Monday, February 23, 2009

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape...

Jay Z
Song Cry

Made You Look

Ice Cube
Jackin 4 Beats

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Holla If Ya Hear Me


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Hats off to ........DJ Sir Kyle Mix-a-lot!!!!!!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Summertime and Holla If You Hear Me? trippin'

Lovin' it!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

that nas joint is a classic

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle
I don't care if it is 20 degrees outside. Whenever I hear the song "Summertime", I can instantly smell the coconut suntan oil. LOL
Thanks I needed that today! (smile)

Smarty Jones said...

Ni-ce!!! Who is that first chick? She is so damn random!
I was just telling somebody the other day that "Song Cry" is my favorite Jay-Z song.
How you gonna pick "Summertime" on a cold day like today. But I gotta admit, it will NEVER go away as long as people still stunt in the Summer!

ShellyShell said...

You know I'm not a big Jay fan but Song Cry is cool.

I love Made you Look but they may be because I love Nas!

I used to LOVE this jam! It always takes me back to being with friends chillin and tryin to look!

Holla if you hear me was a cool song! I'm not the biggest Pac fan either but I like this song!

12kyle said...

@ goooooood girl
You are soooooo fine! Lmao!!!

@ Keisha the Kitten

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Holler If You Hear Me is one of my favorite Tupac songs

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
Yeah man! That beat is hitting!

@ L. Renee'
Summertime is one of the great feel good songs in hip hop

@ Smarty Jones
She is a porn star who loves the 12th Planet. LoL

I think Song Cry was one of Jay Z's most honest songs.

@ ShellyShell
Glad that you liked the selection.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

You're about go get me fired on my new job playing this music!!! I love this mixtape!!!!!

Jackie E. said...

Made You Look and Summertime - gotta love 'em!!