Friday, November 7, 2008

off tha dome

I had intened to do this post yesterday but I really couldn't put my feelings into words...

random thoughts...

President Obama! Damn...that sho sounds good!

I told y'all that he'd win big...but I didn't think it'd be THAT big.

John McCain was sincere in his concession to Obama. I was impressed. Dude really looked like he had been crying. I would give you a high five McCain but since you can't...gimme a low five

McCain barely hugged pale-lynn. The tension was visible.

Get ready for pale-lynn 2012! lmao!!

With Obama in office...I wonder if they will try to remove affirmative action?

Wonder what Joe the Plumber gonna do now?

It felt good to see my people come out in record numbers to the polls.

Obama lost in Georgia despite the huge turnout. Wanna know why? There are black folk in Atlanta, Augusta, and Savannah. That's it. Outside of that, this state is hickville! Always has been a red state

Big ^ to Ohio, VA, and NC

Funny to hear McCain's people blame pale-lynn for the loss. Don't blame her...blame McCain for picking her!

Maybe its just me...but I don't wanna see Barack do another speech outside in public like that. I'm not saying that anything is gonna happen b/c I believe that he will be safe. But I don't trust these weirdos.

My oldest son, Deion, reminded me that he and his brother Kameron are the same ages of Obama's daughters

Michelle Obama...Michelle Obama...Michelle Obama

It's safe to say that we've neva had a first lady that fine!

Who's down for the trip to DC for the inauguration?

pale-lynn thought that Africa was a country and not a continent! Are you kiddin me?? And she wanted to be vice president? Isn't that something that you learn in the 5th grade? Everybody knows the differences between a country and a continent!

if pale-lynn were black...she wouldn't even be on the map!

Wonder if Barack is gonna hook Hilary up???

Bill Clinton...I'm disappointed in you. You did a lotta hating. You need to go back to doing what you've been doing...chasing hoes.

Tavis Smiley...I'm REALLY disappointed in you. You hated on Barack like Hilary was YOUR woman. I lost a great deal of respect for you. All of that stuff that you talked about 4 yrs ago about holding the Democratic party responsibe is just words to me now. This is a new day. Roll with Obama...or step the hell off the set. Period.

Call me a hater...but I wasn't fazed by Jesse Jackson's tears. Just last month he wanted to "cut Barack's balls off"

I don't envy Barack. This mess that he has to clean up is gonna take a while. We have to be patient.

Thick skin. I told y'all months ago that we'll need it. That's the only way that we'll be able to deal with these racists comments, jokes, and emails

I can't lie...when Obama talked about the 106 year old lady who voted...I shed a tear.

Y'all betta not tell nobody...b/c OG's aint 'sposed to cry. Hahahaha!!!

President Obama! Doesn't that sound good??

Have a great weekend


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm convinced that Tavis is an undercover real man hates on another man like that.

Another reason why I want to get up out of GA.

I wasn't phased by Jesse either...I think he was crying for other reasons.

Your secret is safe with me.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - awww - dont' hate on Jesse! This is a really great time for him too - lol.

Yea, I think we all shed a tear or two.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Yes is sounds great..."President Obama"......

He smoked McCain...and like McCain said in his concession speech...the America people spoke and they spoke clear(something like that) other words..."he whooped the hell out of me and the crowd cheered while he did it!"

I thought McCain's speech was good as did not SOUND like a sore loser no matter how much he might be pouting in the inside...

I know they called themselves being wise by picking a woman for McCain to run with...but clearly they did not have wisdom when they chose THAT woman....BUT OH WELL!!

The news felt the same way about Jesse and wanted us to see it too...I mean how many times did they put the camera on him....I think he felt a bunch of emotions....He felt Pride as a black man...Shame for his hating way...Jealousy because he wanted to be the first black president...Conviction for feeling being jealous...and then pride again as a black man again....You betta believe God dealt with him because he was jealous of Obama...but his purpose was like John the Baptist to lead the way.....he did his job! It is appreciated and too has created a legacy!

President Obama is gonna have to show love to even his haters to help with the CHANGE that we need.

AGAIN blog family let us continue to keep him and his family in prayer for protection...guidance...knowledge..and wisdom!

dessex said...

