Wednesday, November 26, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i get ticked off when i hear people talk about how athletes are thugs, trouble makers, spoiled, etc. while the stories about the bad boys make headlines. a story like myron rolle's goes unnoticed. take a second to read about this kid. he's a star on a top 25 team and he's graduated in 2 years. and he just earned a rhodes scholarship!!!!!

black friday is almost here. how many of y'all will be running to the stores to get the best "deals"?

when they say something is "50% off"...i always ask..."it's 50 percent off of what?" To me, that sounds like the item was over priced and they lowered the price just to suck you in.

four words that a guy never wants to hear..." my period is late."

four words that a woman never wants to hear..." i slept with her."

i think tupac's downward spiral came after he took that role in the movie juice. i think he was hellbent on trying to prove that he was somebody who he wasn't

amy winehouse is back in the hospital. her spokesperson says that it may be due to an allergic reaction. yeah...riiiiiiiiiiite!

i read an article from some dude who suggested that obama should skip the inauguration festivities and get to work. huh? no party? are you kiddin me??? we have a black president!! we gon party!!!! beleeee dat!!! we don't know if and when it'll happen again. i plan to party like it's 1999

ten years from now...we'll wonder why we let t pain have a voice in music.

i'm impressed with how obama is handling his business right now

these next few weeks of college football will be interesting. they need a playoff system. there will be 2 or 3 teams that will be left out this year and that's sad.

shame on the philadelphia eagles for benching donovan mcnabb after 2 quarters in the game last sunday. i've always said that they've never appreaciated his talents. it's time for him to move on to another team.

taraji henson...taraji henson...taraji henson

3 things that all men want from women...good food, good conversation, good sex (maybe not in that order but y'all feel me)

3 things that all women want from men...umm....well...they want more than 3!!! lmao!!!!

i think if you're a single male or female and you're over 30 and you can't cook...that's a problem!

gas is at $1.69...i can't believe it

why did george bush pardon john forte???

maybe bush should pardon himself b/c there were a ton of crimes committed over these last 8 yrs.

jada pinkett...jada pinkett...jada pinkett

why do people kiss dogs in their mouths? if that ain't slack...then you tell me what slack is!

do you have that family member that you see during holidays that fall under the 10 minute rule? that means that you can only deal with em for 10 mins and then you're ready for them to leave.

ask a white co-worker if they've ever had a black person over for dinner. wait for their response.

the more that i listen to them talk about the bailout...i'm convinced that they don' t know what the hell they're doing!

there was a fight at the hip hop dirty awards. who cares?

will somebody please tell me who shawty lo is? i live in atlanta i still dunno who he is. lmao. is he down with the "lil's or the young's"

these rappers are too old to be called lil or young. wayne ain't lil. jeezy damn sure aint young

maybe i'm just too old for these greenhorns. gimme some nas, jigga, or rakim and i'm good. you can keep the microwaveble stars.

kenya moore...kenya moore...kenya moore

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Anonymous said...

I love these random posts. Keeps me entertained when I'm supposed to be working.

What's "black friday"? Is it the after thanksgiving sales?

They really need to just lock Amy in a padded room and leave her there.

I'm not touching those "3 things" comments.

I feel physically sick when I see people kiss their dog in the mouth. That's just nasty!!

dessex said...

won't see me in the malls on black friday. I will pass.

I hate shawty lo. He kept saying They know....but I don't know lol.

Yes they do need a playoff. I just hope somehow someway USC makes their way into the Championship game.

Yes...Men loves those 3 things. Ladies take notes lol. I'm just serious.

Can't sleep on Jada.

What the hell is the dirty awards anyway. You are right who cares.

Obama is handling his biz. He is showing the world that he is not playing!

eclectik said...

You didn't know Geogr Bush was a honorary member of the Refugee camp?

Good choices

Teach me to be as random as you.


Darius T. Williams said...

I love these random posts!

I'm doing some shopping - but not sure how much - lol.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I hope Amy gets off that stuff...I love her CD.

Skip the party?! O' hell naw!!!!

Women want more than three, but it's things that are very important, like honesty, trust, affection, love...a know, the basics.

LMAO @ George Bush pardoning himself!!!

Most of my family falls in the 10 minute rule.

Once again, can I get a bailout?

Keny Moore is very beautiful.

Keith said...

We do need to hear more about the good guys Like Myron Rolle...but,good guys and good news don't sell newspapers..

