Wednesday, December 3, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

plaxico burress!!!! don't think i wasn't gonna get at you! what kinda man shoots his OWN damn self in the leg by accident???? i dunno. not kyle.

if you feel the need to carry a gun in a club b/c you "fear for your safety"...then maybe you should stay your ass out of the clubs??

taking a gun in club? c'mon bruh. you just signed a $35 million contract. and you wanna pack heat? please explain why???

whose bright idea was it to put lil wayne in the new lebron james sneaker commercial?

feels good to the mailbox and don't see a bill

i'm a lil disappointed in obama. i thought that he'd call me and appoint me to his cabinet. i've been waiting by the phone. damn...

i love twitter

i realized how real twitter was when i got read messages from people who were stranded in the hotels in mumbai. they were sending messages to each other letting the world know what they were seeing. scary

sarah pale-lynn is thinking about writing a book. that's a scary thought

"see sarah. see sarah run. see the maverick. see alaska. hooray!"

gas is at $1.52...i still don't understand why or how long this will last

do you bail out the big 3? do you give money to companies that have wasted billions of dollars every year? that's like giving an alcoholic a beer.

sharon leal...sharon leal...sharon leal

just heard the new's smokin'. 'face never disappoints me.

speaking of music, why didn't y'all tell me that kanye had a new cd out? i guess i'm behind the times. just copped it via "secondary marketing"

black friday came and went. i stayed away from the malls

the ny knicks are paying stephon marbury 21 million not to come to work!!! i wish somebody would pay me not to come to work

i think it's corny when you see a man and a woman eating at a booth in a restaurant and they are sitting next to each other...and not across from each other

do you hold hands with your spouse, man/girl, boo, public? what about kissing?

less than a week before i turn 36...looking forward to it

kim fields

step outside...breathe...and you see your breath. that's cold weather. i love it

wonder if it's harder to find a good man than it is to find a good woman? (i know what ya'll gonna say. lol)

big ^ to pretty black. get that degree!

welcome to the crew...Nikki ; MzInspired Mind ; and last but not least my boy Russell...(aka rezidl aka 3rddeadline aka lou diamonds). he's commented on this blog for 10 years. and he never had a blog...until now

how bout dem cowboys? lmao!!! y'all might not make the playoffs.

if you made new years resolutions for this year and you didn't do any of em...don't make any resolutions for ' 09

this year flew by. glad it's almost over

gimme a tight beat and a dope rhyme and um str8

they announced that we've been in a recession since last december! really??? say word??? i never knew that! you need help packing up yo shit? if so, hollatchaboi

queen latifah...queen latifah...queen latifah

these people around here really get serious about their christmas lights

the office christmas party has been moved back to dec 13. i'm still not going. actually, i wanna go just to see who will get drunk and make a fool of themselves. but i really don't wanna be around those suckaz

it ain't cool if you are 30 yr old dude with 20 pair of air force ones but you don't own 1 suit

maybe this lottery numbers will come out just right for me. maybe.

why do fools park their cars sideways and it takes up 2 parking spaces?

a bum asked me for a penny the other day. i thought that was creative. if he asked for a dollar, then you can easily say no b/c we don't always have dollars. but we all can get our hands on a penny.

here's a dime. beat it.


Kandi Black said...

smh @ poor plaxico...its not even worth me going into to...its just sad and pathetic

lmao @ at "see sarah run"...u silly for that one...

poor bf is gonna be so

aye, but when we gone get some b-ball discussion going...u know my boys (the lakers!) are doing kinda decent

Queen of My Castle said...

You picked really beautiful women this time around.

I don't do the whole PDA thing, and I hate to see people engaged in full on groping and tongue down each other's throats. Get an effing room.

Russ has a blog? Word? LOL

I wish Sarah would sit that ass down somewhere...seriously

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Kanye's CD is soooooo good!!! He is by far my favorite artist!

Sarah Palin is such a joke!!

I just can't get into Twitter, but maybe I should.

