Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sportz Vybe

just some random thoughts here...

Roger Clemens...stop lying playa. You're giving a new meaning to the phrase "take it to the grave." Personally, I don't care that you took HGH and steroids to become the most dominant pitcher of your generation. That's on YOU. Steroids adversely effects your JOINT. I don't wanna mess with my joint...and neither does my wife.

Speaking of wife...Clemens' old lady took HGH, too. WOW! You mean to tell me that your ole lady took a shot of HGH and you knew nuffin bout it? C'mon dude. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

Barry're next. I know you're laughing at Clemens but when they get done with him they'll be coming after you, bruh. The difference between you and Clemens is that your former trainer would rather do jail time than dime you out. Roger's trainer has already ratted him out. Maybe Roger should have set out some loot like you're doing.

I like baseball but the season is too long.

Don't sleep on my NY Yankees this year.

The Patriots lost the Super Bowl. I'll bet they STILL can't believe it. 18-1. Has a nice sound to it.

Tom Brady...thanks for all of those fantasy points during the regular season. You carried my fantasy team. Too bad you couldn't rollover those points like rollover minutes on a cell.

Eli Manning...for years I called you a bum. Maybe you aren't a bum...but you ain't Peyton. Congrats. Now, go do it again.

The Super Bowl was watched by nearly 93 million people. I wonder if anybody paid any attention to those horrible commercials.

Wonder if Mike Vick was able to watch the Super Bowl while in jail?

Speaking of Vick, I hope you are learning a lesson in the bing. You've had a lot of time to think. I'd love to ask Vick why you would be betting $2500 or $3000 on a dogfight when you've got 40 mil in the bank. Makes no sense to me. Hold ya head up, Mike. We all make mistakes. As a Falcon fan and season ticket holder, I can say that we miss you. The Dome ain't been the same since you left. Hope you get out this summer and get on with your life. And I know you'll be back in the NFL.

Wonder if TO is still crying?

Can you imagine TO and Randy Moss on the same team? That would be unreal. Hand the title to Dallas right now. Wait a minute...I said that last year when I heard that Moss went to New England.

Maybe it's just me...but is the NFL a twisted sorta way...remind you of the slave trade? I'm not calling these players slaves. The players are poked and prodded. They are tested on their speed, strength, skill sets, and intelligence. They are then drafted by an NFL team where they are paid handsomely and are a property of that team.

As a former college football player, the NFL Combine is must see tv. LOL

Bill cheated. It is what it is. 18-1. Karma is a bych aint it?

The NBA's Western Conference is gonna be a dogfight when the playoffs roll around

Funny how Shaq got "healthy" after being traded to Phoenix. I'm not saying that the Big Cactus was doggin it in Miami but I don't know too many superstars who'd wanna play for a team that only has 10 wins this season.

Wonder if Dwayne Wade was sad to see him go? He didn't look too sad to me.

I don't like Kobe Bryant...the person.

Kobe Bryant is the best player in the game. He's not Micheal Jordan. But he's closet to MJ that we've seen. He needs a few more rings to be mentioned with MJ. And MJ would have never taken 2 shots in a half of a game 7.

LeBron James is a beast. Cleveland better enjoy him now. When his contract is up in 2yrs, he'll be headed to Brooklyn to play for his mentor, Jay Z.

Cleveland got better with this trade...but it's not good enough.

The NBA Champion could come out of the Eastern Conference b/c the Western Conference teams are gonna beat the hell outta each other on their way to the Finals.

Rasheed Wallace is one of the most talented players in the NBA. He's just a head case.

Allen Iverson is tougher than leather

The NY Knicks suck. And I love it!

If my Atlanta Hawks don't make the playoffs, I'm gonna really be pissed.

The Hawks need a new coach...real bad.

Don't sleep on the Detroit Pistons.

I was very impressed with the Slam Dunk Contest. Dwight Howard is sick.

Can't wait for the NCAA Tournament

I hate Duke

Kelvin Sampson...damn! You had a good job coaching hoops at Indiana and you effed it up.

Bobby Knight...thanks for retiring

Michael Beasley from Kansas State is a beast

The ACC is down in hoops this year better hit free throws if you wanna win

I love golf. My golf game is getting better. By the time the summer rolls out!

Tiger're my dude...but I gotta call you out. No REAL black man would let anybody make a comment about "lynching him" and get away with it. Step your game up and stop being a sucka for these white folk. They'll piss on you and tell you that it's raining.

Damn I wish my golf game was like Tiger's. He makes it look sooo easy my humble opinion...if you wanna meet a good man...go to a golf course. Or a sporting event. Football game, basketball game, etc. Go dressed to impress. Sexy.


Brad said...

