Tuesday, December 9, 2008


432 months

13,149 days

315, 579 hrs

454,433,760 seconds

What ever you wanna call it...it all should equal to 36 years. Thirty six years of existence on this Earth for ya boy. And it feels good. Your age is what it is. I'm happy to have seen 36 years and I hope to see a hunnid more years. I feel blessed to be here. Every year I ask for the same thing...a cake and a card. But first...I must give thanks.

Mom and Dad: Thank you for molding me into the man that I am. I couldn't have asked for better parents. Your divorce made me stronger as a person. It warms my heart to see you being friends to each other. Thanks for all the spankings and the lectures...it worked! I can honestly say that you are more not only my parents but my best friends.

Damon and Cara: The best brother and sister that I could ask for. You've always listened to your big brother. I told you both a long time ago to blaze your own trail...and you have. I hope that I set a good example for you.

Eric, Mike, Aja, Tammi, Tara, Marc, Scott, Kori, and Benji: We are cousins only by definition. I say we are brothers and sisters b/c that's how our parents raised us. The bond can never be broken. Let's make sure that our kids grow up and know each other the same way that we did.

Aunts and Uncles: Thank you for the lectures and "heart-to-heart" talks. I love y'all

The Florence Crew: What can I say? We go so far back. So many memories. We'll make some more in a few weeks! LMAO!! Who's got the first round? One love

The SC State Crew: We lived by the creed..."Ballin, babes, and books." And it wasn't always in that order. haaaaa!!! Blood sweat and tears we shed to get the degree...the rings...and in the process, we became men. One love

Lastly...but certainly not least

Mrs12: I dunno how many birthdays that I've had since we've been together. But I'm sure that you'll keep reminding me how old I am. LOL. Thanks for putting up with me 24/7. Love you

Deion, Kameron, and Brandon: You are the best 3 lil boys that any man could have. Daddy loves you and is proud of you.

and finally...

God: Thank you for all of the blessings that you've bestowed upon me. You have truly been good to me. Thank you for allowing me to see this day. I know that you will continue to bless me, keep me, and guide me...each step of this journey. Thank you for everything. Without you there is no me!


aka 12kyle
aka KD
aka KDitty
aka KDizzle
aka Quik 1
aka Randy Floss
aka Joe Rockhead
aka Chocolate Boy Wonder
aka Handz McCoy
aka...well...y'all get the picture!


MzInspiredMind81 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great one!

CurvyGurl said...

Ditto. Do something fun!

clnmike said...

Happy Birthday and many more to you.

Anonymous said...


DAMN, WELL DONT ADD MY MONTHS,WEEK, DAYS,,,,,well you know (^_^) __!!!___!!_!_!(ur cake)

** wishing you many many more..

Angel said...

*Stands up tall and puts on her best singing voice*

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kyle


eclectik said...



Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Hope you enjoy your day. This post was a great read. You are giving me hope for men in the ATL :)


*That was my best Stevie Wonder impersonation*

BTW...where's the party?

Darius T. Williams said...

Awwww - happy birthday - boy - you getting old - lol!

Keith said...


Eb the Celeb said...

some of your nicknames are a lil suspect...things that make you say hmmmmmmm... lmao!

Eham said...

Happy Birthday KDD.... Hope 36 is as good or better than previous years, You deserve it!

Trish said...

May God bless you with tons more.
Enjoy it to the fullest.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...


Happy birthday to you...I pray that God continues to bless, protect, and guide you....You are loved Bro and I wish you the best this year and always!

Rssllthms said...

"Soooo hard, so hard to-be-a- bulllldog, so hard....."

Happy bday, CBW....on to Kickbooty!!!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Happy Birthday 12KYLE!

You are the bestest! And many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Charece said...

Happy Birthday Kyle, u know I gotta shot u out on Facebook too!

Cherish said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

TravelDiva said...

Happy Birthday!!!

laughing808 said...

Happy Birthday!

Sexxy Luv said...


i have 25 one's for you!!!!

make it rain tonight! lol

B said...

