Wednesday, November 12, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

65,411,143...that number represents amount of votes that Barack Obama received. It is the most ever received by any presidential candidate. Did you know that? Now you do!

The leader of the free world is a black man! I don't think we can begin to understand how huge that is and the message that it sends to the rest of the world

Big ^ to the Univ of Texas for kicking a player off its football team after he posted a racist remark on his Facebook page shortly after Obama won the election. The post called for folks to get their "choice of weapons ready b/c there was a nigger in the White House." He has since issued an apology and he said that he wasn't racist. Yeah...rite.

Real Housewives of Atlanta? Never seen the show. I keep hearing about it, tho. Um...I'll pass.

Contrary to popular belief...I do put my Blackberry down. Sometimes.

I don't do office Christmas parties. There's always gonna be some people who get drunk and act a fool at the party. They will be the talk of the office gossip.

It's tough when your birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas. It's even tougher now b/c my youngest son, Brandon, will turn 2 the day after my birthday. That means that I won't get a party. *sigh* LOL

Memo to Souljah the money that you make right now. Your "talent" won't carry you beyond next year.

Word on the street is that SuperHead is pregnant from Bow Wow! Nooooo! Say it aint so! Who in their right mind would have unprotected sex with that freak? Talk about playin with your life!

We learn more from childbirth to the age of 6 than we do for the rest of our lives. So...does this mean that we're grown dummies?

Who's hotter...Amerie or Ciara?

The Falcons are 6-3! I would have never though that the season would be like this

HowboutdemCowboys????? LMAO!!!!

I could ask 5 people this question..."What is love"? I'll bet you that I'd get 15 different answers

One thing that i learned from yesterday's post...women are competitive. Period!

Regina King...Regina King...Regina King

Gas is under $2. I guess I should be happy. For some reason...I feel like I got pimped this summer.

7 out of 10 Americans have a favorable opinion of Barack Obama

1 out of 5 Americans have a favorable opinion of Dubya and his administration.

I love going to meetings or seminars and spotting that ONE dude who is falling asleep and struggles to stay awake. Watching that cracks me up.

Is Vitamin Water real water? I've never tasted it before.

How much time do you spend exercising each day?

It's getting too cold to play golf. Damn

Sometimes you gotta tell your man/woman..."I know that you heard me...but were you listening????"

The other day, I met an 83 yr old man who's been married for 54 yrs. I wonder if Mrs12 will put up with me for that long? LMAO!!!!

Has anybody seen Jay Z or Beyonce with wedding rings/bands on? Just curious.

I think I'm going to the doctor to get my pinky checked out.

Wonder if I can I have DirecTV remove BET from my package?

Kenya Moore...Kenya Moore...Kenya Moore

Ever been on a flight and the person next to you refused to shut the hell up?

I'm tryna get to DC for the festivities. I need a place to stay. If you're in the DMV...hollatchaboi. All I need is yo couch and I'm good.

I hope Janet ain't pregnant by that lil dude...whats his name

Don't be mad at me because your candidate lost. You betta do what I did 4 years ago...get over it!

Wonder if John McCain feels bad about losing to "that one"

Did Palin give those clothes back yet?

The Atlanta Hawks are 6-0!!! We can't be stopped! LOL

Anybody know when the Boondocks will be back on tv????



Anonymous said...

You should go to the office Christmas party. If anything, you'd be entertained by the drunken activities.

My sister's birthday is the week before Christmas. She hated when people tried to tell her she was getting one joint gift.

Why don't you just have a joint party. The kids have their party in the afternoon and yours could start once they hit the bed.

Bow Wow and Superhead?? A baby?! Please say it ain't so. That's just nasty!!

I think Ciara is hotter. I don't really have a reason, I just do.

I don't really exercise but I do walk for about an hour a day. Well it adds up to about an hour anyway.

The F$%K it List said...

I have only been to two christmas parties in my life. And each time it was too much!

Ugh Bow Wow, if it's true I hope you see how you have just destroyed your life. And what happen to his relationship with Rev Run's daughter.

i exercise 24hrs a day, I'm a mom of a two year old. hehe. But outside of that I do 1 1/2 at the Gym or in Yoga.

I was thinking about the Boondocks the other day, the show and the comic. We need My an Aaron Mcgruder right now.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

As McCain stated in his concession speech..."the people spoke and they spoke clearly!"....that is alotttt of votes.

Now know you sleep with that probably be right between you and Mrs like a newborn

We all got pimped this summer...make that this year...BUT I ain't mad that Big Pimpin Sam giving a sister some slack!

