babysit him for me? LoL

Do you ever put that Blackberry down?

You are first! Do ya dance! Rock on wit ya bad self!

@ clnmike
I also get down with brown

@ The F$%K it List
Das Efx were ahead of the curve...I think.

The coverage of the Chris Brown/Rihanna story has amazed me. I didn't know that they were that popular.

@ Kay C
Red wine puts me to sleep...but I like it a lot!

You remember the Bomb Squad??? *internet dap*

President Obama was reaaaal smooth. They showed them going to some spot in Chicago. It made me think..."He's the president but he still makes time for wifey."

You will accumulate maaad brownie points with us!

@ Keith
See! That's how MrsKeith got in with you! She knew her stuff. That matters!

I have maaaaad love for the Bomb Squad! I knew that you'd have some information for me. If you have a link for Harry Allen's it to me.

I think Mike Tyson will write a best seller...but it's gonna be crazy!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

never had such a fear - rejectiooon

and with respect to liquor - FREE

TravelDiva said...

Congrats to Mrs12!

I didn't know about PCD!!

I watched part of a Martin marathon this weekend! Still hilarious.

ShellyShell said...

Congrats to your wife!
The Pres took his wife to the same restaurant he proposed to her! It's their fav restaurant!

Cheap gas was a farce! I paid $2.09 on Sunday! Beyatches!

There will NEVER be shows like Martin, Living Single etc. I'm glad they are on DVD!

Enroll him in Harvard or MIT! They need more of us there!

I told my nephew the other day that if his girlfriend ever gets him so mad that he feels like he wants to pop the piss out of her it's time to let that shyt go! Also if she pops him DO NOT hit her back but do tell one of his hood homegirls to beat the piss out of her! I know not very Auntie like but shyt!

Shaq's dance was classic! He's going to be missed in the league when he retires!

I may be one of the few people who don't care that A-Rod(supersexy) shot roids when they weren't banned! Do you know Curt Schilling was on that list and no one is making a big deal out of it! People just can't stand Alex's pretty azz! I can't stand to hear him talk I just want to look at him! Yummmmmmy! LOL

I will never date a dude that doesn't watch sports! Did that ONE time and that shyt was for the birds! I am a junkie! Especially college bball! I rushed home last Wed because my Heels and Duke were playing! I don't talk on the phone when UNC plays! I am serious!

I don't step to dudes never have and probably never will! I think rejection plays a BIG part in that!

I don't think I'm a big flirter! So, I'm going to give myself a 5!

When I get mad I sometimes spaz the hell out but other times I'm cool!

The Bomb Squad! what did happen to them?

I HATE Ketchup!

Watermelon with salt I love it!

I purposely leave shyt all around my desk so no one wants to be at my! But I also keep a bottle of 409! I sit in the cut so not many people need to come over here!

I was always popular.There were only 4 black kids in my class and we were all athletes! In fifth grade I had so many friends the principal called my mom in for a meeting and told her that they thought I was trying to start a gang. Needless to say my mom went the EFF off! She said these kids are waiting on the porch for Shell when she's not even here! WTF! I still remember how hard my mom went off! Those white people wanted NO parts of her....lmbao!

I was wondering why Kobe took that many shots in an All Star game!

Condi went back to Stanford as a professor! YOu know the PAC-10 asked her to be commissioner and she declined!

I'm a vodka girl but I will drink dark rum and Southern Comfort!

Bone Thugs! Their first song that I can remember "Thuggish Ruggish whateva" I thought they were sayin "For the love that's goin on" LOL!

MJ is marrying a white girl! That's what he always desired! I'm sure he made sure she signed a prenup!

I loved Das but they sure were ugly!

Keith said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a link to his blog..but if you go on OKPLAYer....You may be able to get some info on Harry Allen..he comments on that site every once and awhile. (He used to write an op
ed peice in Vibe.)

Hadassah said...

I loved the all star games I can't wait till next yr to see what Lebron is gonna bring!

Mizrepresent said...

You are hella crazy...but i so love off the dome! Thanks again for sharing!

12kyle said...

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
Nothing beats FREE liquor!!!

@ TravelDiva

Yes! PCD is with child. I'm happy for her.

I watch Martin every night!

@ ShellyShell
President Obama is projecting a great image as a loving husband

I don't care where the little ones go to school. They just need to go to school and get outta my house. LoL

LMAO @ u! That's true. Don't hit a woman but let your homegirls kick her azz.

Shaq is the illest

When you say that you'd never date a dude who doesn't love sports...I BELIEVE YOU!!!

ShellyShell...the gangbanger! LMAO!!!!

Holeup!!! MJ is marrying a white girl? I thought she was spanish? Juanita hit him for 150 mil...he betta sign a pre-nup!

@ Keith
Cool! I'll check it out

@ Hadassah
LeBron in the Slam Dunk Contest will be very interesting

@ Miz
You know I love doing the Off tha Dome posts! Thanks for coming thru!

Remember when you used to be FIRST? LMAO

Blah Blah Blah said...

Did you say allegedly?
Oh ok.

P.O.B. is the man... I mean, swagger, intelligence, presense and a romantic...oh, and he's President.

Kobe is the best. Shaq is hilarious.

3rddeadline said...

....this OTD post was pretty good, Chocolit Boi Wunda...

Angel said...

LOL you took that photo of that car!! hahaha!

Yeah twitters...people keep trying to twitter me too!

Dione said...

Congrats to Mrs12! You KNOW that's a reason to celebrate! Being part of the GREATEST sisterhood in the entire world!
Oooooooo Ooooooooop!