Wednesday, December 17, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i dunno who does the advertising for blackberry but they must have paid the nfl a ton of money. as i watched the falcons game last sunday, i saw a commercial for blackberry every time there was a commercial break. no lie!

looks like i'll do my christmas shopping...on christmas eve!!!

nuff respect to dubyah...he's a damn good ducker!!!

throwing shoes is a sign of disrespect? damn...wonder what they think about slapping somebody in the face? where i'm from...that's disrespect!

how was dude able to throw one shoe..."re-load" and throw another shoe without getting tackled? where was the secret service? whoever those guys were, let's make sure that they don't work for obama. we can't have nobody throwing stuff at our president

the last thing a brutha or a sista is gonna do is throw a GOOD shoe at somebody! can't imaging throwing my kenneth coles or jordans at somebody.

celtics vs hawks tonight! i can't wait. the game will be on espn. i'll be the dude sitting behind the celtics bench yelling at them.

as soon as somebody responds, i'ma ask them for a job.

the recession hasn't really hit the sports teams. my new york yankees just signed pitcher cc sabathia to a 7 yr, 161 million dollar deal

maybe i'm in the wrong sport...

love watching the charlie brown christmas special on tv

that old lady was back in church last sunday with her tambourine. wonder if the church pays her to play?

my 6 yr old son, Kameron, told me that the state bird (georgia) is the thrasher. i've been here almost 13 yrs and i didn't know that. the pro hockey team here is called the atlanta thrashers

now...before you start laughing...don't act like you know what a thrasher was! in fact...non of y'all know your state bird! lmao!!!

pam grier...pam grier...pam grier

"i'm over they a bulimic on a seesaw"

i'm all for taking care of the elderly but i gotta scratch my head when i think about why penn state university gave it's football coach, joe paterno, a three year contract extension. the man is 82 years old!

the 12th planet will be coming to radio or stream tv very soon. should i do sports or talk about different things? lemme know what you think.

"kyle, i think she likes you."

"she's supposed to!" lol!!!

one of my boys told me that he's tired of meeting "loser chicks". i thought that was funny. i told him that he should read some of my favorite sistaz are tired of "loser dudes"

speaking of dating, how long does it take before you can see the "crazy" in a person?

i'm constantly in prayer that GOD will bless me with a better paying job with less stress.

i think i recite the Serenity Prayer at least 5 times a day. lol

zoe saldana...zoe saldana...zoe saldana (sorry

dubyah had better be glad that the dude didn't throw a pair of timberlands at him. that would have really hurt

wonder how that dude is gonna explain to his family that he's about to do a bid for throwing a shoe???

on an average day, we take about 40,000 steps

dunno what i want for christmas...i really don't.

i need some new ties...maybe a new black watch (kenneth cole...hint hint)

peep The F$%k It List's post...the most embarrassing black person of 2008...funny!!!

angela bassett...angela bassett...angela bassett


Smarty Jones said...

The N.C. state bird is the cardinal. I've known since 4th grade!
My Christmas shopping will begin and end at the Wal-Mart check out when I buy gift cards for all my family and a couple friends.
I may actually buy gifts for my godkids.
I know I wouldn't have thrown a good shoe. Shoot, the Lions should offer that dude a deal for the back-up quarterback position.
If you're going to see the Celtics, take Big Baby a teddy bear, a blanket and some Kleenex.
I want a 2009 Nissan Maxima for Christmas, you know any old men with a heart condition who wouldn't mind making the purchase for me?
If they have a heart condition, they can't qualify for Viagra/Levitra/Cialis.
I usually spot the crazy fairly quickly. You know how in the beginning of a relationshit, you stay on the phone for hours talking about nothing?
I ask a series of questions to gauge the crazy and that's how I determine how far it will go.
Since I've been single forever, you can assume that I attract crazy dudes.

dessex said...

Celtics Hawks....can't wait for that game. I will be glued to the TV.

can't front on Pam...she still look good.

Those damn Blackberry Commericals are every where. I can't stand it.

I told my girl I wanted a watch as well for Christmas.

and I will finish up my shopping on Saturday....Christmas Eve...I hope to be chlling drinking a Corona lol

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

the shoe throwing, as funny as it was, concerns me. as you said, he had too much time to do all that and obama can't have those slow-rolling security peeps around.

B said...

I will def be shopping on Christmas Eve too, bruh. Seriously. I ain't bought nathan yet.

Yeah, I still think that Dubyah bit was planned. How in the hell did he duck so well?

Angela Bassett is gorgeous! Black sho don't crack. Have a wonderful Wednesday, fam!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

how was dude able to throw one shoe..."re-load" and throw another shoe without getting tackled?

