Wednesday, December 10, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

first and foremost...gotta say happy birthday to my 2 year old son, brandon. this lil dude runs our house. i've never seen such a determined little boy. he definitely has his own mind and is determined. wonder where he got that from? lmao. daddy loves you brandon.

why do people say..."well, me personally...?" how can you say the word me...then say personally? that's the same thing.

contrary to popular belief...white people do get ashy

contrary to popular belief...all black people can't dance.

i can dance

they sentenced oj simpson to 9 to 33 yrs in prison. i don't think he'll see the light of day again. dummmeeeeee

i think he would have got less time if he would have cried. i mean...cried to the point that he had snot running outta his nose.

not only will obama have to give up his blackberry but he can't smoke squares (cigarettes) no more! i know that's gotta be tough on him but we need him healthy for the next 8 yrs

wonder if he smokes newports? that was like the cigarette of the black man when i was growing up.

i'll bet dubyah was smokin sumthin!

lauren london...lauren london...lauren london
i'm really feeling the series "unsung" on tvone. very entertaining programming. far cry from the bs that you see on bet

bet is a joke

name one blogger who you'd like to hang out with

i like the fact that we know nuffin about beyonce and jay z's marriage. it ain't none of our business

three more weeks left in the nfl's regular season. it's gonna be off the chain!!!

quick poll...if you are going outta town for are you traveling...plane, car, bus, or footz? lmao

ever notice how some people "borrow" stuff and they have it so long that you have to "borrow " it back?

why do women say one thing...and mean something totally different?

why do men say everything and mean nuffin!?!

ever notice how when somebody dies of aids, people always wanna know "how they contracted the virus."

Why do you care? They are gone.

regina king...regina king...regina king

i miss the wire

i love black people

the last thing that we need for is our people to show out in dc next month.

those erectile dysfunction commercials crack me up.

who wants a 4 hr erection? lmao!!!

i'm definitely gonna skip the office christmas party. i don't wanna be around those fools as they talk about work all night.


The Dreamy One said...

love unsung that is my show!!

Some officers at my job are very ashy, LOL

OJ, karma is a bytch!!

Hate Christmas parties!

Love to hang out with Diva!!

Happy BD to the baby!!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Awww, happy birthday to the beautiful boy *smiles*

LOL at OJ crying!!!!!

I would love to hang out with QQ...that would be wild and fun!

I'm not going out of town for Christmas, but I'm leaving on the 26th to Dallas via plane (Delta Airlines with their high ass baggage fees for the holidays)

People want to know how AIDS patients died because we want to know apply a sexual orientation on them...messed up, but true.

I will be in DC, and I will keep it classy and cool (*yea*).

If its not those commercials, its the itchy vagina commercials that make me laugh.

Angel said...

Brandon is CUTE! Happy Birthday to him

I'm going to my office party its on the 19th and starts at 13.30 and last year ended at 3am! (You know how certain people love their alcohol)
Lots of horror stories came out of it, including x sleeping with x and x going home with x and x doing a strip tease and so on and so fourth.
Someone even fell down the stairs and broke their teeth. Anyway I can tell you I wont be there any later than 5pm.

Oh and they don’t get ashy, I call it crusty….lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brandon. He's adorable.

I definitely know some black people who can't dance.

OJ is a fool. That's karma for ya.

BET is just stupid.

I'd want to hang out with Darius and have him cook me dinner.

I wish I was going outta town for christmas, but I'll be home with the fam.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Happy Birthday Brandon......God bless you lil man!

"well, me personally" I'm yella but I get super ashy! lol

It's probably better that we don't know much about B and Jayz marriage...Hey, have you noticed that when talking about them people tend to put Beyonce first?..."Beyonce and Jay Z"....Do men get bothered when they get named last in relationships/marriages?

I'd like to hang out with Diva, Mika, and of course my big bro Kyle!

I cut a mean rug in my head...I'm a dancing machine in my mind...I gets my groove on mentally!

Just O said...

Oj got canned for the murders...he had it coming though

And the Wire, that was a hell of a show

I wont be in DC next month, but im rooting for everyone there, go Obama!!

Cherish said...

i cant dance for shyt so i know all blacks cant dance but hell if i wont act a damn fool tryin to

Keith said...

@Happy Birthday to your Little man,

@I don't know when the last time was that I watched anything on Bet.

@ Poor O.J. he should've had better
guys blocking for him...he might have made it out of that casino instead of getting tackled at the door. That's what happens when your offensive line is a bunch of
(fill in the blank with the proper

@I ate one of my father's newports when I was a little older than as sick as a dog. I have never had a desire to smoke a
cigarette or anything else since then..I have never smoked and glad of it. Shame he has to give up his Blackberry. That would kill my daughter and her friends if they had to give up theirs.-lolol

@I love to hang out with You, Rich
and missing blogger Don.

