Friday, December 26, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Hope that Santa Claus brought you everything that you desired!

RIP Eartha Kitt...the scenes that you had in Boomerang will be forever etched in my memory. Marrrrrrrrrcuuussssssss! LMAO!!

People say "Happy New Year" at the beginning of the year. Does that mean that i can't say "Happy New Year" in July?

Maybe...just maybe...the Detroit Lions will get their first win season this Sunday

I've become more and more impressed with President Obama (love sayin' that) during this transition period.

Obama works out for an hour...every day! I'm impressed! He's leading the nation by example in so many ways.

Wonder if McCain is gonna ride off into the a real maverick?

Maybe Obama will give him a job? LoL

Rita G...Rita G...Rita G
I think they should get rid of all the bowl games that air before New Years Eve. There are far too many bowl games!

Anybody heard the new Jamie Foxx joint? Lemme know if it's good. I'll cop it via "secondary marketing"

Speaking of good that Foreign Exchange. One of the best joints to come out in '08

Just saw Dark Knight for the first time...powerful!!!

Wonder what happened to PM Dawn? LoL

Meagan Good...Meagan Good...Meagan Good
Who eats ice cream in the winter? Not me!

I'd like to see snowfall...just once here this winter

One of the reasons why i don't go up north during the winter...don't wanna get stuck in an airport b/c of the snow

I'm all for family gatherings...but don't come to my house and try to rule the tv. I rule the tv!!

I'm sure that y'all have seen the LeBron James commercial where he throws the white chalky substance in the air and on the crowd. I'ma do that at work on Monday. Just walk into the conference room and throw chalk on errybody!

Ok...i think i've heard enough Christmas songs for one year.

Rosario Dawson...Rosario Dawson...Rosario Dawson...
In a few years, we'll have a house with 3 teenage boys in it. Wonder what that grocery bill will look like?

I guess that's better than having 3 teenage girls in the house. LoL

Can't wait till we have the "sex talk". I'm looking forward to that.

My cousin, Crystal, just returned from Iraq. She made it home just in time to spend Christmas with her 8 kids

Not sure why she has 8 kids...

There is something special about bringing in the new year. Where will you be when '09 comes?

What if the stock market, the credit crunch, the housing market and the economy all take a positive turn on Jan 21?

Dubyah was the worst president in the history of the USA. That HAS to make him feel like crap.

If you ever want to strike up a conversation with somebody...ask them something about their favorite subject...themselves.

RIP Dr. Robert Beauford
It's not often that you can say that you watched a person develop from "Joe Cool" to a doctor. You were 2 yrs older than me when we were at Wilson High but I admired what you did. I was deeply saddened when I learned that we lost you on Monday. 37 yrs old. And just like collapsed and were called home to God. No known sickness or illness. We're only left to mourn your loss. I pray for your wife, 2 kids, unborn child, your mom, and your brothers. We're not sure why God called you home. Maybe HE needed another great doctor in heaven. We're gonna miss you homeboi!


eclectik said...

I desired the top 10

I prefer people DIDNT say Happy New Year at all

Rita G...not bad

Jamie Foxx: Go listen to the first track on the rotation

Dark Knight decent...not better than Iron man though

Hey you leave PM Dawn right where they are...dont go talking them up; I'll get KRS to throw Prince B off the stage again

Meagan has lost it for me...I think Christina Milian jacked her spot in my heart

I wish I could enjoy the NBA as much as you...Im using the NFL off season to play Madden and NCAA

Yes Rosario!

I rather not talk about me...I aint shit.


Charles said...

That Jamie Foxx is the bidness!!! I rock with so many of those songs on there.

Never seen Rita G before....and wow!!

I'm with E on the Happy New Year thing...

You're just now seeing the Dark Knight?? Great wasn't it...

LeBron commercials are hilarious!! After I seen the one about the LB 6, I was sold...

Hope you had a great Christmas man!!

Charles said...