@Black Friday-Kyle, man, I aint trying to buy a thing if I can help it...but I have to drive my wife and my daughter out to the mall early Friday morning...(I've already been told.)So there I am..
I so envy you..You have a house full of boys ,while I am outnumbered..-lolololol...The little guy is only two, too young to be of any aid to me right now-lolololol.

I feel physically sick when I see people kiss their dog in the mouth.
Then I tell myself..Never eat in their house or behind them..ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Poor Amy-she has such potential..she's throwing it all away.

Ten years from now??? I'm wondering why T-Pain has a voice in music right now.

You're right about the Eagles man-
Philly is a tough town, what can I say?

taraji henson, kenya moore,jada pinkett-oh my...

3 things all men want...I'll take that in any order-lolololol..

Jigga,Nas, Rakim- I feel you.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

who IS shawty lo? really

poor amy...why do so many artists choose to waste their talents on filth? ah well...

i wish i would be out in black friday madness...i don't play that. people get all crazy, pushing & shoving and i don't care WHAT'S on sale, you push or touch me and we have a problem in aisle 9!

you couldn't find a better pic of taraji than that one with the wet dog on her head? LOL

i saw (snippets of) juice last night...smh

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Look at cha..."hollatachboi on Facebook and Twitter"...I told

I so love the fact that gas prices have dropped....I almost did a praise dance at the gas station last week when it only took $20 to fill up my tank...

You won't see Keisha the Kitten in nobody's store on Friday! I have to work at 7am but even if I didn't I wouldn't be out getting "50% off"....NOTHING!



Have a Happy Thanksgiving 12Kyle and the 12Kyle Crew!!!!

b said...

i beg to differ. wayne is lil. waited for an elevator with him once. i'm 5'5 and i could pretty much eat soup off the top of his head.

isn't it plausible that one can be allergic to crack? maybe that's the new term for overdose? "crack allergy."

kissing dogs in the mouth defies logic and reason.

The F$%K it List said...

Black Friday is a must this year.

@boredntalkative..WORD you don't know what that is? I'm shocked.

four words that a woman never wants to hear..." i slept with her." four words a man will hear if he ever said that to me "BE UP Outta here"

Tupac's downward spiral has a name its Suge knight

No words for Wineo, she won't be happy until she is buried.

That dude is crazy. We must celebrate because its going to be a hard 4 years for that man.

T-pain, ten years try ten minutes from now.

3 things that all women want from men...Yeah you real funny 12K. Calling your wife AGAIN!

I think if you are 30 and married and you can't cook something is wrong with you so goes to say if you are single you are afool in my book.

John forte, that man needed a break. First that failure of an album then drugs.... a mess

my cousin's husband can be tolerated for exactly 2 minutes, anything over that he is going to say something STUPID. And we are all going to fall out like we are in a Spike Lee Joint "ARGGGHHHHHHHH"

My colleagues are always trying to get me to come to their houses... No thanks I have a family.
shawty lo? Is he new. I can't anymore with these rappers, *Turning on Public Enemy*

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Happy Thanksgiving Kyle!

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

Black Friday is a trap. They have 5 items at the low, discounted price for 100 people getting up at 5AM. This year I won't even shop on Friday. The stores have been running sales since last week. Didn't know that did you?

Boo @ Shorty, Bush and Amy.
Now Obama, he could get it!

P.S. I'm thankful to know you even if its through the 'net'. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

Charece said...

LOL! You never cease at making me laugh a these random post...Tupacs whole career was him trying to be something he was not if you ask a new blog up check it out!

12kyle said...

@ BorednTalkative
black friday is the tradition of people heading to the stores to do the early christmas shopping. i don't know how it is across the pond...but it's crazy over here.

@ dessex
lmao @ shawty lo

we do love those 3 things, don't we?

obama has hit the ground running. he'll be ready on day 1

@ e
john forte tried to smuggle liquid coke into the usa. are you saying that dubya was down with getting zooted???? lmao!!!

you are the king of randomness!

@ darius
don't shop too much, bruh

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
we're definitely gonna party. the dude who wrote that article prolly voted for pale-lynn

kenya moore is fine. i mean really...really...really fine

@ Keith
i was very impressed with myron rolle! this kid has to make a decision...oxford or nfl??? he can't go wrong either way!

lmao!!! yeah, we outnumber mrs12 here in the house. but you know who runs the house? lmao!

you know they did mcnabb wrong, man. he didn't deserve that. they pulled him from a game that was still close and kolb gets in there and stinks up the joint. i just don't get it. it's time for mcnabb to leave. he'll be better off somewhere else. i can't say the same for the eagles.