@I feel you on Bey and Jay, we don't need to know about their marriage. They aint askin me about mine.

@ You know I love me some Regina King. And Lauren London aint bad
either. (Thankfully Mrs. Keith doesn't read the comment section of
12th Planet...heh-heh heh)

@ a four hour erection?? Bet nobody calls their doctor if they do have one. They brag to their friends..

@ We already had one office Christmas Party and somebody done already said the wrong thing to some woman and been brought up on charges. (He told her that two of her body parts were especially large and he would like a closer more private look..he also touched
them...He was drunk...So glad that I wasn't there to see that. Dude is in big trouble.)

@My early pick for the Super Bowl is a return by the Giants..They just got it goin on this year.

nikki said...


not all white guys have small penises...i'm sayin, that's what i've heard.

happy bday to lil man!

Eb the Celeb said...

Brandon looks exactly like you

I am going to cry when the NFL is over... fo real... whatever will I do on sundays

I miss the Wire too... and seeing Chris Partlow last night at the concert I went to didn't help at all... I just wanted to run up, hug him, and scream... plz come back

12kyle said...

@ Dreamy
OJ shouldn't have even been around for karma to get him. He should have been on an island somewhere. What a dummy!

Mr. Ashy Officer! haaaaa

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
I heard that Delta's baggage fees are sky high!!!

I agree with you about the AIDS patients death. That's just sad

Have fun in DC! I know you gonna do it BIG!!!!

@ Angel
Of our 3 sons, Brandon looks the most like me. In fact, if you see my baby'd think that we were twins

I don't blame you. There is always a lotta rumors and gossiping after the parties

LOL @ crusty

@ BorednTalkative
I wish I could just take BET off my package

Darius throws down with the food! That dude will have his own food show, soon! LOL

@ Keisha the Kitten
Haaaaa!!! You are silly

I don't think Jay Z should be mad if they mention Beyonce first. I mean...she's gorgeous and he ain't no model. LOL

You know we could hang out!

12kyle said...

@ Just O
OJ had it coming for sure

Man, The Wire was the best series that I've ever seen on tv

They gonna be partying soooo hard in DC

@ Cherish
LMAO!!!! That's funny! U r crazy

@ Keith
You remember how revered OJ was back in tha day??? Man, he was the MAN!!!

LMAO @ you eating a cigarette!!! I couldn't imagine how nasty that was

Regina King came a long way from 227!!!

btw...I've met Rich. He's cooler than a fan. Good dude. Real good dude

@ nikki
Notice how classy it is. It's not cheesy like BET

White dudes penis? *crickets*

@ Eb the Celeb
He does look like me. I guess it could be worse...he could act like me! LOL

Sundays are for church and the nfl! I hate when football season is over

i really do wish they'd bring that show back

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

look at that baby eating his turkey bacon and still cheesin for the camera...he's your twin!

UNSUNG is the hotness!

even tho smoking is so super nasty gross, i don't care if barack smoked monkey knees, he could get it! *oops! was that inappropriate!?!*

oj...goodbye! no one will miss you-idiot!

who wants to know about jay-z and beyonce's marriage? me, personally (lol)...i wish they'd go into hiding for a good 2-4 years

you couldn't pay me to go to dc next month

i miss the wire too :-(

dessex said...

Poor OJ.....I just feel sorry for the kids.

I know plenty of black people who can't dance at all. Just look at Ashanti lol.

Whites....ashy? I gotta see it to believe it.

I want to go to DC....but times are hard.

My job had a Christmas party on Saturday....and guess who didn't go....I don't think anyone went honestly.

I love black people too.

I miss the Wire....I just miss Black shows period.

BET is far from a joke....they are dead! (except for the Keyshia Cole show)....HOLLA

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle,
I'm flying to ATL to hang out with you and Mrs.12.
We might bring the kids this time.(smile)
Then again...maybe not. LOL

Brad said...

I think "me personally" is shortened for "my personal opinion". LOL

Dub said that when he left office he was gonna stop drinking. You mean to tell me he been drinking while on IN office? Isn't the president on the job 24/7/365???? So he was drinking on the job.

I'd like to hang out with you ole Dit. LOL But we've already done that.

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!! Another Sag, yippeee

I love Unsung. How come I was the only one who didn't know Donny Hathaway committed suicide.

I love Bey and Jay...the not knowing is what keeps me tuned in.

I'll be in DC next month and I plan on ACKIN A FOOL

Obama said "he won't light up in the White House" that doesn't mean he won't stand on the balcony for a puff or two. BTW, I think he's a Kool's man.

I have too many chiren to travel for Christmas but if I hit that mega million, its off to Hawaii LOL

I would love to hang out with Durty Mo of "youknowyourdeadazzwrong" She'll make me LOL all night!

clnmike said...

Happy Birthday to your little man.