Love your off the dome posts!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen quite a few blogs talking about Plaxico, I had to go look him up. I still don't understand how you shoot yourself in the leg by accident. Don't guns have a "safety" mechanism? What he couldn't hire bodyguards to protect him?

I never really checked out Twitter.

I don't do the whole kissing in public thing. I may hold hands, but that's as far as it goes.

I think it's equally hard to find a good man/good woman. The fucked up ones always ruin it for everybody else.

I don't make new years resolutions anymore. I never stuck to them anyway, so it made no sense.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

don't hate on folks who sit by each other in restaurants...

plaxico...what do you expect from a guy named PLAXICO!?!? in the ever-so-clever words of dave chappelle/rick james..."they shoulda never gave you n____s money!"

i'm starting to question your "lady" picks...hmmmmmm

Opinionated Diva said...

Before a few days ago, I didn't even know who Plaxico was. Now I'm sick of hearing about him. Even Mayor Bloomberg had something to say...where was his smart azz comments when Eliot Spitzer was busted??? Clearly Plaxico is his own worse enemy.

I stayed away from malls for Black Friday too...this is rare for me...must be coming down with something.

LMAO @ here's a dime...beat it!

Just Jasmine said...

Yeah Plaxico is a jackass for that one

lmao @ see sarah run, whatever happened with that black kid who was claiming to be her grandchild's father?

PDa is great. sometimes. not full on pda. tongue down face is disgusting. I witnessed a guy have sex with a woman on a crowded train. now thats pda

Cherish said...

damn gas is still 1.99 here.

12kyle said...

@ kandi black
it's not looking too good for the cowboys. they still have a shot at the playoffs but they've got some tough games ahead of them. this week they play pittsburgh!

@ Queen
Don't i pick beautiful women every week??? lol

yes!! Russ has finally created a blog!!! Check it out

Thanks! I'm listening to the Kanye cd right now. It's different...that's for sure. But then is Kanye. LOL

Twitter is fun. You'd like it.

@ BorednTalkative
If I was making that kinda loot that he is...I'd definitely have security with me.

lmao!!! you're right. a bad man/woman can spoil it for all of the good ones

12kyle said...

lmao @ you!!! That thought about what Chappelle said has crossed my mind several times this year. A fool and his money shall soon part

you don't like my lady picks? i mean...i can go get some "video skanks" if you'd like? lmao!!!!

@ OD
I think Bloomberg was grandstanding! Where was his ass when those cops killed Sean Bell???

You know I don't give bums money...but dude impressed me with that one. hahahahaha

@ just jasmine
the black kid who was claiming to be the baby daddy to sarah pale-lynn's grandchild was a hoax. he came clean shortly after they lost. he did admit that he had sex with her, tho.

sex on a train? ohhh lawd!!!

@ Cherish
don't's coming down!

xcentricgem said...

Plaxico Burress .... unfortunate !! However, the Prison system has the best artist, athletes and businessmen known to man ...

mailbox no bills .... GREAT ... cking my online bill pay ... SURPRISE ... SURPRISE !!

Lil Wayne ... I wonder what he takes for a cold ... surely cough syrup doesn't work ...

Recession: A recent survey showed that couples are having MORE SEX because of the recession ... Amazing ... for me my libido is tied to my cking acct which is tied to the stock markets which is tied to the economy ... DROUGHT ...

I'm not into public displays of affection ... or private one's for that matter .... i just ask that if u're going to dress alike ... use only matching COLORS ... not outfits ...

I think its hard to find both a good woman and a good man ...

The nerve of them allowing 'dubyah' to pack ... hell, i think he's taken enough !!


L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle
It's been a while. (smile)
now that's corny...LOL
Hey don't knock the couple sitting next to eachother. That my friend is our thing...Besides,it gives you a more intimate connection. Try it next time. What I really want to know is what has been the most liberating moment in your life? Hit up the blog and let me know.

Anonymous said...

well to be honest with you my sons father shot himself in the penis at work. Can you imagine the headlines in the paper the next day....It was so hilarious

Damn..I Must be getting your bills. Cos Im piled high ova here.

