Friday, February 13, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i'm gonna say this one last time...for all of you who voted for mccain...get over it!!! President Obama is your president! And he's gonna be here for the next 8 years. stop crying and pull your skirts down. he won the election. i haven't heard this much whining since i was in the 1st grade.

have you ever heard somebody say that "they won't play the lottery until the jackpot exceeds 100 million?" i guess you couldn't live off 12 million if you won???

bye brett favre. beat it, man. great career but that last year in new york sucked. i know it and you do too!

memo to jay z...get a haircut. you're too old to be walking around with your hair looking like that.

speaking of hair...kanye, whut the hell is wrong with your hair? this ain't 1984. you can't bring the shag back, bruh. you look like tito jackson on the victory tour.

ever noticed how florida evans was always wearing something orange???

why is there no cure for the common cold?

feb 10 marked the 3 anniversary of the late, great hip hop producer JDilla (James Yancey). i speak for all fans when i say that we miss you! gone but not forgotten

dude asked me if he could borrow $20 so that he could get something to drink? i chuckled and told him no. at least he was honest...

valentines day candy is good. and it's a lot cheaper if you buy it on feb 15th

the octupulet mom is now 50k in debt and now is looking for some $$$...


nba allstar weekend is this weekend. i'm looking forward to it.

what is your favorite dunk from the slam dunk contest?

should you tell your mate how many sexual partners that you've had?

the average couple has sex at least 2 times a week...are you average? lmao!!!!

q tip from a tribe called quest is verrrrrry underrated!

nice weather is here to stay...i hope.

there's one on every corner...

i'm soooo tired of madea

another jason movie??? enough already!

i could care less that alex rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003. baseball didn't care back then. why should i?

fellas...there's something scary about "leaving your woman in the mall alone with your credit card."

ladies...if you cook it, we'll eat it. always remember that.

hello'd be nice if you'd comment once and a while. i do appreciate you reading this, tho.

christina milian...christina milian...christina milian...


eclectik said...

Damn...Brett though? Leave that man alone

Memo to Jay Z're too old to be rhyming.

Damn inflation...$20 for a beverage in the sowf? lol

All Star weekend is the only thing NBA I can watch eventhough they have RUINED it...gimme the old Dunk rules

Q tip is very...odd

Ladies if you groom it we will eat it...remember THAT

OH Stop can type "my booty itches" and get 25 comments off top lol

Nice picture of Milian.

Ummmm...Messageboard in 2009 perhaps?

Solomon said...

By McCain!

I could live well off 12 million.

Brett shoulda stayed retired.

Then it wouldn't be common anymore.

Even the "buy me a drink" hustle is gettin old.

And if you don't have a date like me, you can buy it on the 15th!

She should have been looking for the birth control instead of the fertilization treatments, she already had half dozen kids.... lmbao

Nobody tells the truth about how many partners they had anyway.

If I'm in a relationship I'm way above average!
Right now there is no average.

Never ever leave your gal alone with the plastic, it could be hazardous to your health.

I will eat it!!!

ok, so I'm commenting...

Christina Milian!!!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

LMAO at eclectik's "if you groom it" comment. Only you e...

I could live very well off of $12 million, but you have to play to win, and I put every dollar to good use nowadays.

JayZ is the Jordan of the rap game. How many times has he retired?? Get over yourself J.

Colds are viral, nothing works on a virus but time. *sorry*

Favorite dunk was Spud Webb back in the day. Little man had big ups!!

I'm not ashamed of my partner number, I am very selective so it is entremely low. I feel bad for the poor guy that is my next relationship, you know women reach their peek in their 30s ;) Hope he can keep up!!

Yep, Kyle you could type "It's hot outside what you say???" and get over 15 comments. LOL!

Don't get spoiled by the nice weather, you know it's going to get cold again.

Miss Mika said...

I wish I could say the weather has been nice here in So Cal. Tony Toni Tone lied about it never raining here... its raining today and expected to rain all weekend.

Shoot, if a homeless person ask me for money for a drink, I am going to flip it and ask for money for gas. Hey, I am just being honest too!

I love getting candy the day after a holiday, especially after Halloween and Valentine's Day. Can you say 75% off?

E... you are a nut. Period.
*chucking @ 'if you groom it, we will eat it'*

Leave my boy Brett alone!
He does kinda need to exit stage left though.

I am not sure what the deal is with what men are doing to their hair these days. First Jay Z, then Kanye... shoot even Bobby V is trying his hardest to bring the ducktail back and IT IS NOT WORKING!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yes christina

and they make too much loot on the common cold

The Jaded NYer said...

I won't play the lottery because I'd rather use that dollar to buy sunflower seeds LOL

Kanye's hair gives me nightmares!

Chris Rock already told you- the money is in the comeback! They ain't curing NOTHING!

I could care less about Alex Rodriguez. Period.

Hadassah said...

@ hello lurkers thur are times whenpressed for time to comment.

I love Kanye's hair! it stands out.

I still believe the flu shot causes the flu.

Octuplet mother is a fool. I know I am not supposed to say that. what did she go to school for and she is working on a masters and no job?

Yeah madea is over

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Jay Z is tripping with those ugly glasses he keeps trying to bring back. Nobody is biting. Leave it alone dude.

Only old people win the lotto.

I'll take Mike Jordan and Dominique Wilkins on the best dunks.

