Thursday, February 5, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

and just like that...(snapping my fingers)...the NFL season is over. damn!

that was a great game! i told y'all that pittsburgh would win. great defenses will always beat a great offense.

big ^ to my NFL homie for throwing the biggest super bowl house party in atlanta. free food and free liquor.

you're a good dude b/c there's no way i'd have 200 people in my mansion. lmao!!!

it was 30 degrees today with a wind chill of 17. why did i see 2 women with skirts and open toed shoes on today?

gas prices are creepin up again. i knew it wouldn't last

president obama is shutting down these CEOs from taking huge "golden parachutes" as their companies fail. mannnn, he's not playing around!

dick cheyney said that "there's a strong chance that would could be attacked again on US soil like 9-11". don't you just hate to see a clown...playa hatin from the sidelines. i haven't heard ONE thing from dude in 8 yrs and now he wanna talk tough. beat it clown

hey...has anybody seen sarah palin lately? is she still around? just checkin. didn't know if she had moved back to the state that is neighbors with alaska.

micheal phelps smoked weed. big deal! do you think that was the FIRST time that he ever smoked weed?

listen to him talk...he SOUNDS like he's indulged many times before. lmao! leave the kid alone. we don't need him ready until 2012 anyway.

the recall on peanut butter is killin me! i haven't had a PB&J in weeks!

thanks for the emails folks. i missed a few days and a few of you emailed me to see if i was gone on vacation or if i was taking a break. nah. i'm still here. i ain't going nowhere

valentines day is right around the corner. wonder how much money suckers are gonna spend this year. lmao!!!

i do spend money on valentines day but not like you might think. you should show your signifcant other that you love em 365 days a yr...not just one day

this year it falls on a saturday. dudes are gonna spend crazy money.

hey lady! no you can't be my valentine...but it was nice meeting you

the grammys are coming on tv on sunday. blah. i might watch 10 mins of it

don't wanna see "the greatest rapper (lmao)" lil wayne up on stage with his drawz showing.

funny how he can cuss a gazillion times on his cd but when he wins an award the first thing he wants to do is "thank God." hypocritcal? maybe

when i was at the super bowl party, there was a bartender there who was serving drinks. i recognized his face b/c he is an officer in my church. yet, he bartends for a living. who's more hypocritcal...the soon to be deacon for passing out spirts or me for guzzling em down??? hmmmmmm. haaaaaa

that was a rhetorical thought. we all have our religious beliefs. i'll keep mine to myself but i just wanted to show you how critcal we can be of others at times...but not of ourselves.

a day in the life of a player named Quik
I'm just a stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick

dude...did you miss the memo...nobody uses pay phones anymore

did you hear about the lady with 14 kids? fourteen kids??? c'mon man! i love kids but that's wayyyyyyyy to many kids.

if i had a daughter, i'd be mush. i guess it was meant for me to have 3 sons. a girl would have me wrapped around her fingers.

christian bale...chill out homie. you don't go off on people like that. that's the quickest way to get your azz kicked.

word on the street is that ashanti is pregnant with a baby from nelly. just hope the kid doesn't wanna sing like mommy does. you remember that dude who always said "that he had a girlfriend but she lived outta town." you remember that one friend who could always tell you what was "wrong with your man" but she couldn't keep a man for herself

i had to mail a letter the other day and i had no idea how much stamps cost. i haven't mailed a letter in years. well...i have but i've always used the company's postage machine. lol

has anybody seen -1-? if so, tell her that her big brother is looking for her.


The Jaded NYer said...

are you ready to be scared sh*tless?

Sarah Palin is raising funds through a PAC... dude, she's gonna freakin try to run next time... I know it! UGH!

Y'all can not eat peanut butter all you want... I still have my PB&J sandwiches. And I'm still here. So the recall can SUCK IT!

LOL @ dude on the payphone...

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Yep, I also heard that Palin is planning to run in the next election. Even heard she is considered the "front-runner." WOW, if she is the only hope they have no wonder they elected a black man to run the party.

I didn't throw out my PB, it was halfway empty. If it hasn't made me sick by now...

I'm surprised dude could FIND a payphone.

Gas prices are way up, what gives? It isnt supply and demand.

*Waiting on you to agree to the interview questions since you liked the format.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-I saw a lady with a summer dress and open toed shoes on New Year's Eve...and worse part was that she DID NOT get a pedicure to bring the new year in!

