Thursday, February 14, 2008

V Day

Happy Valentines Day to all of the lovers (and This is the "holiday for lovers." Although I've had people tell me that it's a wasted day, most people recognize their significant other on this day. Personally, I think V-day can be a bit much but it is what you want it to be. You can celebrate this day every day if you want.

Here's today's vibe...give me your best, worst, or most memorable Valentine's Day experience. My most memorable one was also my worst one. I broke up with my girlfriend on Valentine's Day! I called it off. Could I have waited another day? Sure. Was I dead wrong? No doubt. I blame it on youth. The truth is that we shouldn't have been together. I felt like I could hang on to this girl until the one I really wanted became available. Nevertheless, I could have waited another day or week or month. I know that my momma raised me better than that. LOL

That's my vibe...give me yours.


deja said...


My most memorable V-Day experience was being proposed to by my fiancee last year. I didn't think that he'd give me a ring that day but he did. I couldn't believe it.

WEJA said...

F, V DAY! Trademark Hallmark day!


I guess you may say I'm a hater. nah. i don't hate V-Day, just never had a girlfriend on any Valentine's Day, my entire life. Never have gotten 'ish on any Valentine's Day from any woman, other than my mom.

F Vday! That's my motto for today!

Brad said...

Well, I been married for so long that today starts to become a chore. Like how do you continue to be creative. So, I'll give a story from my single days.

I used to pick up women on Valentines day. True story. When I first started working in Corporate America...I would walk around on V'day with 2 cards. Neither saying the L word. But sentimental none the less. I would wait for all the flower deliveries to start coming in....then look for the girl who had NONE. She looking a little depressed. Then I'd slip the card on her desk when she wasn't looking.

You don't understand how that makes a woman's day to get a surprise on V'day. Even if it's just a card.

Now before you go pull this trick be sure to observe all traffic, safety and sexual harrassment laws. LOL

12kyle said...

Congrats, again! When is the wedding?

Youz a funny dude!!! Not having a girlfriend on Valentines Day may not be a bad thing. You've saved a lotta money over the years. Haaaa. You said that you never got anything on the day from a woman. Was a woman supposed to give you something on Vday?

You are hilarious, bruh. I'm sure that you just gave SOMEBODY an idea for today!

Trish said...

While I do think you should work at your relationship constantly,everyday. I feel bad if I dont do something special for my husband on Valentines Day. Doesnt have to be anything extravagant, just a little something.
While alot of people say this day doesnt mean anything to them, I think some feel cheated if their lover doesnt acknowledge them on this day.

Airtre said...

Brad, that is hilarious!!!!! Watch for office cameras, nosey staffers and the office gossiper.

My most memorable V Day was the first year my wife and I started dating. She surprised me by having a vintage Rolls Royce pick us up and drive on a scenic route on the way to dinner. That was cool.

Personally, I do not like ceremonies or scheduled celebrations. Simply for the way Trisch we are not on our job if we do not follow the herd and perform a gesture that says "I care." You should be taken care of yours throughout the year. At least, that's how my Pop's raised his boys.

mlinz said...

Well, well, well I'm glad someone is in the same boat as me. Thanks Weja.

I have not that many memorable V-Days either. This year was extremely tough for me because this was the first year that I was unable to give my special person anything. My mom passed away in November and I always looked forward to giving her both her birthday and V-day gifts.

However on a side note..... One of my WONDERFUL students (Deion) brought me candy and told me Happy Valentines Day along with one of the best hugs I’ve received in a while. (Thanks Kyle)

But anyway, I think that as life continues to teach us lessons, I will find that special person to enjoy not only v-day with but also everyday. My bad, let me correct myself, when God leads us to each other.

In my singleness I have learned that v-day is not just for lovers but the ones that you love. So my love goes out to all.

