Wednesday, November 19, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

the ole burfday is right around the corner. i'm wondering if i should have a party? if i do...are you coming?

do you get a lot of "FWD" emails? i do. i don't read any of em.

my aunt ruth sends me a ton of em. i never read em. just delete. i love my aunt to death but damn...can i get a regular email.

i think i'm gonna need an MRI on my pinky

if somebody has body is it that we can smell them before they can smell themselves???

do you have a lotta ringtones on your phone? i don't have any. i keep the phone vibrate.

they told barack obama that he'd have to get rid of his blackberry. I know he don't wanna do it. i can't blame him

let hilary clinton be the secretary of state. i'm cool with that. just make sure that somebody keeps an eye on bill clinton. we know that he likes em young and ugly.

i didn't know that wanda sykes was gay. it doesn't matter to me. i think she's funny

i'm all for gay marriage. let gays and lesbians enjoy the misery of marriage like the rest of us! lmao!!!!! juss kiddn. let em do what they wanna do. who cares?

esther baxter...esther baxter...esther baxter

jeezy said "he put on for his city". what the hell did he put on?

according to news reports, damon dash is damn near broke. wonder if he'll ask jay z for a "bail out loan"?

speaking of bailout...don't tell me that we're gonna bail out this company and they still plan to pay executive huge bonuses at the end of the year! that's bs

maybe i should cop know...just for summer driving. if i did drive this, i'd be too scared that some idiot would hit me. and besides...where would i put brandon's car seat?

why is andre 3000 slept on?

prince is better than mike jax.

sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan
i heard some white people talking about how nice the obama girls hair is. why are they so fascinated with how our black women's hair?

speaking of hair...that damn gray hair is back! he's sitting in the middle of my mustache. argggggh!

i'm not looking forward to christmas shopping. i don't know why it takes somebody 3-4 hrs to shop. that's wayyyyy to long. gimme an hr and i'm str8!

why do people get up maaad early on black friday to shop? some of these people can make it to the store by 4am but can't make it to work on time!

i'm a cool dude. period.

nuff respect to my fellow bloggers (rich, pcd, jewells, dreamy, pro) and others who have decided to take a break from blogging for a while.

i'm gonna do the same. i quit. i'm not doing another blog...

until tomorrow.


Pocahontaz said...

Hey Bruh!

I coulda sworn you said Sanaa befoe...LOL


That whip is way to Hot..I would love to rock out with my top out..LMAO, all wanted to say that

Damon Dash is a joke

LMAO at Clinton liking them young and Ugly...whateva happen to M Lew?

50 cent 50 cent 50 cent

For the hubby my ringtone is "Da Business...uh uh ohoo"Yung Berg"

Have a goo WE day

Princess said...

People are crazy for Black Friday discount shopping.

Anonymous said...

I get too many of those "FWD" emails. They cram my poor inbox.

I don't know about the BO, but I realised that the funky people are always the ones that get a little too close to me. Or peopel with bad breath always wanna come talk in my face.

I do have a lot of ringtones on my phone. Everyone has their own one.

LOL @ Bill liking 'em young and ugly.

Darius T. Williams said...

I totally say have a party - and when you do - let me cater!

Really cool article on Obama and his blackberry. So, I've put twitter and facebook on my blackberry now - can you say SUPER ADDICTED NOW?

I was in class Monday and my professer said, "so, someone's got an obsession." I was totally oblivious because guess what - I was scrolling - lol!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

-I don't care for a WHOLE LOT of forwards either...I know these dude that sends about 25 forwards every Sunday...WAYYYYY TOOOO MANNNNY

-I know that stinky people smell themselves...they just don't care!

-AHHH you already know you sistah got ringtones...shoot I found a site where I can make my own...I've been feeling like DJ RingTone all week!

-Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus

-My mother got me out 1 time for black Friday and you betta believe I ain't been back since....I don't like shopping and I surely don't care to witness or participate in a fight over the last TV on sale for $99.99

-Leave that gray hair probably gives you an distinguished look and it represents wisdom (plus old age)!

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I say party to celebrate another year. Each one is a blessing. Yep, I will help you celebrate.

I hate forwards with that long list of people they sent it to at the top. Makes you feel very un-special. I usually delete them, especially the ones with the Powerpoints and photo attachments.

People with BO can't smell themselves, like people who wear strong perfume and cologne.

Tell the Clintons to go sit down somewhere, we already pay Bill until he kicks the bucket.

My phone stays on vibrate.

Wanda Sykes is not a surprise to me. I always thought she was gay, don't change her funny though.

Let them get married, I am all for people finding love and nurturing it. If we had more of it the world would be a better place.

How could Damon be broke? I swear people who know what to do with money never get any.

Nobody compares to Prince, except maybe Me'Shell.

The Pew View said...

Hey Baby,

Did you say sumin bout a party? Chile if me and Mabel wasn't locked up we'd be there with bells and whistles on as well as our finest floral attire course. Well tell you what. Give us some more details and we'll sit down with Killa K and sees if we might be able to plot a break out so we can come party like a rock star wit cha. Only problem is we might not be properly dressed for the occassion considering orange jumpsuits and chains ain't exactly party clothing. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I would come to the party...what are we drinking?