-Yep I peeked them gas pricing trying to sneak up on us...but I'll take $2 over $2 any day!!!

-How often do you usually eat a PB & J sandwich??

-How about I haven't seen a pay phone in forever!!

-I just looked -1- up and she made her blog private.... :( so sad I love her sistah if you are reading this....holla at your girl....I want in!!!

Brad said...

That was a Great game. But in my opinion not as good as last year because of the upset factor in the Giants/Pats superbowl.

Gas prices are going up because the OPEC nations saw they money DIP and they know that over the next 5 years the demand is going to decrease tremendously. So they cut production to raise demand. They trying to get it while they can.

Dick Cheney is just what his first name says he is.

Sarah Palin is busy setting herself up for 2012. She really feels like if she's better prepared that she can give Obama run. SAD.

Kandi Black said...

i was too drunk to pay attention to that game...but everybody was basically rooting for pittsburg so i guess that was the ticket...

and i saw sarah palin on this nice porn the other day...her knockers were the business, trust me...

and dick cheney (or however u spell that) can eat a dick...obama is gone handle his, what cheney needs to do is invest in a good pair of glasses and stop mistaking people for animals

and im glad v-day is on saturday...and if my bf don't get me anything though, he getting cut off cold turkey and its back to the vibrator for me and choking the chicken for him

Smarty Jones said...

OK, first off, I have not stopped eating peanut butter. I haven't heard anything about Jif being on that damn recall list. If it is then I'm just gonna have to tough it out.
I've been in mourning since before the Big Game started because I knew that was the end. I don't know what I'm gonna do until August. I'll probably pray that my boo Julius Peppers doesn't go to those damn Atlanta Falcons. I can live with it if he goes to Tampa, but ATL, that would be the worst.
Gas is creeping back up but it is a damn site better than the $4/gallon we used to pay.
Yea, I need for Dick Cheyney to kick rocks, fall down some stairs and find a doctor to unlock his jaw. He is really running his mouth too much. Ol' bastard!
Yea, I don't care about Phelps either. That boy is 23 years old, I don't know many 23-year-olds who haven't dabbled in the Mary J. That's not excusing it but we've had presidents who make decisions who have admitted to using drugs and we let it go. I think folks are looking for a perfect person to put on a pedastal. Problem with that is people aren't perfect.
Ain't nobody looking for Caribou Barbie. Maybe her ass is taking "Young Ass Grandma and Me" classes or she's in the Alaskan outback getting run over by an elk. Well, a girl can dream can't she?
I am the self-described V-Day Scrooge. So I don't deal with that crap. I will be babysitting a whole bunch of kids that night, so we'll sit around watching "The Lion King," "Pocahantas" and "The Wiz" eating popcorn with peanut M&Ms mixed in until they fall asleep.
The dude with the payphone, that damn phone don't work! I can't tell you the last time I've seen a payphone. My idea of a payphone is a pre-paid cell phone. How much does it even cost to use a pay phone anymore?
I used to get excited about the Grammys when there was good music, now, I don't care. That saddens me.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

The best "off tha dome" yet!!!

I'm still laughing...LMAO!!!!

Keith said...

I still buy Peanut Butter- "Jiff"
If it's good for choosey muthas..Then it's good for me.

Sarah Palin?? Who's Sarah Palin??

NFL season is over, true..but now it's time to get excited about the

I knew Gas prices would start easing up as soon as the election was over..I'm not surprised.

I haven't seen anybody on a payphone in years...Somebody get him a Trac phone from the Grocery Store!

Stew said...

that superbowl party looked official.


don't really need gas right now. im happy

i hate valentines day

TravelDiva said...

LOL. I was wondering where you were?

You KNOW Phelps is gonna be a contender this week.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm eating PB&J damn this recall. Though I've had the same PB for like 4 months.

Prez Obama better hear this, he needs to shut down the CEO's getting stock Options thats where 80% of their wealth comes from

dick cheyney is old and crazy.

micheal phelps he's 20 something years old. That's what they do! MOVE ON folks

Miss Mika said...

YAY, he's back!!!

Is it Friday yet?? HEHEHEHE!!!

I saw that -1- posted a blog, but her blog is now by invite only. My feeling were oh so hurt :(

That Super Bowl party looked like it was standing room only! I am sure it was a lot of fun.

I could care less about a Sarah Palin or a Dick Cheyney.

Although gas prices are creeping back up, I'd much rather pay what it is now rather than the close to 5 dollars a gallon it was last year. I still can't believe we had to go through that!

dessex said...

