Monday, December 1, 2008

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape!!!

The D.O.C
It's Funky Enough

Da Butt

The Freaks Come Out At Night

How's It Going Down

The Roots
What They Do

To my football did your teams fare? Mine was bittersweet. My Falcons beat the San Diego Chargers yesterday to improve it's record to 8-4. However my alma mater, South Carolina State University, lost in the first round of the FCS Playoffs to Appalachian State on Saturday. It was a tough loss. Although we were knocked out of the playoffs, we still went undefeated in our conference and we should win the Black College National Championship. Nevertheless, I'm very proud of them and they finished the season with a 10-3 record.


CapCity said...

Am I really FIRST?! I'd like to thank...

LOL! See? staying up late pays off! ;-)

The Jaded NYer said...

Dude, you already know... even with the cops tryna ruin my thrill, the Giants are 11-1.

weapons charges my a$$...

*does the butt in front of local police precinct*


Angel said...

Happy Monday Hun!

dessex said...

Wow...NOT That was the Jam.

My favorite Whodini joint is "Friends".

My Raiders lost to the damn Chiefs. But USC Killed Notre Dame

12kyle said...

@ CapCity
Staying up has it advantages

@ Jaded Santana
The Giants are rollin'! What kinda idiot shoots himself in the leg? He has played his last game as a Giant

@ Angel
Same to you!!!

@ Dessex
I agree. Friends is my joint!

Cant believe the Raiders lost to the Chiefs!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

What?! No estrogen on the list this time!!!???

Mizrepresent said...

YAYYYY Go Falcons!


Dang, i miss DMX! Crazy azz!

Anonymous said...

wow...doin the butt, huh...yea those were the good ol days.

That was my jam..because when that song came on I would....umm, o neva

Anonymous said...

Youve been tagged

visit for more details!!

Keith said...

All of these bring back memories except the DMX joint...I never heard that one...My daughter said- "Dad where you been? That was out when I was in high school, I used to always order that?"
All I could think of then is -"Oh that's why my cable bill was so high then..." Still don't remember that one..It got by me..but It's a
good joint though.

Keith said...


MzInspiredMind81 said...

See Kyle, I need to be sleep(seeing as I just got off work @ 6a) an your mixtape Monday got me hype!

The Dreamy One said...

congrats Kyle.

As you know LSU sucked this year. they pissed me off. I stopped watching in the middle of when they played Florida and havent watched since. Shows my loyalty huh,lol

great songs. I love the roots, dmx, and that old time song Doing the Butt,lol

Happy Monday

Kandi Black said...

i don't do the butt no more...and the freaks come out in the daytime

Big O said...

Football pissed me off cuz i forgot to adjust my fantasy players on turkey day .....Romo got off and i didn't have him playing..... :(

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Nooooo. Not today. LoL

@ Miz
I feel you! I miss Dark Man X, too!

@ Kin'shar
Hahahaha! What would you do?

@ Kin'shar
Ok...i'll check it out

@ Keith
This joint was hot. It came out in like '98. Back when DMX was sane

@ Keith
She's off the chain...ain't she?

@ MzInspiredMind81
Glad to hear that the mixtape gets you going

@ Dreamy
LSU had a rough year. I think it was tough to lose that QB before the season started.

@ Kandi Black
LMAO @ u!!!

@ Big O
Yeah. I have to remind myself of that. Luckily, my roster was set. I got 28 pts from McNabb on Thanksgiving Day.

clnmike said...

E.U. was the ish, and I wasnt even a fan of Go Go like that.

CapCity said...

Loving that Roots joint. da BUTT was such an "embarrassment" to real Washingtonians... EU was cool live - but the fact that that sad representation of Go-Go went national... *sigh as I walk off shakin' my head*

BUT, if U could find some good R.E., Junkyard or Chuck videos THEN u've got somethin';-)