I don't have any ringtones...keep it classy.

I would love it if Hillary took the position...good look Obama :)

Can I get a bailout...seriously?

You get up early for black Friday due to the crazy sales. I'm up by 3...and yes, I'm late for work.

Anonymous said...

Sanaa is my girl crush! She is BEAUTIFUL!

I say you have a birthday party and yep I'm coming (LMAO) My birthday is coming up as well and I'm thinkin lets do it big and have a party.

I get soooooooooo many FWDs..UGH. The majority of them I delete, I can't stand random mess like that.

LMAO about the body odor. I think they are just immune to it, while the rest of us sit and suffer.

I do have a lot of ringtones and yea if I had to give up my BB, I'd be sick. I wonder if there's a 12 step program for that?

As for gay marriages/relationships, I could care less. I'm not God and my house is 'glass' to so who am I to judge?

Perfect post...loved it.

Eb the Celeb said...

dont you do a sanaa lathan every time you have a random post

Barack is NOT getting rid of his bberry... I aint get his pin yet... me and him got some bberry IM'ing to

and Wandy Sykes is so NOT funny and you know aint no man gonna sit there and listen to her annoying ass voice so she had no choice but to be gay..

and I second that emotion of Poca
50 cent 50 cent 50 cent... especially now that my boo done got his teeth fixed... whew he can get it all kinds of ways with them pearly whites... I love his laugh... he was on tyra last week looking all dapper I wanted to come thru the tv screen... step off my man poca or we gon cyber

The Jaded NYer said...

I'll come to your party if you pay for my flight and accommodations... what? you knew that was coming...

I loathe fwds, but how do you tell the Aunt Ruths of the world to STOP sending them? lol

LOL @ bill likes them young and ugly!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

You can't blame the white folks for commenting on the Obama girls' hair- black women do it all the time.

I'm due for another break, too, just not sure when I'm going to take it... maybe around the holidays

12kyle said...

@ Poca
I may have mentioned Sanaa once or seven times...who's counting? lol

@ princess
thanks for the tip

@ BorednTalkative
I think i've stayed away from ringtones b/c i think i'd get annoyed too quickly with the sounds

@ darius
i feel you bruh. between blogs, twitter, and addiction may never be cured. lol

@ keisha the kitten
you just don't understand...that gray hair is getting on my last nerve!!! lol

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
yes! damon dash is broke. you know what they say about a fool and his money. lol

12kyle said...

@ The Pew View
if y'all come to the party...we'll make sure that you are looking good. i don't think orange jumpsuits will work.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
we can drink whatever you like! i'll have a cup of henny! lol

@ mzinspiredmind
i really don't think i could make it thru a 12 step program. lol

@ eb
fiddy??? oh lawd. did he get off the roids yet? you know what roids do to a man...don't you? lmao!!!!

@ jaded santana
pay for your plane ticket

xcentricgem said...

If you had a party I'd come and celebrate with ya...

Get forwards all the time ... Don't read most of them ... Delete all of them ... The one's that really erk me are the ones that are 'spiritual' .. filled with the promises of God and then tell me i'll only be Blessed if I forward it to 7 ppl .. I'm not familiar with the god that blesses u ONLY if u forward the email to 7 ppl!!!

Oh my ... I have an Aunt Ruth too!! She's a trip .. Love her to death..

Kyle .. if we hear 1 more thing about that PINKY .... go get it checked ... PLEASE !!!

Stinky ... they smell themselves first ... but...they just think everyone has a 'natural odor' .. thus they don't call it stink.

Ringtones !! Absolutely Not... a 'normal' ring or vibrate. Ain't nobody for being a bible study and 'chopped and screwed' starts screaming out of your pocketbook!!!

Pres. Elect Obama: Give up his blackberry .. understood for security purposes. However, I heard that they may make his 'Phone' activity public record due to the Presidential Full Disclosure and Transparency act .. I don't agree with that. Personal text message, emails, etc. could all become public record and he could actually be subpoenaed based on the information obtained ... Is it fair that we don't his phone records to be public record but we did want to know what sarah palin had in her emails ... hmmm

Gay's and Lesbians: They fight so hard to get into the committed relationships that heterosexuals often shun ...

About that Bentley Coupe... I was in NY this past July and walked out of a bldg and darn near tripped and fell into a coccaine white on white in white with camel colored italian leather accents and trimming ... Ummm .. the things a 7 day fast, skinny jeans and peep toe stiletto heels will getcha' ...

Curtis Jackson, Curtis Jackson, Curtis Jackson ... 50, 50, 50 can't you see ... just how your body hypnotized me (Slick Ricks melody) Whew !!!

Do ppl seem to be graying earlier these days ... its probably all the additives in the food ... My grandmother is upset that her hair is NOT .. I repeat is NOT gray ... bless her heart.