So much to talk about so little time. So, I'll hit up the B-Ball.

Kobe is the second best player in the Game. Lebron James not only leads the league in scoring but he leads small forwards in assists. He's also 4th in that intangible of making his teammates better. Behind Nash, Chris Paul and J Kidd. I even think he's better than Deron Williams and Tony Parker in that regard. And he's 23. He hasn't peaked as a basketball player yet. WOW.

Dwayne Wade used to be good at that. But I think he had more Kobe/Iverson in him than J-Kidd. In other words he's great and can do everything on a basketball court to carry a team. But the players around him benefit because he draws so much attention. Not because he executes such a flawless offensive plan that their game is raised. Don't know if you watched an Heat games this year versus Cavs games. Early in the season the talent level of both supporting casts was about the same. But D-Wade was trying to carry them as where Lebron was trying to make them reach there full potential.

FIRE ISIAH!!!!!!!!FIRE ISIAH!!!!!!!!!

And about my NY Football Giants. If you believe you can achieve. In 2008 I will witness my Beloved Giants beat an unbeatable team in the biggest single sporting event ever. And I will witness a Black man become President. Gotta Love it.

12kyle said...

I think Kobe is better. As much as I don't like the dude, I'll give him his props. He does it on both ends of the floor. LeBron may be better when it's all said and done. He's gotta get some rings, too.

The Lakers have a legit shot to win the West and maybe the title. All it took for them to get there was a summer of bychin' and moanin' from Kobe! Are you happy now, Kobe?

I got tix to the Knicks game when they play my Atlanta Hawks this Friday. I think I'll be 5 rows behind the Knicks bench. I'll get the "FIRE ISIAH" chants going!

The Giants killed Goliath

Obama is about to do the unimaginable.

BRAD said...

Yo, this is the first year in about 5 that I will miss the Knicks V Hawks. I can't bare to watch that mess this year.

12kyle said...

I'm looking forward to that game.

Unlike you, there are a lotta FANs (fake azz newyawkers) who come to the game. You know the type...the dude who spent 3 summers in Brooklyn but grew up in North Carolina but is yelling "New York is in the building!" And he's wearing Knicks gear from head to toe knowing that he wouldn't dare go to The Garden dressed like that. I really get a good laugh at those cats.

L. Renee' said...

You hit on everything but boxing. What about your boy pretty boy going into wrestling. Now, that my friend is a death wish.

Airtre said...

KD....hella rant.

Here's mine....

For years, I never understood why people LOVE sports teams and players so much. You are not related. You get none of their money. They could give a shyt about you. Half of them are azzholes. The franchise owners run the leagues and their teams like the industry you mentioned (combine). The weather or conditions (even indoors) sucks for half of the seasons or games. Minorities are still left out or marginalized even if they are being paid handsomely. Some of the players cheat either with video taping or humane growth hormones.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the skills being put on display. Appreciate the boxer who's conditioned to go 12 rounds one-on-one with another man. The linebacker able to dig deep in the 4th quarter of a game. A receiver who can catch a dart 50 yards down field while running full speed looking back at the stadium lights (try it if you haven't). A point guard trying to push the ball up court and is down by four points with 30 seconds left in a pressure cooking championship game. All of it takes great skill and I appreciate the players for preparing and managing under pressure. I just don't understand the fandom.

For me, it's always been: "I have no connection to anyone one the field or franchise (unless one of my friends were coaching or playing), so I'd just like to see a good competitive game." Let it come down to the wire. Let everyone put it on the line. Not I'm heartbroken because XYZ team lost. I can't believe Joe Boxer lost the title fight.

Oh, by the way....I live in Washington, DC (where die-hard Redskins fans exist), played college football (so, I've had fans) and am married to a dime (so, I do know committment)....go figure.

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
I forgot about boxing. I guess it's kinda easy to forget boxing when all you've ever known is great heavyweight champs like Ali, Foreman,Lewis, Holyfield, and Tyson. And now...there are no bruthas at the top of the heavyweight game. Just a buncha Russians. Aint that a b? LOL

I heard that Mayweather was gonna wrassle (not wrestle) somebody for 20 mil. Wow! They don't call him "Money Makin' Mayweather" for nuffin

I feel where you're coming from. I've always been a fan of a team. Don't know why...but I just have. Now, you won't catch me cryin' b/c my team lost a game. But you will see me at the game cheering em on. As a former athlete and football player (college), I understand how shallow some athletes can be. So, you'll never see me "geeked" about meeting some famous dude. Been there and done that. The way I see it...he's a dude JUST like me.

I will admit to being a sports junkie. I can't change that.

Don said...