I am thinking about going to DC for the event. one of good friends are going and she asked me to....I have to see how that plays out!

Yes. you are dead on...they can't blame Palin....McCain picked her.

I didn't want to feel Jesse tears, but I understood him. I know he is out of touch with black America....he was still a very important person during the Civil rights movement. As much as I don't care for him....I can understand his tears!

Michelle is the best looking 1st lady ever.....Thats just a beautiful family!


Big O said...

McCain couldnt hug her good cuz...he's just not able, lol

And im with you on Jesse..but at the same time, he marched with the Martins and such, so i guess he cool....

Charles said...

I see you Jesse...hi hater!! Those were tears of hate and jealousy.

And Pailin is the absolute worst. I'm mad that someone like her is even famous...

I'm surprised my damn self that we in VA voted democratic. I was very cautious...

And I didn't think Obama was going to win by that large of a margin either...but there's definitely gonna be alot of racist comments coming forth, so even though we took a major step forward, expect to take some back as well...

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I haven't stopped by the 12th Planet in a while, stop'n back in like the Wu.

The outdoor venues are safer than the inside venues. Think about all of the passageways in those domes and auditoriums. And he was behind plexiglass, it was very clear but it was there brother. I understand the sentiment on his safety, because even though a lot of people voted for him, there are a lot of people who hate him now.

We have been a people of prayer, so maybe all of us need to pray for Barack and his family's safety.

I am delighted the first African-American first lady is one of such class, integrity and intelligence. Go get them girl!!!!

Jesse Jackson? *crickets* moving on.

Tavis? *crickets*

OG's??? Oh I laughed at that one. Yep, OG's cry, they just don't tell anybody.

Keith said...

Funny You mention Joe the Plumber,
I saw him here in Philly the other day at Leows..He was buying some pipes and some other fixtures..

B said...

Stooop..low five. LOL, you ain't right! I'm so over Jesse Jackson. I just can't stand that man. Bastard.

...excuse me. I knew Obama was going to loose Georgia. That state is a little too stuck in their "Southern" ways....even with a city like ATL. You right.

I cried that whole's aight, bruh. We had a reason!! Have a wonderful Friday!

Stew said...

OBAMA 08!! nothing has ever sounded so sweet

they are already trying to hint at racism being dead in the country because obama won. I am glad that no one has that it is. black and white folk on tv have rejected the notion that this is the end of racism, but they all have said that this is a positive step for america. they better not get rid of affirmative action, especially now, because they you are going to see how salty these white folk really are about obama winning.

it is easy to predict what is going to happen once he gets in office. he is not going to be able to clean up this crap "fast enough" and you are going to hear all types of complaining about how they knew he was not ready and blah blah blah.

but aint shit they can do....he in there for 4 years

RunGirl. said...

I too was not moved by Jesse's tears, nor Roland Martin's emotional breakdown.

President Obama.

I just love LOVE the sound of that.

Brad said...

Real Talk....I don't hate John McCain. I'm no Republican. But don't think he is the Devil incarnate either. But from the first time I heard McCain speak I knew he'd have a tough time against one of the greatest orators of our time.

It's a shame that the Republican party won't do more to support the ethnic communities in this country. No, the bulk of the Ethnic community isn't conservative. But every voting family has a little conservative in them.

AND, I think that for 2012 and beyond they would do wise to expand their base to include African Americans and other ethnic groups. It will serve them well. And it will serve US VERY WELL to have both parties interested in the well being of our culture.

Angel said...

Just saying hi!!

Im laughing at poor Jessie I didnt believe his tears either.

Hope you are cool x

R. Fitzgerald said...

Georgia and Missouri are cousins. Outside of St. Louis and Kansas City, it's a redneck haven.

It's not just you, I was thinking the same thing the other night about those large crowds. I guess I've seen to many movies where they have the rifle on a mechanized arm and remote control. Dude needs to make like Dick Cheney and get ghost. It's press room conversations from here on out.

Dude, DC is going to be shut down. I'm there, if I have to catch a bus.

I've been wondering about the Hilary hookup myself.

Yeah, Bill showed his true colors this time, didn't he.