I'm sure the wifey would love to keep you for the next 50 something years..IF you take that darn Blackberry out of the bed!

Darius T. Williams said...

I totally love your random posts!

You're right about Souljah Boy - he needs to make sure he's saving because I don't think it'll last either.

LOL @ that one! Hilarious

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love office Christmas parties...they have the best Jamaican rum ever!!

My birthday is December that's rough :(

Vitamin watter is addictive...I have to have one everyday.

Everyday I run 3 miles and I do gets harder in the cold weather to run, but I still do it.

When are we going to play some golf Kyle?!

Boondocks is my favorite!!! Yes, does anyone know?

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I avoid Office Christmas Parties like the plague. I hate smoozing with fake people.

You think having a birthday around Christmas is bad, try having one around Thanksgiving. Everybody focuses on traveling and eating while they forget about you.

OH...Bow Wow? Say it ain't so. Guess he ain't so Lil' no more? That is just straight up nasty, did no one warn him? Dumb ass!!!

I think Jay and B were hounded until someone got a pic of the bands.

Did you say the HAWKS were 6-0? Dang, I can't remember the last time that happened. I guess Bibby was a good choice. Gotta get some tickets, love b-ball ;)

When is the Boondocks coming back on? I had my DVR set. Can't wait until the reruns of the "Santa Stalker"

Just Jasmine said...

And you say my thoughts are random

a lil bowhead? eww.

I'm glad I don't have to worry about xmas -bdays. But my birthday is the week after mother's day and so far i've gotten a big gift to suffice for both :(

umm neither ciara or amerie.

i put my bb down sometimes too but then i pick it up like 5 seconds later. its my little crackberry.

exercise... my babysitter lives on the 5th floor of a walk up. My son is 35 lbs....

Christmas parties are the greatest

I don't drive but i feel like i got pimped this summer.

The Flyyest said...

i missed yall! and your off the domes

B said...

I HATE the ATL Housewives show. I watched a bit of the first episode and wanted to throw up. I hate foolery like that---did you see my tweet? I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on that bandwagon.

Wow @ Obama's votes. I ain't eben much know that.

I don't ever put my Blackberry now. I can be in front of my laptop and still use the Berry's browser. LOL!

My b-day is a week after Christmas so I feel your pain, bruh.

Amerie. She can actually sing. Ciara? Not so much.

I exercise an hour every day. Loves it!

53 years of marriage? WTF...

Damn, I love the Boondocks. Got the seasons on DVD and I sooo need Aaron to get it back on the air.

12kyle said...

@ BorednTalkative
Tell your sister that I feel her pain. LOL. I guess it could be worse...being born on Christmas day. hahahaha

@ The F$%K it List
The Boondocks is the funniest show. I have my 61 yr old father watching it. I bought him the DVD set of the 1st season.

@ Keisha the Kitten
You are hilarious. No...I don't sleep with the Blackberry. In fact, I don't even sleep in the same room as the Blackberry. But I do pick it up in the morning. Haaaaa

@ Darius
He'll be washing cars in 3 years.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
You play golf? I didn't know that. I'm down. It's getting cold now. I may not get back out there until the spring.

12kyle said...

@ Kay C the Quiet Storm
Yes! The Hawks are 6-0. We're playing in Boston tonight. Should be a great game. I'm glad that bball season is here. I love going down to Phillips Arena.

@ Just Jasmine
Lil bowhead! LMAO!!! That's funny. I wouldn't touch that brawd. She's prolly got some disease that they can't detect. LOL

@ Flyyest
Welcome back!!!

@ B
I hear people talking about that show. I just don't understand what the fuss is about. I was gonna watch an episode. But if it's gonna be foolery and "coonistic"...I'll pass.

dessex said...

Office parties...I will pass on that one.

Real Housewives of ATL...never seen it either...but I will pass on that one as well lol

Amerie or Ciara....I think I will take Amerie she is much thicker lol

depending on how I feel I might workout for 2 hrs. Anything beyond that is too much

Bow wow and superhead....thats nasty.

And Soulja Boy...oh my goodness he needs to get hit by a damn tractor trailer....he is horrible.

The Jaded NYer said...

Even though I was not in his corner, I'm gonna make it my mission within these next four years to meet Obama. You think I'll get security clearance? LOL

dude, I don't socialize with office folks PERIOD. Newsflash, coworkers: YOU ARE NOT MY FRIENDS!

Souljah Boy done spent that money on rims and bling... ain't nothin left...

My sister lives in DC and I'm going to join her... sorry, but I already called dibs on her couch... maybe we can fit you in the tub? lol

R. Fitzgerald said...

side note - you just dropped me a memo while I was on your blog. I guess we crossed each others mind at the same time.

