Monday, February 4, 2008

The Top 5

I don't watch a lotta tv. I don't watch as much as I used to. When I
turn the tv on, I'm usually looking for a game. If I can't find a good
game to watch, I'll try to find a good sitcom. Most of the sitcoms
that I watch are old ones that I grew up on. In my opinion, sitcom's
aren't what they used to be. TV is now being dominated by reality tv.
As a result, sitcoms have suffered. There are still some good sitcoms
out there but I couldn't name 5 sitcoms that are currently on tv. I
don't think they could stack up to those sitcoms in the past. If I had
to name a top five, it'd look like this...

5. The Cosby Show-great show that showed the upward mobility of a black family

4. The Jeffersons-a spinoff from All in The Family. Featured the
"movin on up" dry cleaner, George Jefferson and his wife, Weesy.

3. Good Times-this show was DY-NO-MIIIIITE!!!! Classic show about a
family struggling in the ghetto. Ain't we lucky we got em...Good

2. Martin-a sitcom from the early 90s about a radio dj and his
girfriend, Gina. Martin also played characters like Shenaynay, Rosco,
King Beef, Dragonfly Jones, and Jerome.

1. Sanford and Son-the story of a junk man and his son in LA. Redd
Foxx is hilarious. I never grow tired of this show. One of my favorite
episodes was when Fred and Lamont had to go to St. Louis to bury
Fred's uncle. Fred thought that his uncle left him a lotta money. Only
to find out that he left him nothing. And Fred goes off!!! LOL!

Honorable Mention
A Different World, Different Strokes, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Give me your Top 5. Also, give me an example of a funny or your
favorite episode.


A. Hicks said...

By far those are the Top 5 picks of all times, but there are a few more that you forgot about.
1. The Payne's (Tyler Perry's new sitcom)
2. One on One (kyla Pratt & Flex Alexander)
3. All of Us (Lisa Raye & Dwayne Martin)
4. The Parkers (Monique)
5. Moesha (Brandy)
They are all really good sitcoms. All of them depict situations that go on in everyday life. I don't really have a favorite episode because they're all good. But I do enjoy watching them with my kids.
My runners-up are Girlfriends, Half and Half, That's So Raven, & Cory's In Da House.

Airtre said...

got to be...

A Different World....
Fresh Prince....

Brad said...

Here's my top 5.

5. All in the Family (Just a ground breaking show that set the stage for real racey sticoms.

4. The Jeffersons (First time they showed blacks doing well.

3. Seinfeld (Most well written sitcom ever.

2. Sanford and Son (Can't even put into words how funny this show still is).

1. Martin (This show was my favorite because the cast was just like me and my friends, right down to the high yellow girlfriend and best friend that ain't got no job.)

Funniest episode. When Martin played the Love Dr. and then he found out that he mistakenly hooked up Tommy and Pam. Then Cole locked the fridge on Big Shirley and she came down on him. She came down on his whole right side. LMAO.

12kyle said...

A Hicks
Thanks for the vibe.

I tried watching that Tyler Perry show but I just couldn't get into it. I'm not sure why. You named some good shows, though. I must admit...I've never heard of Cory's In Da House. LOL

I've always heard good things about Seinfeld. I've only seen one episode of that show. The episode that I saw was HILARIOUS!!!

Here's a few more
Who's the Boss?, Family Ties, Family Matters

Brad said...

Seinfeld was hard to get into. It didn't have much content that would interest a young black dude on the surface. But the show was so funny because the jokes in the beginning always tied into the end of the show. Plus if you lived in or were familiar with NYC then it made it even funnier.

12kyle said...

That's one of the things that I remember about the episode that I saw. The jokes were tied together with the theme. I never had any other interest to watch it again, though. I've never seen friends either.

Here's anutha good one...Living Single

Brad said...

Seinfeld...give it another shot. Trust me. You'll get hooked. And Friends was also a good show. More emotional though.

Living Single was my show. I actually forgot about that one. Although I probably wouldn't put it in my fav 5.

12kyle said...

Can't forget about shows like Happy Days, Leverne & Shirley, and What's Happening.I must admit...I was a huge fan of the show Alf.

L. Renee' said...

Hey 12Kyle!
Great topic for a Monday.
1.Cosby Show
2.Different World
4.Ally Mcbeal

12kyle said...

Ally McBeal? I'm gonna need your help with this one b/c I'm not familiar with that show. Who was on that show?

Boogie said...

Well, since you asked...... is my Top 5.

5(tie). Fresh Prince of Bel Air (tell me ANY dude who wouldn't have given ANYTHING to be Will whenever he had a FOINE chick, who just happened to become famous, on his show)

Martin (can't BELIEVE how many times my stomach was in stitches after watching that show....)

4. (tie) Good Times (I know I'rybody has already talked about it.....)

Cosby Show (ever since people started calling my momz Claire Huxtable, you KNOW a brotha was hooked on the show.....)

3. The Jeffersons (George and Weezy....'nuff said)

2. Sanford and Son (no way I could miss Fred G. Sanford, and the plethora of meanings that the 'G' had......Julio and his goat......Smitty (the white cop) and Hoppy (the black cop/translator of Smitty's verbiage)

1. I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I NEVER missed Miami Vice. I know it wasn't really a 'funny' show, but I honestly was HOOKED on it. I mean, the adventures of Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs made me want to move down to the MIA ASAP!!!

Can't forget Jill Marie Jones was the reason that I watched the show. When she left, I LEFT......

King of Queens........(a VERY underrated show)......

Seinfeld.......(again, 'nuff said)......

Different World.......(Lisa Bonet.....pre-Lenny Kravitz.......boy oh boy oh boy).....

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (Mark Curry at his 'finest')

In Da House (LL, 'Carlton', that Wayans sister, and the FOINE chocolate sister whose name I can't remember....)

Parent Hood (Reagan Gomez......'nuff said)

In the words of Porky Pig.....a-bee-buh-buh-bee-buh-buh Dat's All Folkz!!!

Brad said...

The fine chick on In the house was Maya Cambell. Remember there was the rumor that she was Naomi Campbells sister? Although I haven't seen much of her since.

Kyle said...

Leave it to Boogie to put Miami Vice in the top 5. LOL. That wasn't a sitcom. But if you want it in the top it.

Fred G Sanford
(the G is for the Greatest)

The Jaded NYer said...

the shows mentioned (except that Tyler Perry show; I'm sorry but it's just so not funny) already would def. make my top-something list.

But my childhood was also filled with shows like

>the golden girls
>designing women
>murphy brown

Today's stuff that makes me double over and in tears

>the new adventures of old christine
>the game
>30 rock
>notes from the underbelly
>samantha who

ok...for someone who doesn't own a TV, I sure do watch a lot of TV! ;)

seriously, TV is my life- I grew up on it and my motto is: I'll watch anything once!

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
I never could get into Tyler Perry's show. It might be a good show but I just can't watch it. You named some damn good shows don't own a tv??? Word?

The Jaded NYer said...

nope- first it was a space issue: my apartment is the size of a matchbox.

then I realized that 95% of the shows I watched were available online on network sites or bootleg sites. I was like, WORD?! And never looked back...

12kyle said...

@ Jaded NYer
Wow!!!! You have seen alotta tv when you consider the fact that you don't have a tv