Whats corny about sitting next to each other...I like to touch my boo. So he needs to sit next to me (^_^)

Pocahontaz said...

Hey Kyle,...I heart your off the dome post....I love showing PDA when Im out with the hubby..its natural for us.

Anonymous said...


ShellyShell said...

Plaxico is a jackass! I've gone to LQ's for happy hour..he didn't even need to carry a piece in there or at all! Dude you make 7-10mil a yr..hire a damn body guard! Dumb ass...he deserves everything coming to him! I'm tired of these players doing dome ass shyt! Stephen A. Smith wrote a good piece on it yesterday for it out!

Steph is a dumb ass too! But shyt he's sitting his ass at home getting PAID! NO one is going to pick him up cause of that big ass contract! The Knicks ard dumb asses too!

I think it's hard for both men and women to find a good person! You got any friends? LOL!

I make resolutions and stick to a few but I promised myself that I was going to read the entire Bible in 09. In the back of my Bible it explains to you how to read the Bible in 360 days! I think I would feel to guilty to not follow thru on this!

Cheapest I've seen gas in BK is $2.14! I stil have the same tank of gas in my car from when I filled up on Oct.18! LOL! I really don't drive!

I can't stand sitting on the same side as my man or date! I would rather look you in your eyes! I went on a date that insisted on doing that and it pissed me off the entire date...needless to say he didn't get a second date with the kid!

Dubya shouldn't be allowed to pack shyt!

Recession...the way I've been spending money you would think this country is prospering!

Rezidl said...

Chocolate Boy Wonder, I just happen to peak in here, and you are talking about me.

Sarah Pahlin's quote is hilarity to me.

Go ahead and give Mrs. 12Kyle some public love, she'll appreciate it.

Marbury needed more money to finance production for those $20 kicks he's hocking....

nikki said...

LMAO@"here's a dime, beat it!"

plaxico...first he's named after a prescription drug for this. *smh*

sarah palin won the election for chamblASS here in georgia. that's saying something, and what it's saying ain't good.

okay, last time i was on a date, we sat on same side of booth. i think it's a requirement during that all important "it's romantic cuz we're together" phase.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

"Fear for your safety" then stay at home!! If ignorance was fatal...

See Sarah Run...HOME!!! HA!

I stayed home on Black Friday too, funny how that is the only thing with "black" in it that people look forward to

I enjoy holding hands or walking arm in arm. But, I rarely kiss in public.

I HATE it when people sit side by side in booths. More romantic my foot, you would be pissed if they sat another couple across from you, right?

I LIKE to look my date in the eyes, it tells me a lot about them. Especially if they have great eyes...(sorry, went there :)

I think it is equally hard to find a good man or a good woman. Society just doesn't value that anymore.

12kyle said...

@ xcentricgem
Good point about Lil Wayne and cough syrup. You could probably cut him and cough syrup would come from his veins.

The recession is tied to an increase in sex? Word? Maybe that explains why I know more than a handful of couples who are currently knocked up. LOL

lmao @ you about dubyah! that's funny...and true!

@ LRenee
I know that I taught your hubby better than that! LOL. I see where you're coming from. I'd just prefer to sit across from my date

just checked the blog out. good topic

@ Kin'shar
awwwwww dayyyyuuummm!!!! I feel for him. How did that happen? Hopefully, he didn't break it! lmao!

why can't your boo sit across from you and touch you? lol

@ Poca
I hear ya! Look at you with your "school teacher" pose!

@ Kin'shar
Got the tag! Post coming soon!!!

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
I gotta check out Stephen A Smith's article

I think the Knicks have really mishandled this whole situation

Maybe your spending will help stimulate the economy. lol

@ Rezidl

No public love. I'll leave that for behind closed doors

I'm still wondering why Marbury has that tattoo on his head? What a joke!