L. Renee' said...

My most memorable Valentine's day was when My husband took me to Italy and we were in this quaint little seaside town called Pescara. We had a wonderful romantic dinner over looking the mediterranean sea. Unfortunately, he was working most of the trip but
we had a great time riding the eurorail and visiting different cities. My husband may not like planned celebrations....but he knows that I do and he always puts alot of thought and effort into making me feel special.

12kyle said...

What are YOU doing for your hubby????

Rolls Royce, huh? I always knew you were a balla! Your pops sounds just like my pops

You hate VDay. So does Weja. Hmmmmmmmmm. LOL. Seriously, while it may not be the same without your mom at least you got candy from Deion. Maybe he should send some candy to Weja.

That sounds romantic. I never thought I'd put the word romantic in the same sentence with his name. LOL.

deja said...

The wedding is in June

L. Renee' said...

what are you saying 12kyle???
He is the ULTIMATE romantic. Don't sleep on him.LOL
After 8 years he is still pulling showstoppers from out of his sleeve. For birthday is tomorrow. Yeah..poor guy. LOL
He planned to take me to NY to stay at the W hotel. He knows I love to sing, so he planned to take me to this funky spot called Spotlight where he scheduled me to perform. Crazy right? Doesn't end there, he also scheduled a full spa day the next day. Now, that is incredible I know. Too bad I am sick as a dog and can't even travel. LOL Talk about bad timing.
But..the effort he put in meant so much to me. What can I say,he's the best. Check out what real love is suppose to mean..

L. Renee' said...

oh yeah..I forgot you taught him everything he knows right?? LOL

12kyle said...

I didn't teach him everything...just most things. I'm just surprised that he listen. LMAO!!!

L. Renee' said...

Hilarious!! I'm glad he listened.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

12kyle I agree w/Deja UR dead wrong for that. I thought I was bad when I broke up with a guy on my birthday. I told him a week ahead that it was going to happen and not to buy me a birthday present. But he did, and yes I accepted the gift. 12kyle your breakup trumps mine---lol
Brad even though you had ulterior motives it was a good thing to make someone happy when they felt lonely and unloved.
Weja you must truly be a friend of 12kyle, because your motto of the day sounds like something he would say---lol
I personally do not celebrate Valentine day because it is too commercial and not personal enough to me. Then you get people that have to show off by sending flowers to the office not to show him/her how much they are loved but to show everyone else the appearance of love. Giving material possessions without true love means nothing, and is an empty gesture. Ask any parent that has received a hug and a card cut at an off angle with the crooked handwriting that’s barely legible from their child what true love is about. If you are with someone who is only moved by what you can give them or where you can take them, run in the other direction because they will always want more and more will never be enough.
All in all it’s all about the two of you taking the time to know what makes each other happy. If you bought him/her the HOPE diamond but never touched his/her heart because all he/she wanted was to be held and loved by you all is for naught. I like to go out of my way EVERYDAY for the man in my life, but on his day, HIS BIRTHDAY I have to REALLY show him why he is the king to the queen.

12kyle said...

ms. moore
I'll be the first to admit that what I did was dead wrong. I can try to explain my reasons for doing it but I don't wanna sound like I'm defending what I did. I'll just chalk it up...and call it a youthful mistake. LOL

You're right. Weja does sound like me but he's wayyyy more crazier than me. LOL. But you made some good points. VDay is very commercial. I'll admit that I have to fall in line just like everybody else. I think it's better when you get something for your mate when they are NOT expecting it.

Eham said...

V-Day is just an excuse... not an opportunity.... An excuse to make someone give or want something from someone that suppose to love you or care to show it on that day. Hell, I'd be madder than a pimp gettin no money!!! The opportunity to give freely should not be excused to a special day that is more commercial than emotional. I'd rather tell you and show you I love you everyday... and send you those same things throughout the year, because you are worth it 365, not just for one day. Else we are paying for love and maybe we need to pay the pimp and get our money's worth.

Be worth more, send her roses just because she makes you smile more than one day. Send him a I Love You and watch how him as he responds! I'd rather be loved or at least shown year round.

PS. What is a must have gift?