Anyway -- Housewives is a trip show. I only saw one episode thanks to a post by BMore Bap Life.

Bow Wow -- if its true, he gives new meaning to the phrase young, dumb and full of cum.

Yeah, we got pimped BIG TIME on the gas thing. You notice how it's coming down now that the Republicans are coming out of power. It didn't rise until they were in office.

R. Fitzgerald said...

Oh, BTW my BDay is on the 4th and my son is the 23rd of December so I definitely know how you feel.

As a kid I remember ONE birthday party. I was 8. I didn't have another one until my wife threw me one. December babies always catch it, but I make sure my son gets something every year. Cake and all.

xcentricgem said...

I don't think that people realize or understand the seriousness of Pres. elect Obama becoming the President ... I hope that his accomplishments will force Black Americans to get themselves together. He is redefining the 'strength of a black man.' A lady once told me .. the two most powerful entities on the face of this earth are the black woman and the white man. She explained that black women had to endure the murdering and slaughtering of their husbands and still provide for their families, be raped and beaten ... showing no strife towards a child for which they had unwillingly beared (and a whole list of other struggles). She said the white man wants to control everything ... including his white woman. Unfortunately, there's a lot of truth to the statement.

Employer sponsored Christmas parties .. I don't attend ... u will not be a sloppy, disrespectful drunk on Fri and Sat nite ... and write me up for being tardy on Monday .... NO ...

Amerie and Ciara: Right now .. me and ciara are beefing over 50 so I won't comment ... we're having a dance off this spring ... LOL.

Last but not least .... I'm sick of hearing that Barack Obama is the antichrist ... Sometimes u need to change your church membership to get a true understanding ...

Opinionated Diva said...

The most ever received? Wow!

Real Housewives is great cheesy entertainment. Doesn't paint Atlanta women with money in the best light though, but it'll definitely get a laugh out of you.

Superhead pregnant by Bow Wow. If she is, then he's a dummy. He should know better.

12kyle said...

@ dessex
LMAO @ U!!!! I don't wanna see Souljah boy in the hospital. I just hope that he understands that these same kids who like him this year will be over him next year. LOL

@ Jaded Santana
u r crazy!! no...i will not sleep in a tub! hahahahaha!!! that was funny, tho

@ rich
man, the republicans are tryna figure out their next move. they don't wanna see pale-lynn out there trying to represent the party in 4 yrs.

@ rich
yeah. it's always tough for december kids

@ xcentricgem
deep. very deep! i agree with you

you are funny! i think if you come to work late on monday they might give you a pass!

@ OD
Yeah. The media won't tell you how much he won by. But it was more than 8 million votes. He got 65 million votes. He also got like 97% of the black vote 22 million (est). So, it goes to show that we aren't the only people who wanted a CHANGE in this country.

dejanae said...


that bow wow supahead shit is a big stinkin ole mess if true

love the randomness

ShellyShell said...

I read that about the UT player! I'm soo not surprised by his comments but I am happy that the coach kicked him off the team!

I watched two episodes of Real Housewives of ATL and it got on my damn nerves!

I go to my office Christmas party because it's on a Thursday night from 6-10 and you can't bring a S/O or spouse! The food is usually the bomb and people do not act the fool because our Global General Counsel is there!

My daddy and both of my nephews are December babies! Thank God I was born in the middle of summer! I would not take to kindly for getting some!

Souljah Boy...*crickets*

Who in their right mine would go raw dog in Supahead! That's asking for your left nut to turn green! ILL!

I think Ciara is prettier than Amerie but Amerie has a hot body!

Gas ain't under $2.00 in NYC!

I like Vitamin water but only buy it when it's on sale for $1. The energy, multi-v are my drinks!

I work out at least 2hrs 4-5 days a week!

I didn't golf all year! That's the one thing I don't like about living in NYC. When I lived in HOuston I got my golf in at damn hot any other!

..."I know that you heard me...but were you listening????" I had to say that shyt to the Teacher on Sunday! Uhhh!

I read an article about Jay and B and she was quoted saying she's been dating him since she was 19! Her ring is RIDICULOUSLY HUGE!

Al Horford Al Horford Al Horford

I always get a chatty Kathy next to me when I fly!

My friends are renting couch space in DC. I have my own!

I miss the Boondocks!

TravelDiva said...

You know McLame can't believe he lost to that one!