LMAO at "reload"...I don't care what they say "Throwing shoes ain't gangsta" (in my best Riley Freeman voice from the Boondocks)Besides, you are right. I am NOT throwing my favorite shoe. Period.

He was able to get off two shoes because the world is pissed Dubya. I think they just don't care anymore. Or maybe they were in shock wondering, "Did this n-word just throw a shoe?" LOL

I always suggest people use a pedometer at least once, you would surprised at how few steps most people take a day.

It takes 3 months before you see the "real" or "crazy" in a person. If they are real crazy, maybe less time than that.

Lovin' the off the dome posts, LOL!
And you managed to pick great black women this go 'round. I wonder 'bout you sometimes :)

Darius T. Williams said...

I see the crazy in about 5 lie!

Call it annointing!

Doudou said...

Hey Kyle!

I think you should talk about different things. Then I can listen. LOL.

Keith said...

Celtics- Hawks...This is why I pay my cable bill every month..for NFL and NBA channels..lololol..

You and me both will be in the malls on Christmas Eve...I just can't get myself motivated to go through that...standing in long lines,pushing and shoving with women who are better than the Eagles Offensive line...I just aint
feeling it.

Where I come from, a slap in the face will get you an automatic beat down...with a quickness.

How come the Yankees have so much money?? (and the other teams don't?)
Lololol..I know they have got to have the biggest payroll in Baseball.

Oh Lord, what are you doing to me?
Pam Grier, Angela Bassett and Zoe Saldona???? I'm at work man, I can't take it!!!-lololol.

I want ANY car that is 2009 for Christmas..

12kyle said...

@ Smarty Jones
See...that's the thing. I grew up in South Carolina. I know that the state bird is a sand lapper (don't laugh). I never knew anything about Georgia

Big Baby had better hope I can't get near him. I've got some words for him, too!

LMAO @ you!!! Old man with heart problems, huh?

@ dessex
It should be a good game. They beat us by 1 in Boston a few weeks ago.

I kept seeing commercial after commercial for blackberry. I was like..."damn, this is overkill."

I hear you. I always wait until the last minute to get this shopping done.

He had wayyyyyy too much time to pull that off. Secret Service didn't even flinch after the 1st shoe was thrown.

Something tells me that Obama would be the type of dude who might jump off that stage and get to kicking some ass. LOL

@ B
I haven't bought anything either

I don't think it was planned. If they had planned it, they would have told Dubyah to avoid the shoe and HE would have messed that up and gotten hit by the shoe! You know he can't get the plan right! LOL

Black does not all!!!

12kyle said...

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Not all! LOL

I think 3 months is about the longest period that somebody can hide their crazyness.

Thanks! Y'all are funny. Errry week somebody doesn't like my selection of women. Next week, I'm bringing out the video vixens! LMAO!!! Let's see who I piss off. LOL

@ Darius
LOL!!! U funny, bruh

@ Doudou
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes.


@ Keith
LMAO @ Eagles Offensive line!! I feel you, tho. I'm not motivated to deal with all of that nonsense

The Yankees always have a huge payroll b/c they have the most money and ain't afraid to spend it.

Pam (aka Sheeba Baby) and Angela have aged sooooo well. Str8 dime pieces!!!!

L. Renee' said...

Hey Kyle
My state bird is the Oriole.HA!
Know yo history brutha. LOL
Anyway, I had to learn all about my state when I was competing for Mrs. Maryland America.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I do half of my christmas shopping before christmas, and the other half after christmas. I see it like this, since most of my family won't get together until late that christmas night, I have time to make up a lie about how I forgot their present at home, and get their presents later (and cheaper). Hey, it works.

I would NEVER throw a pair of my good shoes...I would throw a punch before I throw a pair of good shoes.

I knew it was a thrasher...our state flower is the magnolia...our state song is "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles...I know all about Georgia

I must admit, Pam Grier was on point.

Your son is meeting loser chicks??? Ummm, he is dating already? Wow, they grow up so fast!

You will get a job when you least expect it.

xcentricgem said...

Merry Christmas and good luck finding something on Christmas Eve... That's more stressful than shopping ahead of time.

Dubyah vs. Shoes: No one would come to his rescue any sooner because they all felt the same way .. as a matter of fact 'dude' was only tackled because he missed ...

Recession and sports ... difficult for recession to hit because we keep buying tickets ... funny how they raise enough money to pay millions of dollars in salaries from people who have to make payment arrangements on electric bills ...

Radio & Stream TV ...
I think you should talk about multiple topics ... I can't wait ..