12kyle said...

He's a big boy! All he does is eat! LOL

even tho smoking is so super nasty gross, i don't care if barack smoked monkey knees, he could get it! *oops! was that inappropriate!?!* YES!!!! Kinda inappropriate. LOL!!!

You wants no part of DC??? I hear ya!

The Wire was the shyt!

@ dessex
so true! Ashanti can't dance at all!!!

I've seen some ashy white folks!

I've never seen Keyshia Cole's show but i heard that she's got some ghetto family members

@ LRenee
You know that you are always welcome. Just lemme know when y'all are coming down.

@ Brad
Look at how he handled the last 8 yrs! That goes to show you that he was drinking on the job

LMAO! We do need to kick it again, bruh

@ Pigskin Loving Lady
*raising my hand* I didn't know that Donny Hathaway had committed suicide either.

I could see Barack smoking a Kool

Hawaii sounds soooo good right now!!

@ clnmike
Thanks bruh. We're gonna have a lil party for him here at the crib

ShellyShell said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! What a cutie!

OMG...some white people get crazy ashy!

There are a lot of black folks who can NOT dance!

OJ is a straight dumbazz.

When I was really little I remember black folks smoking Kools. Then it seemed like everyone switched to Newports!

I never watch TVone. I heard it was much better than BET(which I don't watch either)!

I'd like to hang out with you Kyle!!

I really don't care about Jay or Beyonce. Matter of fact I'm sick of seeing and hearing her azz! Although J has a new song out...."Brooklyn Go Hard" haha it's hot!

I'm flying(Jet Blue) to my parent's house on Christmas eve!

My counsin does that dumb shyt of borrowing and NEVER returning then I go to his house and have to "borrow" my own shyt!

Women just like to!

I asked for a video camera for X-mas so I can record a lot of the foolywang that's going to go on in DC!

Our office party is weird. It's almost like you have to's frowned down if you don't show up. Plus it's on a Wednesday from 7-10..You can't bring a guest, spouse nothing! Thank goodness I'm cool with a few people. I go get my few glasses of wine and grub then leave!

4 hour erection!! LMBAO...someone wants it!

Miss Mika said...

Happy Birthday to your mini me. Such a cutie.

No comment in regards to OJ other than DON'T DROP THE SOAP!!

I wish I could be in DC next month... but I am already knowing Christmas is going to leave me high and dry. This is one of those times I wish I lived on the east coast.

I'd love to meet Ms. Wright in person. She seems so chill and our thought process is very similar when it comes to writing styles.

I love TVOne and BET J... channels for grown black folks.

Great randomness. I hope that you enjoyed your birthday bruh and that your son enjoys his.

xcentricgem said...

Brandon ... He's gorgeous ... as is his Mother .... LOL .. Nah .. he looks like you !! Happy Birthday Brandon...

I think I'm guilty of saying 'me ... personally' ... I say it because I want people to understand that I am speaking only for ME ... sometimes u have to STRESS that u're speaking on ur behalf only !!

Jay-Z and Beyonce
Don't think for one minute that Beyonce is NOT talking about her relationship ... she always does ... U need to read some of the lyrics from 'I am Sasha Fierce' ... 'Broken-hearted Girl, Satellites, and a couple more that darn near put me to sleep because I've never been in love like her ... Maybe its a shame that I can't relate ... but hell, if the man that I loved had money like 'J' I'd 'Ring the Alarm' too .. But currently .. There is no need and now that I think about it … that is unfortunate.

Women say exactly what they mean … Men just don’t listen … and if they listen .. They don’t hear.

Men say everything and mean nothing because they are already thinking ‘No matter what I say … its gonna be wrong’ ….

I don’t know that people want to know how the individual contracted the virus as much as they want to know WHO they contracted it from …

I’m going to the inauguration and I’m really concerned that people will c dubyah and get to actin up so bad that it will become a mess !!!!

I think my favorite commercial is mirapex … that drug causes uncontrollable urges to gamble and participate in sexual escapades … I suggest everybody get a script and when you get the urge to wil out … have it filled and blame it on the pills ….

The funniest thing about all of those commercials is that when the narrator is ‘whispering’ the side effects … he mentions all sexual side effects first … organ failure next and death last ….. I think number 3 is most important …. In my medical mantra ‘Ain’t no money in healing’ ….

And back to J and Bey … He is the ONE thing that she cannot have in the manner that she wants so that provides a challenge for her … If she would entice him enough to have him follow HIS Rule 99 (Always Stay On Her Mind) … She could reach the part of J that she has desired for so long …. Does he love her .. Yes … Will he hurt without her … yes …. But hey … after you’ve had the ‘hottest chick in game’ … U know how u guys get …. The thrill is gone.

Leon Basin said...

You got a beautiful baby boy... :)

Mizrepresent said...