Stew said...

i am normally that guy in the meetings that has a hard time staying awake.

i hope that bow wow did get superhead pregnant. serves him right for doing a song with soulja boy

ciara is hotter

you know janet want kids, and he is married to her. who else will she get the sperm from???

i dont exercise like i should

i cant wait for boondocks to come back on

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
if this is true...bow wow is never gonna get rid of her. but i gotta blame him. there is an unwritten rule among men...never get the freak pregnant

@ ShellyShell
I was glad to hear that Texas kicked that kid off the team, too. He deserved it. I dunno what these people think. There are certain words that you cannot print in the same sentence of the name of a president. You can't even utter it over the phone. They will investigate you and take it as a terroristic threat. He's a dummy!

@ TravelDiva
He's still licking his wounds. Prolly doesn't feel too "mavericky" now. LOL

@ Stew
You taking Ciara over Amerie? Word? I hear you. I gotta give Amerie a slight edge.

nikki said...

office parties are for camera phones and covert recorders. no telling what kind of dirt you can get on folk. hey, i'm just sayin...they wanna act a fool, it makes sense to get it on camera for future 'negotiations'...

bow wow is fuggin? REALLY?!? that just ain't right. and how supa can she be if she's reduced to screwing young half-talented rap artists? her super powers must be fading.

the falcons are looking hot right now...i guess vick was holding them back.

and um, do NOT hate on my 'boyz.

i think vitamin water has crack in it. i don't drink it, but i'm trying to understand how it has such a big come up in such a short amount of time. gotta be the crack.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Kyle, did you hear about the White baseball player at Savannah State University? He did the same thing on his facebook page, and I heard he not only was kicked off the team, but that he got jumped and left school.

Not sure how true the jumping part is, but I know his facebook page isn't up anymore and he is off the team.

Isn't that just dumb though? Go to a HBCU and put that on your facebook page???!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

wow...i didn't know it was that many votes....amazing!

yes big up to univ of texas!

real house wives is okay, i only seen it a few times. but i did see Keyshia Cole show last night! lol

what a nasty pick for a baby mama! yuk

i'm happy that gas is under $2 bucks, $10 is getting me half a tank! lol

im that dude that falls asleep, and i have the nerves to be in the front row too! lmao

you really not feeling BET huh?...

clnmike said...

Regina King and Kenya Moore indeed!!

12kyle said...

@ nikki
I never thought about it like that. Hmmm. You've got me thinking that i can take pics and vids of all of the happenings at the party. I just might change my mind now! Thanks Nikki!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
If he said that...knowing that he plays on a HBCU team...then he deserved to get his ass kicked!

@ Sexxy Luv
Nooooo I'm not feeling Bafoonery Entertainment Teevee at all! LOL

@ clnmike
they are both stunnaz!!!

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ Palin giving those clothes back yet. Don't know why that cracked me up.

Women are VERY competitive, most of us secretly so, though.

Ciara or Amerie...Uh neither. They aren't thick enough, IMO. LOL

Keith said...

@Office Parties scare me...People start drinking and you see and hear things you never heard before.
You see and hear things that should never be heard or seen, EVER!

@Congrats on your Falcons, They're a good team.

@So are your Hawks

@Regina King...Kyle, go rent "This
Christmas", There is a scene of her in some lingerie...well, that's all I'm gonna say..When you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Can't beleive that's the little skinny girl on 227.lolololol.

So Superhead is pregnant!!! Bow -Wow could always say that it wasn't by him..Who wouldn't believe him...there's a chance it isn't by him.lolololol. She aint been a virgin for a minute now.

@ I love the Boondocks too, the comic book and the cartoon.

@Ciara is hotter

@I'm gonna start exercising....yeah,

Pocahontaz said...

Go to my page and you'll see on my wordless wednesday post what love is...*cheesin

I love Real Housewives of Atlanta

Muze said...

hey kyle!!! how you be?

woooow that's A LOT of votes. i mean, when we said we were baracking the vote, we were not PLAYING. lol.

superhead and bow wow? wow. that's just wrong on so many levels. lol.

i was JUST saying how i feel like i got pimped the whole summer!! those prices DID NOT need to be that dang high. period.

54 years. wowness.

lmao @ you calling him lil dude. you ain't right.

hope all is well kyle!

12kyle said...

@ Queen
I think we all know that pale-lynn aint givin those clothes back.

@ Keith
I saw that movie. In fact, I saw it with the wife. When that scene came on, I said "Damn!" And I forgot that wifey was sitting right next to me! LoL. She just looked at me and shook her head.

@ Poca
Aiiight I'ma check you out

@ Muze
I be good! Lol

Gas prices were wayyyy too high. I think they'll go back up next summer. I hope I'm wrong.

Trish said...

How many times has it been now that I told you ..
"I Love the off tha Dome blogs???