What do you think the chances are of the Knicks getting the number 1 pick, and NOT taking Beasley? You know Isiah Thomas is the GM.

You can't be ragging on my team, though. lol.

Atlanta has a good chance of making the playoffs. Bibby should free up Joe Johnson some.

I had Detroit vs San Antonio. Now I have Detroit vs Los Angeles.

Chris Paul is a monster.

I don't know who Roger Clemens think we are. I'm like could your wife take it, but you not take it. He wouldn't even let her go to the hospital when she was in pain afterwards.

But he didn't know though, right? lol

12kyle said...

@ Don
You're a Knicks fan? Just when I thought you were Seriously, the Knicks SHOULD be a lot better than they are. Isiah has to go. He's done absolutely nuffin with the talent that they have assembled. Word on the street is that former Knick, Kiki Vandeweigh is next in line for the GM job in NY. The owner is gonna have to pull the trigger on Isiah.

Bibby will make the Hawks better. We should get to the playoffs but we need a new coach.

I like Detroit vs San Antonio in the Finals. Can't sleep on LA or Boston but I don't think they are ready just yet.

Clemens is a joke. There were 90 people who were tied to this steroids investigation but he's the ONLY one who says that he's innocent. Errybody else has admitted to it...except him. Dummy. LOL

eclectik said...

I just cannot make myself care about baseball at all

I REALLY dont care about roids...let EVERYONE take the hell what?

And wht does the Government have to do with anything?

The Pats still had a nice season...they burnt though

Eli still gon have to get to the playoffs

Vick is a sad case...he'll prolly never play again; but he really should.

T.O is funny..

I cannot even get into The NBA anymore...Havent seen a full game yet

6ers is my Team
Iverson is my player.

I guess I root for the Nuggets too

Anyway...great shit.

Welcome to the blogroll fam.


12kyle said...

@ eclectik
This steroid investigation is a waste of tax payers money. Just a high priced game of "your word vs my word"

I think Vick will get another shot. Shyt, there are dudes currently in the NFL who have beat up women, got busted with drugs, and one dude killed a woman while he was DUI. If they can play, so should Vick.

TO is a drama queen

Don't watch the NBA? Werd? The NBA is fannnnntastic. LOL

Preciate ya vibe, fam.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

Baseball season TOO LONG……..Leave my baseball alone. I told u b4 the only problem with baseball is I can’t see every team come to play in GA. With all the games that they play in a season I should be able to see every MLB team at Turner Field.
Yes Roger has taken the phrase “take it to the grave” to a whole new level but men have lied about lesser things. In my opinion they should make HGH legal like alcohol and put a warning label on it.
In hind sight to Eli’s win (fluke or not), I won’t call him a bum but Peyton he is not.
HORRIBLE COMMERCIALS---that AMP commercial with the fat dude was too funny. The flavored water commercial with the dancing lizards was ok but I think the cutie in the sparkle dress was sooooooooooo not necessary.
Leave my TO alone. He was just showing his sensitive side. I don’t think TO and Randy will get along on the same team (their egos won’t fit in the locker room together) they will fight over who is the real 81.
Allen Iverson takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ and he is like the energizer bunny. I wonder if he can bump uglies that long. Gotta LOVE a thug!!!!!!!!
Dwight Howard had to make you rethink your “Just a waste of time” blog =)
I’m glad to see Bibby come to the Hawks. What team do you think will be outside the gate to pick up Vick on his release date?

12kyle said...

@ Ms Moore

I like baseball but we both know that 162 games is an eternity. LOL

You don't wanna see HGH legal. ESPECIALLY as a woman, you don't wanna deal with a man on that stuff. Nahmean? LOL

I can't remember one commercial from the Super Bowl

TO needs a hug...and a woman. Not saying he's gay but I've never seen nor heard of him being with some chick.

Both he and Moss wear 81. I forgot that. LOL

Iverson is the little engine that could.

You were right about Dwight Howard. I was wrong. But I'd still like to see the dunk contest go back to its old format.

There will be several teams that will be bidding for Vick once he comes home or once the Falcons cut him. Truth be told, there are only 8 or 9 good QBs in the League. The rest are mediocre at best. Vick will get another shot to do his thing. I just wish it was her in ATL but that aint gonna happen

Eb the Celeb said...

hey hey now... i stopped reading when you started talking about my cowboys... I dont play that mess!

12kyle said...

I hate the Cowboys. You like the Cowboys and you went to A&T. Damn! We're not off to a good start with this friendship are we? LOL

If it's any consolation, I picked the 'Boys to go to the Super Bowl last year. I don't see why they wouldn't content for the crown next year. They have the same squad coming back. They just better make sure that they sign Marion Barber. That dude is a beast!