@ pcd
shawty lo is a nobody...really!

lmao @ u! i could see you getting ready to throw down on aisle 9!

thanks for stopping thru while on your vacay

@ keisha the kitten
what can i say? i'm a media mogul

working on friday? say word? they should have given you that day off

12kyle said...

@ b
lmao!!!! if you can eat soup off his head then he might really be lil! lol

great point!

dogs are nasty! they lick everything and they lick themselves. there is no reason to kiss them

@ The F$%K it List
keep in mind that boredntalkative lives in london

lmao @ you!!! be up outta here. you are crazy!!!

you know we gonna celebrate. we gonna pop bottles!!!

when you have family like that...they make you happy...when they leave!

@ TravelDiva
Happy Thanksgiving

@ Pigskin Loving Lady
see!!!! you know what i'm sayin' about these "so called sales"

yes! i'm thankful for know you too! you are a true nfl head!

@ charece
i think that's where pac went wrong. if he had been himself...things would have been different. i'm convinced of that.

i'll check out the new post

R. Fitzgerald said...

Kenya Moore - yes sir.

Hate people kissing on dogs, until i met my wife's family I didn't even know black people let dogs inside.

I guess when you grow up in Florida, there is no need for the dog to come in the house.

Yeah, brothers doing the right thing in sports get no real play.

You know doggone well I'm not going to the mall on Friday. I'm already side-eyeing my wife for all these bags she keeps bringing up in here.

The bank bailout, is a hookup. How about they give up those bonuses, private jets, and the like for the good of the company.

Tupac's downfall was wanting to be a Thug as opposed to just a dope artist.

Old school is the only way to go.

Angel said...

Kissing dogs in their mouth!! YUCK as far as I remember dogs don’t have any hands…how do people think that they wash their backsides??

I love your ramdom thoughts!! Hope you are cool x

ShonaVixen said...

ten years from now...we'll wonder why we let t pain have a voice in music - This is so true, this morning, ipod on shuffle and i hear this song 'Chopped and Skrewed'..i couldnt believe it, and Luda even put his voice to stamp that nonsense..and i was mad at myself, how did i get to download this song??..that's limewiring for ya!!

CapCity said...

Ur random posts always inspire me. LOL! AND spread the word that Bloggers' Delight is having a BLOW-OUT Holiday sale - u can shop from HOME! ;-) Check it OUT!

I'm gonna be all UP IN DC partying whether OFFICIAL or NOT on Jan. 20th! Just praying for DRY weather!

PS - I've kissed my share of 2 legged dogs in the mouth! LOL! I toldja I crax me UP!!

12kyle said...

@ Rich
I never understood why somebody would wanna kiss a dog. Just plain nasty!

Lmao @ you side eyeing the wife. I don't blame you. I told mrs12 how I felt about that shopping stuff. I keep telling her..."We are in a recession, son!"

Its funny when you think about it. The auto execs flew on private jets to go to Congress to beg for money.

@ Angel
Dogs wash themselves with their tongues! That's just one of the reasons that you shouldn't kiss em.

Thanks for the luv, Angel! I'm good! Thanks for comin thru

@ ShonaVixen
I've only heard that song once but T Pain is the worst. He stole Roger Troutman's sound.

@ CapCity
You know that DC is gonna be on fiiiiiiyah for the festivities. It will truly be a chocolate city!

Lmao @ u!!! Cap, u r off the chain

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

are ms moore's breats real,,

and them 4 words

the truth

swag_ambassador said...

kenya moore.. kenya moore.. kenya moore!!

LOL, lovin the post man, hope your turkey day went well... YOU KNOW MINE DID!! 34-9!!

clnmike said...

How the hell did john Forte get pardoned?

Im not hating i like dude, but still, could Bush be a hip hop fan?

12kyle said...

@ rawdawgbuffalo
they look real to me!

@ Swag
haaaa! Whussup, bruh. yeah...yeah...the cowboys are back...maybe. lol

@ clnmike
i think forte knew some people in high places.

Kellyx said...

I'm White. Want to come over for dinner? ;) You won't be my first Black guest. :)