Loser chicks - Loser dudes ... Better to find out their losers than to wake up one morning a discover you aren't compatible ... ah the disappointment ...

Crazy ... u know ahead of time ... there's always that gut feeling.

Not another day will I ask the Lord to bless me with a job ... everytime I've prayed for that he has blessed me with that... in fact, I'm sitting on one right now praying for a CAREER !!!

40,000 steps ... huh ... I work at home ... no wonder I've gained 10lbs. ... I walk from the fridge to the desk ... I can't believe these ppl have me on a schedule in my own home ... I need about 38,900 steps per day !!!

I hope I get rid of this 10lbs ... Merry Christmas ...

Mizrepresent said...

lol, no i didn't know that GA state bird was called "thrasher", wth is a Thrasher...thank God for kids...they really do teach us alot.

Amen to "loser dudes"...i have had more than my share, believe me...

yeah, Dubya is real flexible, lol!

I think i have already bought what i want for Christmas, but i'll take any other surprises.

Hey, is your friend the same one that keeps getting hit on by Cougars??? If so, good for him!

lol@you at Celtics game.

I think it takes men longer to spot crazy...i smell crazy coming around the corner.

The F$%K it List said...

BLackberry is a powerhouse right now!

Da hell won't be no shopping after next Monday.

Im going to start throwing shoes at the people that annoy me!

Ha, it took them 7 minutes. They are saving their energy for Obama. Even they know Duyah is a hot mess.

I'd throw my slippers at a dude!


Go to the NBA site see what they have posted.

I was mad I missed Charlie Brown christmas
NY State Bird the Eastern Blue bird! I think we learned that in Public School.

I need to go work there!

Talk about different things, or I WONT tune in half the year.
Loser chicks are starting to really show up everywhere.

I can see the crazy after 10 minutes.

And as long as you pray he will.

Ain't nothing wrong with that! Prayer works!

Are they going to convict the shoe dude, he's like a hero over there.

40,000 not in New York add a zero

I just want peace and quiet in my house. No crazy neighbors and their loud asses.

peep The F$%k It List's post...the most embarrassing black person of 2008...funny!!!

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
I bet that you had to learn a whoooole lotta stuff that you never knew about the state of Maryland, didn't you.

Oriole, huh? Ok...I can dig it. Same as the baseball team in Baltimore

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
I'm with you! I think a good punch is much better than throwing a shoe any day

Pam Grier was and always be on point with me. Since I'm a lil older than y'all (lol), I can tell you that she was the first image of a black woman that I remember seeing on tv.

Noooooo not my of my homies! LOL. My sons are 9, 6, and 2. They aren't ready to date...but I think the 2 year old has a way with the ladies...ALREADY!!! I found it interesting that my homie was expressing his frustration about finding a good sistah. His frustration sounded much like the ones that I read about on some of the blogs. It's a shame that folks aren't in the same cities. You feel me?

@ xcentricgem
LOL!!! You might be right. Maybe they did tackle him b/c he missed.

Good point. Sports is entertainment. Most folks will pay money to be diverted from their problems for a few hours. However...if you see me at a game...I got the tix for freeeeeeeeeeee!! LMAO!!!

I think I'm gonna do both sports and other topics. I could talk sports all day. I don't want to do something and get bored with it.

@ Miz
The kids can really teach us if we're willing to listen

I know that there are a ton of loser dudes out there

I will agree. It takes men longer to spot crazy b/c we're always worried about the goods! LOL

@ The F$%k It List
I'm with it! Throw your shoes at those who annoy you!

If I talk about better tune in...or else! LOL

That post was funny as hell. I can't front. We've got a lot to be proud of. And we've got some folks that ain't reppin for us and they gotta go.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-Spitting on someone is the ultimate disrespect and grounds for a major beat

-Shoot most people have a hard enough time throwing out old throwing shoes at someone is probably unlikely!

-So does the Tambo Lady play on beat?

-Kids can definitely teach us some things...I've had 3 year olds straight up school me...

-PRAYER WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

Its not quite over yet, need to give the awards names and issue them hahah

clnmike said...

Speaking of shoes does anybody know the brand?

I'd like to get a pair.

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Spitting in somebody's face will get you beat up!!!

Kids say crazy things but sometimes we can learn more from them

Prayer definitely works. Keep prayin for ya boy!

@ The F$%K it List

@ clnmike
I think it was some Stacy Adams. LOL

i.can't.complain. said...

currently watching boys in the hood, courtesy of vh1

angie is a banger


lol at the shoe throwing

agreed @how the hell did he manage to throw two shoes

let's sign this dude to a mlb contract in 5-10 yrs.

good luck on the job search

and holiday shopping...


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