Man, Tavis is just like other negroes who make it out of the middle class and get paid. He's only thinking about his pocket. He just panders to black folk because we are the ones who made him rich buying all his books and what not.

I questioned Jessie's sincerity too, but that dude has seen and been through a lot, he deserves a pass. Maybe he was thinking, that could have been me standing up there.

Some of the jokes have been hella funny though. At least the ones that were sent to me.

Trish said...

I agree with everything you said, completely !!
Maybe you should run in 2012!

The Jaded NYer said...

I was born with thick skin... I ain't worried at. all.

and this Palin chick, listen, she can run all she wants; doesn't mean people will vote for her.

LMAO @ OG's ain't supposed to cry... you're a mess!

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm seriously thinking about making that trip for the inauguration. How serious am I? Well I've already reserved a hotel room.

I'm so with you on Tavis. Truly disappointed in him. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but he doesn't have any valid reasons to pull support from Obama. I really don't get it.

Keith said...

In All seriousness, I teared up myself..I kept thinking of my mom, who just died earlier this year and how hopeful she was about Obama's campaign..

I think That despite how they acted earlier, Tavis Smiley and Jesse Jackson were equally proud to see a Black man in the White House. I saw Jesse in that crowd and he was tearing up too..I think he honestly felt like every single right thinking African-American at that moment.

As For John McCain- I agree-very
moving and gracious speech..I wish
his supporters had been as gracious.
All that Booing,I wanted to go through the tv screen and grab a few of em.

Sarah Palin- Back to Alaska and hopefully out of the public eye
I was tired of her, weren't you?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

That was the McCain that we all knew - thats how he was for last 12 years at least - guess some folks were too young to remeber or follow him

ShellyShell said...

I will DEFINITELY be in DC from Friday-Wednesday! That's my 2nd home!I was there for Clinton's! My people are renting out rooms in their houses if you need a place to stay!

Barack had bullet proof glass all around him! My boy is in the Secret Service and was on Colin Powell's detail. He's trying to get on Barack's!

Tavis is a straight beyotch! He's done a few things that have made me think he drank a little too much beyotch juice!

I have a feeling that Palin will be a Senator shortly. Stevens was convicted on all counts. The Senate could vote to kick him out if that happens she is going to take his spot! They were talking about that on Morning Joe! Do trust we will be seeing more of "You betcha"

I think Jesse's tears were real. I don't appreciate the "cut your nuts off" comment! But I do think his tears were sincere. He went through a lot for the movement and regardless what we all think of him. I'm sure he was overwhelmed.

I think every "G" shed a tear! So, I'll give you a pass!

My homeboys always say that Michelle has a fatty! LOL! I tell them I don't look at that!

Tha L said...

BOOOO to all the haters! President Obama...yes, that sounds absolutely amazing. Have a great weekend!

L. Renee' said...


I need you and your blog fam's help on this issue.My son's Principal and I had words this morning. Check out the blog and give me your thoughts. AM I OVERREACTING?

L. Renee' said...

Thanks Jaded NYER for the advice.

The Jaded NYer said...

@l.renee- anytime!!

CapCity said...

Every Black Man I KNOW cried tears of Joy on Tuesday - be proud of those tears;-)! My Daddy voted for the first time & he was GLAD I called to celebrate with him!

Would offer u a spot in DC on my moma's couch, 12K - but it's already taken by ... ME! LOL!! Still hope to see LOTS of Bloggers & EVERYBODY ELSE up in DC during my inauguration/b'day partayyyy! U know it's gonna be a HUGE BLACK FAMILY REUNION up in dat piece! DC's only got a population of about 500K - hope they're ready for the MASS EXODUS to "Mecca"!! It's going to be Chocolate City again (for a week;-)!!!

CurvyGurl said...

ROFL @ CapCity. Same here, girl. I want to have a big party, but where the heck could I have it? I'll be thinking about it, but it would be great if the DC/MD/VA bloggers could host a shindig.

Bam said...

Do you think that McCain was sincere? I think he was just shocked into submission.



clnmike said...

Yeah I cant believe there trying to scapegoat her for the loss, thye should of known before they selected her that she was risky.

Sexxy Luv said...

i thought i commented friday?...i guess not! lol