@ nikki
plaxico is a drug for herpes??? lmao!!!

i saw pale-lynn campaigning for chambliss. if she helped him win, that's a scary thought for the people in this state

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
That fool could have easily shot himself...or somebody else!! I'm wondering why the club even LET him in the club with a gun

Publically, arm in arm? Awwwwww...aint that sweet!

Maybe it's just me but doesn't it look awkward?

Just O said...

Plaxico...the coon cheddar Bob...lmao

R. Fitzgerald said...

I could comment on all of these, but I'll just say the ladies are lovely as usual, I agree with every opinion you have and off tha dome is like that.

Keith said...

I would comment on Plaxico, but I wrote a whole post about his dumb stupid ass...

@Sarah Palin writing a book?? Wait,can she read a book??lolol..She was in town yesterday,I
actually saw her from a distance..
Something to tell my grandson about..Yeah, I saw Sarah Palin and missed Barack Obama all in the same day..(He was in Philly addressing the Governors Meeting.)

@Kanye's Cd had to grow on me..I didn't like it at first..Although I
do love "Love Lockdown" ,that's my

@Mrs. Keith and I do hold hands in public. She's not into much more than that in public.She's Like Queen of My Castle on that one.

Poor Cowboys...If my Eagles weren't doing worse, I could actually gloat a little bit.

Sharon Leal is da bommmmmmmmb!!!!!

If I was making the kind of Money
Plaxico is making, I don't even think I'd be going to any clubs..The club would come to me..the privacy of my own home.

@Kinshar-lolololol- He shot himself in the penis??? OMG, What is wrong with these guys and guns..
can they spell S-A -F-E-T-Y?? As in
the safety should be on when not in use...????

The F$%K it List said...

Plaxico is a damn fool, I don't know why these NY athletes have to act like Manhattan is the wild wild west!

UGH NY Knicks, I love and hate you. Steph I'm leaning towards hating you. MAN UP!

PDA is for suckers, haha just kidding my hubby and I will hold hands.

Sarah who?

Miss Mika said...

OMG, when I heard that mess about Plaxico, I immediately thought about Cheddar from "8 Mile".

That would have been something I would have tried my darndest to keep to myself.

Gas is $1.52 there??? I am just happy that I can fill my tank up with less than 30 dollars. Its great putting money on the pump and then having to go back and get change!!!!

Kim Fields has aged so gracefully.

I can't stand Kanye...


TravelDiva said...

Hey Kyle,

LOL, you know who the joker of the week is. Hands DOWN!

CapCity said...

Since i don't do sports never heard of plaxico 'till all this b.s. Why Didn't he have a PAID Body GUARD if he felt the need for protection? The elders warned me that money don't buy sense!

"...i think it's corny when you see a man and a woman eating at a booth in a restaurant and they are sitting next to each other."

I LOVE being UP undah my boo! Yes, I'm a public affectionista! So, Call me corny then! But - I'm used to being called: Corny, weird, etc. And I no longer CARE! Nah! *u know i'm doing that corny li'l rascals move with my thumbs in my ears & wigglin' my fingers while stickin' my tongue out atcha, 12K* LOL!!

Ummm, do u think it's corny when a woman sits on her man's lap in public? I does that TOO! ha haaa!

Anonymous said...

well they did another John Bobbitt thingy. They sewed it back on...and he managed to make another 15 children. I think God was telling him enough already.

Well I could sit across and touch...but something you cant do waaaaaaay ova there. I like to cuddle most times.

Anonymous said...

@ least until my food comes...then Im like Luda...get the f**k out my way....LOL

12kyle said...

@ O
When I heard this...that's what I thought! LOL

@ Rich
'Preciate it bruh!!!

@ Keith
I agree. Why go out and party. Bring the party to you. That way you can control what happens

@ The F$%K it List
Steph is outta there. They are discussing a contract buyout...while he sits at home! LOL

@ Mika
I've listened to Kanye's cd again and he lost me with this one. I dunno where he's going

@ TravelDiva
YES!!!! Give it to him!

@ CapCity
Sitting on laps is jusssssst a bit too much! LOL

@ Kin'Shar
Dayyyyyum! I feel for the dude.

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