Oh, please tell me you seen my Lakers beat the Celts yesterday...THAT was my Christmas present!!

xcentricgem said...

Dr. Robert Beauford

I too was deeply saddened by his passing. I'm still trying to get to the point where death is celebrated because no longer are they concerned with the things of this world.

A Great man will always be missed and deeply mourned. To the Beaufort family, NEVER before have a I seen a family of such strength. I will never forget the strength of the 'Beauford Men'as I watched them carry their sister, my classmate, our senior year in high school,... to her final resting place. I admire the strength, outstandingness and upstandingness of that family. Besides the 'Strength of Job,' there are no other words to describe Mrs. P. Beauford.

Robert, You are missed.

The new definition of character: Barack and Michelle Obama.

There is not enough time for me to blog about the TRUE and ACTUAL REASON behind the BAILOUT ... Obama has a task far greater than most realize ... U'd b surprised why they truly wanted the money...

u'd also be suprised why they were pushing for a blank check and why 350 billion dollars has been allotted that will never be accounted for ... u'd be enlighted ... its unfortunate that I can't say u'd be surprised

The Jaded NYer said...

Aww... sorry to hear about your friend. Geez, it makes you appreciate every waking moment you have, doesn't it?

If you wish me a happy new year in July I will have to give you a quick side eye, OK?

The Detroit WHO? They have a football team? wow... learn something new

I heard one new single by Jamie and didn't like it; if you get it let me know if it's any good and I'll get it (via secondary marketing) too.

Dark Knight gave me nightmares!

Guarateed- you throw white chalk on someone they will freak the hell out... lol

And SHUT. UP. I'm about to have TWO teenaged girls in my house... although, my babies are 5 years apart, so when one is just starting to act a fool the other will be getting the boot. HAHA!

My sex talk with my oldest was something like: "I triple-dog-dare you to come in this house all knocked up, and see if I don't beat the black off of you..." lol

clnmike said...

Sorry to hear about your loss of a friend my prayers to his family.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-I wasn't expecting anything...and I ended up with a new printer courtesy of my friend!

-People have been bragging on Jamie's cd...I heard a few tunes and it's cool....Honestly I think I like the first one better.

-Boy your grocery bill is about to be a killer in the next year or so...They eat like monsters wayyy before turning teenagers.I used to have 8 boys at my house at one time for the weekend and they ate alllllll day long!

-Speaking of can your cousin afford to feed 8 kids?...Lawd help ha!

-I will be at church when the clock turns 12am on New Year's Eve!!

-Sorry about your friend. I pray that God comforts his family and friends and gives them peace during their time of grief.

Angel said...

Santa was so good to me, I feel spoilt! New Years Eve 09 I will be at home..Im having a party and cant wait!

Going to go and find that Jamie Foxx tune...

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle!
My baby turned 35 yesterday. I am so Blessed to have such a Great Best Friend! Every morning I wake up and I see him laying there breathing beside me. I Thank God that I get to have another day to share with him. Life is so short. I am so sorry for your loss. The small things that hijack our thoughts are not even worth much when you no longer can hear the voice of the one you love. It really puts things into perspective.

12kyle said...

@ e
I had to give Rita G to the ladies. Every week somebody "hates" on one of the celebs so i decided to go to a video vixen. LoL

I think I'm gonna get that Jamie Foxx. The first cd really impressed me.

That was hilarious when KRS One threw dude off the stage!

Christina is fiyah!

Man, i love the NBA. I didn't even get Madden this year (for the 1st time). I bought NCAA but i barely played it. Right now, i'm all over NBA2K9

@ Charles
Rita G is a "video vixen". She's been in quite a few videos. The most recent one was Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video

Yeah. I was behind on the movie tip. I didn't see any of the blockbuster movies. I gotta watch Iron Man next

I've been impressed with all of LeBron's commercials. Dude is creative and he doesn't take himself too serious.

Christmas was great, bruh! Hope yours was, too!

Yeah...i saw the game. I'm hate both teams so i didn't have a rooting interest. But i enjoyed the game.

