Monday, December 8, 2008

mixtape monday

R U ole Skool??? Enjoy the mixtape!

Jackson 5
Can You Feel It?

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Before I Let You Go

Vanity 6
Nasty Girl

Let's Go Crazy

Al Green
Love and Happiness

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
The Message

To my football headz, how did your teams do? My Falcons lost a tough one to the New Orleans Saints yesterday. But watching the Dallas Cowboys choke made my day! How bout dem Cowboys? LMAO!!!!


dessex said...

first. Gotta love Frankie Beverly. That's my mother favorite song.

USC plays Penn State in the Rose . And let's not talk about the Raiders

Darius T. Williams said...

I love it - I come back to these types of jams! That's what I'm talking about!

Just O said...

the Lions are perfect...lets keep that going. and yeah, the Cowboys did choke.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im down with my homeboy Al Green - classic

The Jaded NYer said...

WOO HOO you did it now with that Maze/Frankie Beverly song...

and you KNOW my Giants, even with a loss, clinched it, right?

*does a happy dance*

The Dreamy One said...

gotta love me some Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!!

ShellyShell said...

Ok. My damn Niners WON!!Yaaaaaayyy we beat the Jets!

Can you feel it. I loved the beat on that song. I thought the video was hot too!

Before I let go. I love that song but when I lived in Richmond no matter what spot you went to they would close the night out to that song!

Let's go crazy! Prince is my all time favorite artist but this isn't one of my favorite songs. I can appreciate it though. It's for people who aren't true Prince Lovers!

Love and Happiness. This reminds me of my mom when I was younger. She would blast this along with countless other songs at 8am on Saturdays to get us up and do chores.

The Message. This is one of the songs that made me fall in love with Hip Hop! Plus if you truly listen to the words and watch the video that ish is real!

Good Choices!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm soooooooooo loving this mixtape!!! I love old school music and I'm an ULTIMATE LOVER of Vanity 6 and Prince (hince, the music currently on my page), so this is right down my alley.

...have me singing Nasty Girl all day...

12kyle said...

@ dessex
USC vs Penn State should be a great game.

Not much that we can say about the Raiders that we already haven't said. LOL

@ darius
Thanks bruh

@ Just O
I thought the Lions would pull it out. They will get one win before the season is over

@ Rawdawgbuffalo
Can't beat Al Green

@ Jaded Santana
I was surprised that the Giants lost but they still won their division

@ Dreamy
I love them too!

@ ShellyShell
I agree. You could really apply the words of The Message to today. I know that nobody had betta not push me today...b/c i'm definitely close to the edge! lol!!!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Thanks! Prince is my dude. I don't care what anybody says about him

I loved Vanity 6. I remember my momma calling them some "stank heffaz". Now...I didn't know what a stank heffa was at that time...but i sure did love it! Bring on alllllll the stank heffaz! lmao

Mizrepresent said...

Nice list.

Loves me some Frankie Beverly & Maze! All those ole skool hits--

Anonymous said...

you know you aint partying until the play frankie.....


Anonymous said...

EWWWW, stank

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Dang you went wayyyyy back on this one...But imma give you a high five on the Jackson 5!

Pocahontaz said...

When it comes to VANITY....Im definitely OLD SKOOL...Vanity was the biz back in the day

12kyle said...

@ Miz
Ole Frankie Beverly will get Miz outta her seat, huh? lol!!!

@ Kin'shar
Classic! Pure classic

@ Kin'shar
Momma12 really was playa hatin'! lol

@ Keisha the Kitten
My boy Taf sent that video to me. I had forgotten about the Jackson 5

@ Poca
Does anybody know why they called themselves 6 when it was only 3 of em? LoL

Rashan Jamal said...

I can get with this mixtape. I forgot how much I liked that Can You Feel It video back in the day!

clnmike said...

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly are like the grateful dead they just keep going and going.

R. Fitzgerald said...

Something about Can You Feel It just felt magical, then and now.

Man, I have loved Maze since I was 8. No lie. -- Their music is timeless.

How bout them Gators!!

Miss Mika said...

HAHAHAHAH @ the Raiders and the Cowboys!!!

Sorry Dessex, I couldn't help myself.

I love me some Prince! That one and Love and Happiness.... classics I tell ya!!

Keith said...

Frankie Beverly, Al Green..Now that's Soul Music...and I love Prince. Grandmaster Flash was the truth wasn't he?

My Eagles came through and stung those Giants...but the Giants clinched the division. The one time I root for the Cowboys and they choke to the Pittsburg Steelers at the last minute.

My boy Oscar De La Hoya got his
a%$ kicked...glad I didn't bet on that fight.Can't wait to see it on HBO this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....Frankie Beverly and Maze will FOREVER be my ish!!!! I get so hype every time I hear that song!!!

Correction: losing by a touchdown does NOT constitute my 'Boys choking! Thanks!

12kyle said...

@ Rashan
I think that song dropped when Mike was at his peak. He could do no wrong. This was before his was messing with lil boys. LOL

@ clnmike
I'm not even sure when was the last time they dropped an album. They prolly just keep singing the classics like this when they go on tour. And they are still making money!

@ Rich
Those gators were pretty impressive. Can't front on Tebow. He has put that team on his back

@ Mika
People can say what they want about the Purple One. He always made hot music...and he always had a hot chick. LMAO!!!

@ Keith
I missed the fight but I heard Oscar got a classic ass whuppin!

@ mzinspiredmind
I say that Dallas choked b/c they blew a 10 point fourth quarter lead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and vids. Glad 2 see there are other Vanity 6 fans out here!