Happy biiiiiiiirthday!!!

The Dreamy One said...

Happy BD hon and many more.

Hope you have a blessed BD and spend it with the ones you love!!!

12kyle said...

@ MzInspiredMind81

@ CurvyGurl
You know that I will!!!

@ clnmike
'Preciate it bruh!!!

@ Kin'Shar
LOL!!! I won't do it.

@ Angel
I hear you...all the way from the U.K! Thanks, Angel

@ e
thanks, bruh!

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
I'm not sure where the party is??? I was thinking that there might be a surprise party...but no luck. LOL

@ Darius
You're only as old as you feel. I don't feel old...YET!

12kyle said...

@ Keith
'Preciate it, bruh. I'm tryna have like a hunnid more. LOL

@ Eb the Celeb
Don't be mad b/c you have one nickname

@ Eham
Thanks, cuzz!

@ Trish
Awwww! Thank youuuuuu!!!!

@ Keisha the Kitten
God is riding with me! He's gotten me this far! Thanks for the well wishes

@ Rssllthms
"So hard to be at SC State...(roo roo) Bulldog!!!"

LOL!!! I wish Kickbooty was still around!

@ Miz
Thank you! And you're right...I am the bestest!!! lmao!!!

@ BorednTalkative
Thank you!!!! 'Preciate your wishes from the U.K

12kyle said...

@ Charece
Thank you, lady!!! 'Preciate the luv!!!

@ Cherish
Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!

@ TravelDiva
Thank you!!!! 'Preciate it!!!

@ laughing808
Heyyyyy! Thank you!

@ Sexxy Luv
lmao!!! 25 ones??? that means there's a 70% chance of showers. haaaaaa

@ B
Thanks, B!! 'Preciate the luv!!!

@ Dreamy
Thank you!!!! You know I'll be here with the fam!!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

"Happy Birthday To Ya, Happy Birthday To Ya, Happy Birthdaaaayyyyy!"

-Stevie Wonder

...I know you heard it before, but I'm doing it again...

Happy Birthday Kyle...I got the Patron when you're ready :)

L. Renee' said...

Go Kyle
It's your birthday!
Happy Birthday Big Bruh!!!!

R. Fitzgerald said...

Happy Birthday Bruh. Lifting up a shot of Henny to you. Cheers.

ShellyShell said...


It's your birthday have a party get naked, shake yo booty! LOL

Have a great day!

The F$%K it List said...

I've wished you Happy Birthday all over the net and forgot to stop by your house!

So in true Brooklyn fashion:



Miss Mika said...

Daaaaaaaaaang your old!!!!

Just kidding

Happy birthday big bro. And may you be blessed with 36 more, plus a few extra.

Im curious though... what was it like growing up having your birthday be so close to Christmas? Were you jipped of birthday and/or Christmas presents?

Exhale_Whew said...

Ayyaana dhalota gaarii (Happy Birthday)
Ayyaana dhalota gaarii
Ayyaana dhalota gaarii Kyle
Ayyaana dhalota ka Gammachu’u

Hope you have a Blessed Day!

(Just thought I would share this with the Blog Fam)

~Ms. Moore~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dark Chocolate =)
I miss seeing your face in the place.

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Patron? Word??? I'm there!!!!

@ LRenee
Thanks sis!!!! Much luv to ya!

@ Rich
Here's to you too, bruh. Hope you enjoyed your birthday the other day!

@ ShellyShell
You know you gotta spend ya burfday in ya burfday suit!!!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
Once again...more luv from Brooklyn. Maybe I need to get me a brownstone or somethin?? lol

@ Mika
Heyyy sis! Thanks!

Yes! I've had that happen all of my life. People would say..."do you want a christmas present or a birthday present?" Huh?? I want BOTH!!! LOL

@ Exhale_Whew
awwwwwww!!! Thanks for sharing this with the fam! 'Preciate it

@ Ms Moore
Thanks! I haven't seen you in years!!! We need to hang out. We had some good times working in that crazy place!!!

12kyle said...