Awe, your son is adorable, Happy B'day to him!

I'd love to hang out with 12kyle again, lol, and Keith!

R. Fitzgerald said...

name one blogger who you'd like to hang out with

You and all these rules - LOL

Keith, but you make the list as well since we didn't get to kick it as much when I was last in the ATL.

You know my actual list would look like a party invite.

R. Fitzgerald said...

and definitely ClnMike.

Charles said...

I miss the wire too...

From what I read on, OJ and other dude got time, but the other codefendants got nada...what kinda ish is that...

Happy bday to your boy too...he's gonna be runnin thangs...

The F$%K it List said...

Happy Birthday Lil Man!

Oh man when I saw OJ apologize at work, I was torn between laughter and sadness.... dumb ass

I am going to my christmas party, folks are counting on me bringing sexy back hehehe

I'll be in my fine city for the holidays! And I am on vacation so YEAHHHH! 2 weeks off!

"The Booga Wooga" said...

Hi Brandon,

Even though it is way past my bedtime, my Pop-Pop told me about your special day... so, me and Grammy decided to drop by and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you! You are going to enjoy being 2 years old, just like I did. I'm going to be the big 3 on January 24th and I can't wait (smile)!

The Jaded NYer said...

what a cute baby!!!!!!!

you know Obama don't smoke no newports... he went to an ivy league school, dammit... he smokes WEED. lol

I wish we didn't have to know ANYTHING about JayZ and Beyonce. At all.

ewww- 4hr erection? nah, man, you need to leave; I got sh*t to do in the morning...

Anonymous said...

hahaha, first I gotsta say..."TWINS"...he looks like you but wait...your birthday just oh neva mind...

anyway, this post had me cracking up...

I understand that white/black thing...but hmmm not put much thought into that...

They added time on for Nicole

hahaha, Obama will be around trust me, its not the squares he needs to worry about its them damn terrorist that dont like us anyway..but now were

I cant just name one......ummm

I dont care about their marriage

not travel....:(

You know whats more fugdup...she had my silver bowl so long that she really thought it was hers..." I had this bowl for a long time". B***H please cos you never returned it...hmpt!!

I dont know who would want a 4 hour erection...but I could use a one hour one....haha

Hey I love the office parties... I get to bring ish home to the kids...

take care "Kyle"

Darius T. Williams said...

Boy - you're hilarious.

Well, me personally - I think you're funny!

Anonymous said...

Your son is the spitting image of you!

Office Christmas parties are retarded....all they do is talk about work and you ain't getting paid. Or they get drunk off their asses. Trifling.

Blogger I wanna hang with? MzInspiredMind & SuperDave VanBuren.

I don't watch much tv so I have no idea what 'Unsung' is....might have to check it out.

I miss The Wire, too.

Opinionated Diva said...

happy birthday to the baby!!!

i was going to skip the office party, but i'm glad i went. i had a LOT of fun...too much fun - and nobody talked about work.

i can't name just one blogger, i'd like to hang out with...too many on that list...i'd feel bad about naming just one.

i do watch american gangster on's the only show worth watching.

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
I agree. Kools were the brand back in the day. Everybody that my parents knew either smoked Kools or Virgina Slims.

You should check out TVOne. Great programming.

Noooooo man wants a 4 hr erection. LMAO!!!!

@ Mika
I'm with you about OJ...he better not drop the soap. Somebody might try to "get their rep off OJ" lmao!!!!

BET J is very good and very underrated. I like that station

Thanks again, sis. We both enjoyed our days.

@ xcentricgem
I give Beyonce props for keeping most of their business to themselves. That's the way that it should be.

Women say exactly what they mean … Men just don’t listen … and if they listen .. They don’t hear. haaaaa! huh...what did you say? lmao!!!

blame it on the pills???? ohhh lawd! you are hilarious

@ Leon Basin
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like bad traffic.


@ Miz
We must hang out again...sooner than later!!!!

@ Rich
It was good hangin out with you bruh. We've definitely gotta do it again!

@ Charles
It was a set up. I know that OJ isn't a street dude...but anybody could've seen it coming. He's a dummy. They set him up but he fell for it. We wouldn't have!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
When I saw OJ's apology, I laughed. LOL. Was I wrong?

2 weeks off??? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

@ "The Booga Wooga"
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like a stray cat!


@ Jaded Santana
Weed? LMAO!!! I can see it!!!!

If he had a 4hr wouldn't want him to stay? lmao!!!!

@ Kin'shar
Yes. Our birthdays are a day apart.

I hope you got your bowl back??

LMAO @ 1 hr

@ Darius
LOL!!! Thanks bruh!

@ Ieisha
I feel the same way about our christmas party. That's why I won't be in attendance.

Check out'll like it

The Wire was the best thing since sliced bread

@ OD
I know you'd wanna hang with Queen!

American Gangster is a good show.