@ xcentricgem
I remember marveling at the strength of their family at Kendra's funeral. Her death came a shock to all of us. I remember how Robert carried himself and carried their family through those tough times. As long as I knew him, I don't recall ever seeing him mad or upset. Always cool. Always smiling. Always saying something thoughtful or witty.

As a parents, one of our worst fears is to outlive our children. The mere thought of me having to bury a child can almost bring me to tears. Mrs Beauford will be burying another child. Another great one...gone too soon. It almost seems unfair. My heart really goes out to her.

You KNOW i wanna hear your perspective on the bailout. LoL! We prolly need to email it b/c we could go on allllll day! Haaaa

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
Death is always tough to deal with. It's even tougher when you lose somebody as young as he was.

I don't know who gives more side or Opinionated Diva? LoL

Gotta love "secondary marketing"!

You didn't like Dark Knight?

The chalk won't go over well in my office but hey...none of em can kick my ass!

LMAO @ triple dog dare!

@ clnmike
Thanks, bruh! I appreciate it, fam

@ Keisha the Kitten
A printer is a much needed gift!

I loved Jamie's first cd. I'll let you know which one is betta!

That's why i'm tryna get rich i can feed these dudes in a few years. LoL

I guess she can afford it b/c of the money that she gets from the milary. The kids range in age from 21 to 3.

Nuffin wrong with church on New Years Eve

Thanks for your prayers. This an extremely tough time for their family as well as our close knit community

@ Angel
Nuffin wrong with being spoiled on Christmas! LoL

Party at Angel's crib? Heyyyyy! That sounds like fun. I've never hosted a New Year's Eve party. Let us know how it goes.

@ LRenee
Happy bday to your hubby!

We take life for granted far too much. We should all be thankful at each day that we spend on this planet. My heart goes out to Robert's wife and kids who were there when he passed. I try not to think about losing my wife. I thank God for her.

Keith said...

So Sorry to hear about your friend..This has been a year of seemingly extrodianary deaths. I suppose this happens every year, but it just seems like more deaths hit home this year than usual.

I eat Ice Cream year round. My wife thinks it's weird too, but I love Ice Cream.

I heard two cuts off of Jamie Foxx's new joint and they were tight.

I just saw the Dark Knight myself
the other night..I broke down and rented it.

I liked a few things by PM Dawn.

I know I rooted for the Celtics to win the championship last year, but I really enjoyed seeing the Lakers stop that winning streak.
(Probably still mad at the way they
whipped my 76ers the night before.-lolol.)

I only plan to watch one bowl game.
I'm too into the NFL to worry about college football right.

As usual, you have excellent tastes
in the ladies.

The Jaded NYer said...

I did like Dark Knight, but it was scary as all hell!! lol

Just O said...

that Foreign Exchange is that Deal!!

and im not looking fwd to the Lions winning...lets keep it perfect!

The F$%K it List said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.And he was so young, makes you appreciate every day you have on this earth.

I can't believe you are just seeing the Dark Knight! I've saw it twice in the theatre.

Jamie Foxx, not sure if I like it. Go to and listen to the entire thing and then decide if you want to wast hard drive space :)

I hate the all the football after the New Year. I want to go rack up on the sales and you know who is glued to the tv. BOO.

Hope you had a great Holiday.

12kyle said...

@ Keith
I agree. It seems like there have been a lotta deaths this year. There have been some that have definitely hit home.

LoL!! Ice cream year round!

I was very impressed with Dark Knight. I had barely heard of Heath Ledger prior to the movie. But he played the role of the Joker better than anybody could have.

I reallywished my Hawks had stopped the Celtics streak! LoL. That was a good game to watch, tho

Wayyyy too many bowl games. I won't even watch some of the BCS games. I'll definitely will watch Oklahoma vs Florida

@ Jaded Santana

@ Just O
I agree. Foreign Exchange is smokin'

Lmao!!! The Lions can't catch a break.

