Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Wire (The Dickensian)

Is he Superman? No. Is he Batman? No.

He's Omar...and he's still alive. Many people didn't think Omar would survive the shootout with Marlo's crew. Then, to escape his own fate, Omar leaps out of a 6 story window...AND SURVIVES. His survival leaves Marlo and his crew shook. Omar is on a mission. He's out for revenge. And from the way things look, he's gonna get it.

Is it just me or does McNulty make you laugh? McNulty is a guy who will go to any extreme to get what he wants. He has created this "serial homeless killer" and the city of Baltimore is on edge. Not only is McNulty corrupt but he has influenced Lester and Sidenor to join forces with him. You gotta love it.

Marlo told the co-op that he took responsibility for Prop Joe's death (then blamed it on Omar). He talked to these dudes like they were kids. And he ended the meeting by telling them that the price of a brick was going up! WOW! I don't like Marlo but that had to be one of the most gangster scenes that I've seen him do.

Clay Davis' trial is coming. Do you think he's going to get off? Shhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyt!!! LOL

Simply put...The Wire is the best thing on tv. I've already seen this week's episode and I won't spoil it for you. But it is...MUST SEE TV!!!


BRAD said...

You know i'm a Wire fanatic to sun. Last weeks Ep was off the chain. Omar is a warrior. You know he will get his rocks off on Marlo's crew. The whole crew. But who's gonna get to Marlo first? Omar or McNulty?

Marlo is the smoothest gangsta on them streets. He merks cats without expression and told the whole drug dealing population of Baltimore that the meetings were a waste of time and if they had any issues to come see him. WTF????

12kyle said...

If I had to guess, McNulty will get to Marlo first. But at this rate, Omar might get to him first. He's on a mission. This dude is hobbling around B-More on a broom! And he's still sticking kids up!

You are right. Marlo is gangster. That dude is heartless.

I don't know what I'm going to do when The Wire goes off. This is the final season. I'm not sure how it will end but it won't be like that crap that the Sopranos did.

L. Renee' said...

you are worse than you boy looking at the episode early. LOL
Omar is crazy scary and I know he is going to be the one to kill Marlo. It will probably be the last episode too.

12kyle said...

You just don't understand the magnitude of this show. LOL. I'm like a fiend...I gotta have it. When I was able to look at the episodes online before they came on...I did it. Unfortunately, there are only 3 more episodes left and the show will be gone forever. I don't know what I'll do then. Haaaa. Me and my boys have "Wire Forums" all the time. You would think that WE were writers on the show.

The debate now is...who do you think will live and who do you think will die. Here's how I think the show will end...

Chris- dead

Snoop- dead (i hope she's the first one to die...I don't like her)

Omar-dead (unfortunately b/c I don't wanna see him die but he's gonna die)

Michael-he's not gonna die. He's the heir to Marlo's thrown


Dookie-becomes Michael's muscle

McNulty & Lester-they will solve the "serial homeless killer case"

Bunk-he'll solve his murder cases

Keema-she's gonna leave the police force and move to NYC

Carcetti-runs for governor of MD (haaaaa)

And that sister (can't remember her name)...will become mayor of Baltimore

Bubbs- stays clean and finds a woman

Clay Davis and Ashy Larry- go to jail for 5 yrs.