Monday, February 16, 2009

mixtape monday

Camp Lo
Luchin (This Is It)

The Roots f/ Erykah Badu
You Got Me

The Firm
Phone Tap

We Gonna Make It

Outkast f/Cee-Lo
In Due Time


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

eclectik said...

Everything but the last song, I rolls witcha.

NBA All Star weekend was kinda lame
They need the old rules back...and make it more appealing to ACTUAL stars like it use to be

clnmike said...

These are some good pick.

I never could get into Jada, and for some reason they like him down here.

12kyle said...

@goooooood girl

Thank you Ms Porn Star! LoL

@ e
The weekend was aiiiight. It could've been much better! I agree...please bring back the ORIGINAL dunk contest!

Jada is nice. I always felt like he carried the Lox

eclectik said...

AND they cheated Nique out of the title vs. Jordan in Chicago

The Jaded NYer said...

first time I saw that Roots video I fell in love with it... and that song is still my fave, but I love the live version they do with Jill Scott- have you heard it?? SOOOOOO good, I promise you!!

Keith said...

Did you know that Jill Scott wrote
"You got me" for the Roots and that she actually sang on the original recording? She didn't have a recording contract at the time and nobody outside of Philly had yet heard of her, so her vocals were removed and the more well known Erykah Badu was replaced as the vocalist. It's a great song and Jill was real classy about it. That could have led to some beef between her the Roots and Erykah Badu..but it never did...As far as I know they all are still fam. That was a pure industry move (ie-mis-step, depending on how you look at it.)

The All Star game was a little bit of a letdown (What did you think?)
but I did kind of dig the slam dunk contest and the Celebrity game. I gotta hand it to him.. T.O
can ball a lil bit.. He was draining threes and running the floor. WHO KNEW?? lolol.

Keith said...
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PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

luchini is STILL my jam!!!

12kyle said...

@ e
I'm a HUGEJordan fan and I will admit that 'Nique was robbed in that dunk contest in '88.

@ Jaded Santana
Yes! I've heard it. I love it, too. I have maaaaad love for Jill Scott.

Speaking of Jilly from Philly...I heard a rumor that she is knocked up...anybody else hear that?

@ Keith
Yes! I'm familiar with that. Badu did well but I think Jill would've been better

The ASG weekend was aiiight. I don't think it was what it used to be. Ironically, I liked the game of H-O-R-S-E. The dunk contest HAS to get better. They need to get rid of the props and teammates. Just let em dunk. Nate Robinson stepped on a dude's back! How can that be counted? If that's the case, Dwight Howard should have jumped off a bed. LoL

@ Keith
Did u peep the porn star? I dunno who she is. She like me! LoL

This song makes me move, too!

The Jaded NYer said...

Affirmative; Ms. Scott is with child... I forgot who the baby daddy is, tho

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
It aint mine! LoL

Keith said...

Yeah, I've seen her on here before.. I wondered who she was and her connection.

Smarty Jones said...

Kyle!!! Man, you know just what will get me right on a Monday!

ShellyShell said...

I love that Roots song. The Firm had a couple of goog jams! Phone Tap had such a hot beat. I still bump this jam!
Jada to me is underrated. I've ALWAYS liked him and felt like he should have left the LOX long before he did. I'm loving his new shyt out!

12kyle said...

@ Keith
We have no connection. LOL!!!!

@ Smarty
'Preciate that!

@ ShellyShell
That beat for Phone Tap was just sick. Dr. Dre killed it!