Shopping is something to be enjoyed ... To go to Work.....I need a snooze button ...

Kandi Black said...

If i was in the atl and i wasn't so sure that your party would consist of fully grown people...i would mos def be b-day to ya early

and you scared me at the end when u said u weren't gonna blog anymore until i saw the other part...i wuz just about to get pissed...

Charles said...

Quitting huh? Well, do what you gotta do.

And THANK YOU for posting that pic of Sanaa. That brightened my day alot.

And the Wanda Sykes thing to me really wasn't a surprise...but like you said, doesn't matter anyways.


Eb the Celeb said...

he aint neva been on roids... stop hating!

The Dreamy One said...

lmao at you and Christmas Shopping. im with you. who needs 4 hrs to shop. im trying to push people out of the way when i go shopping. hate it with a passion.

who is that nasty looking big titty girl on your screen. im gonna need you to do better.

i think sanaa lathan is gay. sorry. wouldnt be surprised if that came out later.

yeah the white folk at my job are in awe of my hair. guess they think all black folk have nappy hair. aint that some shyss.

hope you have a great time for your burfday!!!!

Anonymous said...

No ringtones around these parts. Phone vibrates mostly. I'm always either in class or at work so can't have my phone singing "To the Window, to the wall" when my mama calls, lol. (That is not my mom's ringer. I don't have any ringers, remember?)

I wasn't surprised to hear about Wanda Sykes. I saw her on Ellen a couple weeks ago and they were talking about Prop 8 and I got the inkling that she might be playing for the other team. And her TWA & tan blazer kinda gave it away too, lol.

FYI, TWA=teeny, weeny afro

Queen of My Castle said...

I never read FWD emails either. I hate when ppl at work send them and have trackers on, then ask me why I deleted their emails without reading them. *Blank stare*

I only have one ringtone. Candy by Cameo.

White women will forever be fascinated with everything about Black women. Pretty soon the Black woman will be most coveted. Just watch. LOL

I guess you're a pretty cool dude, but who just says that they're cool?

Tha L said...

ok, about the body odor...funky muthafuckas smell themselves, they just don't give a damn.

and, ms baxter is doin' a little too much for my liking.

you gon' get me all upset talkin' bout prince & mike. i love both of em, but i wouldn't call one better than the other...they're just completely different entertainers.

Smooches kyle!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i still peek around corners...ha ha! i'll be back for sure *wink*

clnmike said...

I wouldnt mind Hilliary as SoS, I was hoping she could contribute is some compacity.

R. Fitzgerald said...

I would have sent some traffic your way, but everybody already knows about the 12 spot, it's a freaking PLANET!

I guess Damon Dash isn't the ultimate hustler after all.

Gone and get that whip, the car seat will fit in the back, because nothing else will.

Hillary came through for Barack. She worked a lot harder than Billy Boy.

No wonder Wanda Sykes did the "that's so gay" commercial. She's funny, but I only seeing a dude getting with her only because she is Wanda Sykes. Let her do her thing.

What day is your b-day? I'm on 12/4

Anonymous said...

Hell yea you should have a party...Ill be there, where my invite...

I read those mails...yeahhh

those stinky people are immune to their own

y vibrate....

y does he have to get rid of his blackberry, clinton for secretary of

Wanda is! She does act like a boy at

naw man thats not a joke...they can share what we share..thats cool

BOIIIIIIII, I was getting ready to say..I know my kyle is not quitting...LMAO!!

Keith said...

@I always found Wanda Sykes to be
funny in an annoying kind of way.
Didn't know she was gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.

@That car is phat ....I love cars
as much as I love sports and music.

@Sanaa Latham, Sanaa Latham, Sanaa

@Ester Ester Ester!!!

@Is taking a blog break the new thing now?? Don, Rich,PCD, Dreamy
man, I'm depressed just making that list.

@Stop by my blog tomorrow..I gave you an award!.

12kyle said...

@ xcentricgem
I always find that funny. If you don't send the email to a certain number of people then you won't be blessed. LOL. Since when did God start dealing with emails? Haaaaa

@ Kandi Black
Thanks! I appreciate the burfday wishes!

Haaa! Gotcha!

@ Charles
I ain't quittin' bruh. I'll be here tomorrow...and the day after that and the day after that.

I love this pic of Sanaa

@ Eb
That dude is on roids. I know roids when I see it. lol

@ Dreamy
you don't like Esther Baxter? Sheeyyyyyt...I do! LMAO!!!!

@ Ieisha
I think Wanda surprised me b/c this "revelation" seemed to come outta nowhere.

12kyle said...

@ Queen
Who sends a FWD and tracks it? Talk about lame!

@ L
You're right. I'm a fan of both Prince and Mike Jax. I just hate to see Mike become the sideshow that he is right now.

Whuuuussssp lady? Thanks for "peeking" in on ya boy

@ clnmike
I think she'd be a huge asset to what Barack will do

@ Rich
Thanks for coming thru!

Damon Dash was just braggin a few years ago about being worth more than 50 million. Look at him now.

The bday is December 9th

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Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

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