Qtip is like that. Not a voice in hip hop like his.

Been tired of Madea.

Way to go out with a bang. Like that Christina Milian photo.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO on the memo to Jay Z. He must ditch the hair and the glasses--it does not make him look smarter or richer.

Keith said...

Brett should've left the last year
he was in Green Bay..he's yet another athlete who stayed in the game too long and tarnished his legacy. Go out on top ,I say..don't get run out.

Jay-Z and Kanye have had nervous breakdowns recently..Thus the hair.

I'm looking forward to NBA ALL STAR
WEEKEND!! Gotta see if I can find a Lebron James jersey...

I would say I'm a little above the
average..(three times a WEEK-LOL)


yEAH..People are still whinning about the fact that McCain lost...
My cousin tells them all the time-"You'll be alright.."

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I don't play the lotto but my cousin does...she is the luckiest person I I'm just on the sideline praying for her to I can get the 'favorite big cousin hook up!'....

If someone asks me for money to get a drink...I'll pass them a bottle of water & say God bless you!...I figure if you thirty water WILL do...they can buy wine on their own dime...

Speaking of common cold...I feel one coming on....dang!

I'll be spending Valentine's day @ work, but we have money set aside to take the girls out for dinner SO...basically I get to spend time with my teens, get paid for it, & get a free meal! Who needs a Valentine when you got all that coming!...its all about perspective..

Bombchell said...

lol guess im going shopping for candy on sunday

Mizrepresent said...

Ummm...both Jay Z and Kanye need a hellified haircut...ewwwww!

I can cook out some shit...and if you don't eat it...i will!

What's up 12kyle...missed you!
Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are so so funny Kyle...

I know I could live off of 1 million..hahaha.

havent seen the dudes hair...

and cant believe you would include a pic of the damn

lol @ eclectik on grooming, just had an appointment last night... are you dining here now (blink blink)

anyways........dannnnnng christie got legs whew, now im envious

12kyle said...

@ e
I think it's time for Jay to let it go. He's had a great run

The old dunk contest rules were soooo much better. You had more contestants, too. It's watered down now.

LMAO @ U!!!!

I don't think that would get 25 comments. LOL. But it would be funny

Comin thru...

@ Soloman
Welcome to the 12th Planet! Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes

I agree. Brett should've stayed retired. He wasted the Jets time last year.

"Nobody tells the truth about how many partners they had anyway." Soooo true, bruh!

Christina is killin it in that dress, aint she?

@ Kay C The Quiet Storm
I think Jay has retired as much as Jordan did

Spud's dunk contest was unreal. He beat Dominique Wilkins for the title.

Keep up? LOL. You're funny!

This weather is strange...

@ Mika
Don't you just hate rainy weekends?

I've gotten to the point where I actually like talking to homeless beggars. I get a kick outta it.

Please don't tell me that fool is trying to bring the ducktail back?

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
I believe you! They make a killing!

@ Jaded Santana
Sunflower seeds won't put you in that penthouse in Manhattan, tho! LOL

No ARod hate from Mets fan! LOL

@ Hadassah
Heyyyyy! Good to see you back in the mix.

I agree with you. The flu shot MAKES you sick

She'll be on welfare by the end of the year. I wonder what they'd say about her if she were a sista...

12kyle said...

@ Rich
Like're married. You know that our wives ain't gonna let us leave the crib lookin a hot mess. I gotta put some of this blame on Beyonce Carter.

I agree. The 1988 Slam Dunk Contest was the best in history. Although i'm a HUGE Jordan fan, I will still say that 'Nique got robbed!

Thanks. I'm loving her calves in this pic!

@ TravelDiva
I'm wondering who told him that it looked cool to dress like that?

@ Keith
I agree. Brett should've retired as a Packer. Remember, they offered him 25 million to STAY AWAY from the game...and this fool came back. Dummeeeeeee

I'm slightly above average, too. *internet dap*

I feel you. They'll be ok. I mean...if McShame and Pale-lynn were in office, do you think they would have done a better job than President Obama to this point?

@ Keisha the Kitten
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You're right! If you're thirsty...water will always do!

That's a postive perspective right there!

@ Bombchell
Heyyyyyy lady! Thanks for coming thru! It's been a minute! I'm gonna check you out, too!

@ Miz
LMAO @ U!!!!

All is well Miz. You've been missed. Hope you and the fam are doing better!

@ Oyin
I took the picture while he wasn't looking. I think i'm gonna start taking more pics and add em to my posts. I think it makes it funny.

e is a fool...ain't he!

I love nice legs. And she has got a nice pair.

clnmike said...

Man they didnt even want mcCain for their choice too.

Give me $500, 00 I can flip that easy.

Bring On Mike Vick To The JETS!!!!!

Whats wrong with Jay-Z's cut?

$20 dollars? Dude was trying to drink the good stuff.

YOU NEVER TELL HOW MANY PARTNERS YOU HAVE! You just make sure there gone, your clean, and yall all are happy.

"the average couple has sex at least 2 times a week...are you average?"

Thats a lie.

Q tip from a tribe called quest is verrrrrry Overrated.

dessex said...

Fav dunk has to be j rich between the legs in reverse

I average three times a week

A tip album was crazy dope

Angel said...

LOL @ Jay Z he does need a haircut

There is no cure for the cold as no one would spend money on all the cold and flu pills anymore. Its a business.