@ The F$%K it List
You can see his profile on facebook under my friends (Robert Beauford). Dude had an infectious smile and personality. He will be missed!

I'm a lil behind on the movies. I still have to see Hulk, Iron Man, and Hancock.

Cool! I'll check out the site

Sit down and watch a game or 5 with ya hubby! lol

The holiday has been off the chain!!

Anonymous said...

well...I will blog about that later...

I am so so so in love with Meagan Goode... she has the best lips in the industry...shit aint gay but I'll kiss her...lmao

You want your job you better keep that damn chalk in your

whats wrong with 3 girls...Ive got umm ok, yea your

Mizrepresent said...

Hey Kyle,

Happy Holidays to you...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your dear friend. Losing someone, especially a the dear soul that you described is very hard.

Guess what i haven't seen "the Dark Knight" yet...but i will.

Where will i be at new years...who knows, just hoping i won't be alone, but if i am...there will be a night full of mirror dancing and popping bottles, and maybe some drunk typing.

btw - Christmas dinner was the BOMB! but riddle me this...why folks have to take not one but two plates home....dayum!

eclectik said...


You havent seen Iron man?

I ...dont ...

Im not sure I want to know you.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

let's see, hubby did a fantabulous job this year...FINALLY! so you could say my holiday was was good

rosario...snooze, especially in 7 pounds :-P

love the dark knight

first of all, teenage girls would be the hotness...and i'd rather have everyone around the same age, than to get one thru and here comes some more ready to ride!

Cherish said...



Just Jasmine said...

I was with you on Rita G, but that Meghan Good Picture is an obvious airbursh.

Gotta Love Jamie, Terrance Howard has no clue.

Marccus, Dahling. Love that scene.
Loved her in the emperor's new groove.

12kyle said...

@ Oyin
Meagan's lips are soooo sexy

3 girls? If i had 3 girls...i'd prolly have a hard time keeping my cool

@ Miz
Happy Holidays to you, too!

Thanks! It's alway tough to lose someone. It's even tougher around the holidays.

2 plates??? Wowwww!!! That means that the food was slammin'!!!

@ e
LMAO!!!! Classssssic! That was funny. I'm gonna see it this week!

Sounds like you had a LOT under the tree!

You didn't like Seven Pounds?

Dark Knight was sooooo sick!

@ Cherish
I know people who will say Happy New Year in the middle of Feb! LoL

I just got the new Jamie Foxx joint

@ Just Jasmine
Lovely airbrush. LoL

Eartha Kitt was very good in that movie. She will be missed.

Miss Mika said...

I am really sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers and condolences brother.

You already know how I am feeling about that Foreign Exchange. On repeat EVERYDAY!!!

I can't say that I am feeling Jamie's single right now, but that video is super funny.

I am kinda surprised you haven't seen Iron Man either. Wow, time to step your movie game up big bruh!!

Dark Knight was better though!
*checking to see if E is paying attention*

WTHWT (What The Heck Was That) @ Boston letting the Lakers beat them after giving them such a horrid spanking in the playoffs. I guess you can't win em all the time.

That FL game is going to be good!!

Have a great and safe New Year's Eve and Day big brother!

12kyle said...

@ Mika
Thanks, sis!'re right...I do need to step my movie game up. I'll catch up this winter. Football season is almost over. LOL

E is the only person who I know that liked Iron Man better. LOL

Lakers vs Boston...I like the idea of putting them on tv on Christmas day. I don't like either team but it was a good game to watch

Can't wait until the national championship game

Enjoy the NYE and be safe

ShellyShell said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. That's so sad he was so young. It's heartbreaking to know his parents had to bury a daughter previously. My prayers are with their family!

Jamie Foxx Cd is good. I like the first one better though! I thought this one was all over the place!

I just saw Dark Knight on Saturday. I really liked it. There were a lot of social messages in it. I'm going to watch it again!

I haven't watched a full NBA game yet. They don't get my attention until after college ball is over! Although I do need to watch Al more! YUM!