Man I got a friend who claims he been with this girl for 3 years but no one has ever seen her

Angel said...

I still have that friend who gives me all the advice I would ever need about men but she has never had one! lol

Emeka Amakeze said...

First time here but loved it.

xcentricgem said...

The next time ur friend has a party ... Can I come? ...

Even in the coldest weather ... 'One must remain sexy' ... For the record my 'peep toe' season ends in October and starts in April ...

CEO's ... I'm am estatic that Pres. Obama is cutting 83 million dollar salaries down to 500K ... They will find another way to rip folks off (most probable)... divorce is inevitable...

GMA had a story this morning about 'Davis Investment' .. In short ... The owner is a 33 y/o madame whose prostitution ring was busted ... While racking up a whole list of charges she wanted to offer her clients as a part of a plea bargain ... Officials declined because they didn't want to open a can of worms .... Who were her clients? Wallstreet executives spending upwards of 200k per year using CORPORATE CREDIT CARDS .... she, like any other brillant madame, kept maticulous records ... Although their names weren't released ... they are pending federal investigation and felony charges .... I'm really starting to feel like 'The first shall be last and the last shall be first' ...

More Political Atrophy ...
Check this out ... A friend of mine is a real estate agent and recently went to a party. There she met the leasing agt of an apartment complex that her friend lives in. So they began to exchange information and the leasing agent says 'Girl ... they don't even know that we about to close down and demolish most of our bldgs...they've got until July and its a wrap'... So the real estate agent gives her friend heads ^ ... so the leasing agent and tenant end up chatting and the leasing agent spills her guts.
The apt complex owners donated 100K to the mccain campaign with the ensurance that they would get their money back in some way (not necessarily money but in some way) ... Well .. we ALL know how that turned out and not the complex is in foreclosure and under a tax lien...Apts. will be padlocked in July .... and she was an Obama supporter ...

Even more political atrophy ...
Sarah Palin is heading up a Political Action Committee whose mission is to oversee the Democrats ... I suggest that we Obama supporters stop waiting on him to fix this mess alone and get in where u fit in to help !!!

Terrorist attack ... maybe ... Once again the bush administration made promises and didn't keep them ... Darn right .. those ppl are mad .... Anybody seen all the money they took from Sadam's Palace? ....

I'm not a fan of valentine's day ... but, if i were getting what i really wanted ... it would be all access .. vip tickets for the entire weekend to the NBA Allstars !!! Happy Valentine's Day ..

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yea but obama bout to give wall street another 2 trillion next week, shuhhh we aint supposed to know

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
Dude was on the pay phone for a minute. I was surprised to even SEE a pay phone. You know that I had to take a picture!

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
It looks like they are gonna stick it to us at the pump again.

I'm down for the interview at anytime

@ Keisha the Kitten
"How often do you usually eat a PB & J sandwich??"

I usually eat at least 4 PB&Js a week!

@ Brad
Maybe he should change his name to Dickhead. LOL

12kyle said...

@ Kandi Black
"i saw sarah palin on this nice porn the other day...her knockers were the business, trust me..."

OMG!!! LMAO @ U!!!!!!!

@ Smarty Jones
You'll be babysitiing on VDay? Got room for 3 more? Haaaaa

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Thank youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

@ Keith
The NBA is here. No doubt. I'm still gonna miss that "rush" from the NFL. Lakers vs Cavs on Sunday. Should be a great game.

12kyle said...

@ Stew
The party was official! I talked to to the chick in the white (right) for a long time. "Are you married?"

"Ummmmmmmmmmm (long pause)...yes! I am married." LOL

@ Travel Diva
Phelps has to be the winner!

@ The F$%K it List
I agree! Hit em in the pockets...that's where it hurts

@ Mika
I hope -1- comes back. I tried to email her but I think that I have the wrong email address.

12kyle said...

@ dessex
Thanks for coming thru, fam.


@ Emeka Amakeze
Welcome to the 12th Planet Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes!

@ xcentricgem
Palin can run in 2012 if she wants. It doesn't matter. Four years from now she'll be even more clueless than she is right now.

"I suggest that we Obama supporters stop waiting on him to fix this mess alone and get in where u fit in to help !!!" Amen!

@ rawdawgbuffalo
No doubt!

houstonmacbro said...

I agree ... 14 kids is just way too many.

Hadassah said...

Phelps is unfortunate.

I cant wait to watch the grammys and Mary being honored!