Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guilty...As Charged

Guilty pleasures. We all have em. You know...the things that you do that you find enjoyment in but you're not necessarily proud of. Some people have guilty pleasures...like dressing up in all black and going to a club where everybody is dressed the same way. I won't call any names (LOL) but if you like it, then that's cool with me. We all are strange...to a certain degree. Our differences is what make us who we truly are.

One of my guilty pleasures is that show Flavor of Love. I like that show! And I'm not a fan of reality tv. I've never watched American Idol, America's Top Model, or America's Best (fill in the blanks). I watched a season of the Apprentice and that's about it. I can't tell you much about Survivor or whatever the hottest show is right now on reality tv.

Flavor of Love is a show that features these beautiful woman who are all in one house competing for the love and affection of Flavor Flav. That's right...Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, the hip hop pioneering rap group. Flavor of Love is in it's 3rd season as Flav is looking for love...again. I saw the first season and was hooked b/c of the outrageous things that these women would do to themselves and others...just to be with Flavor Flav. Anybody who has ever seen Flav knows that he is a sore sight on your eyes. LOL. The mere thought of a fine woman kissing Flav is enough to make you laugh...or puke. These women hurl cuss words and fists at each other like there is no tomorrow. And it's all for their man...Flavor Flav. And for some STRANGE reason, I find this very funny. So, I tune in every week to see who's gonna make a fool of themselves.

There...I said it. I know I aint the only one with some type of guilty pleasure.


Brad said...

That show is bafoonery at it's highest. Bodering on minstrel. That being said....I am a loyal fan. LOL. Can't stop watching how silly this dude is. Plus the women are fine. Just fine examples of women vying for the attentions of a burnt corpse. I agree with all of the detractors that this show is stupid and portrays us in a horrible light. But I'm one of those people who look at entertainment as just that. I can watch a reality show, comedy, drama, shoot em up or any of that and not get offended at the content unless it's racially incensitive.

So that's my spin. Imma keep watching.

12kyle said...

This show is bafoonery to the 10th power. But I'm drawn in every week. LOL. I just don't take it too serious. Sometimes I don't understand the outcry about the show. You never see white folk complaining about how foolish they look on The Real World or Surreal Life. It's not that serious to me.

And Flav is arguably the best hype man in hip hop history. So you KNOW his show is gonna be crazy.

Airtre said...

...you both should be ashamed of yourself. That show sets us back 50years. The advertisers, producers, camera crew and writers should be banned from the industry.

You guys need to watch real TV. My guilty pleasure in the broadcast world is True Hollywood Story. Not sure why I give a shyt about these folks lives.

My other guilty pleasure is vodka and a cigar....no liver and cancer...

L. Renee' said...

You know I watched that show before and it is very funny. Actually it is pretty ridiculous. But, the reality set in when my husband and I went out to dinner with a group of professional white women. At the table, a woman brought up the show Flava of love. She said that they all got drunk once and watched the show. When she said how funny it was and how outrageous the women were acting. I felt embarrassed inside. It really made me think "is this the image I want other women to have of us"? The woman imitated Flava Flav and she even imitated one of girls on the show. Demonstrating their behavior to the other white women at the table. My husband and I were the only blacks and I have to say it was embarassing.

Brad said...

I agree that it's not an accurate depiction of us as a people. But L.Renee, to counter your point, we have cable here at my job. There are judge shows on ALL day, and reality shows in abundance. There are some people on them judge shows that are just as embarrasing. Oh, and don't let them put on Maury or Jerry. There are embarrassments in ANY culture. I don't take it seriously enough to be that embarrassed.

12kyle said...

I feel you. I just think that show is only on aspect as to what we are on tv. Actually, the show doesn't represent us b/c I don't know 10 women who would kiss Flav in the mouth and live to tell about it. LOL

Maybe you and your husband should have given that chick the look like..."White girl if you say ONEMO thang about that show...we're gonna beat you down." LOL

Cigars and vodka? I see you still think you're Ron O'Neal. LOL

Villager said...

I watched the second season of Flava of Love. I thought he seriously was in love with the thick sista that he picked at the end. It surprised me that he dumped her for a 3rd season.

I did watch the internet diva's show ... Tequila ... a little while ago. I guess u're right. We all have our guilty pleasures...

peace, Villager

12kyle said...

@ Villager
I saw the 2nd season and I think Flav was into that chick. But I guess he had to dump her to have a 3rd season. LOL

I've seen you around the "cities". Thanks for your vibe on the 12th planet.

Don said...

I've always said that every person on this Earth is strange to a certain exent. lol.

I don't know why but I cannot watch Flavor of Love or I Love New York. i used to be a Real World fanatic thouh back in '99. Loved Khadijah. And Coral.

My guilty pleasure now is...wait, whose all reading this? LOL.

12kyle said...

@ Don
You can share with the class. Nobody is reading this. Just me, you, and Eb. LMAO!

beast said...

I agree

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

We're all strange...I know I definitely have some strange qualities! LOL!

As for Flavor of Love, I watched the second season last year, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to watch it again this year. I'm an avid reality TV fan, but I kinda feel like L. Renee. Even though those women don't represent me, unfortunately for all of the world who don't know black women personally, it does. Don't get me wrong, it is entertaining and is a guilty pleasure, but I just couldn't do it this season!

P.S I did pick up the DVD of I Love New York at my predominately all-white job (I work at a mag that gets a lot of DVDs, etc)-- I had to take it to keep them from watching it! Wink :-)

~Ms. Moore~ said...

All of you Flav of Love watchers should be ashamed. My children watch the show and tried to pull be down to that level, but I just do not like the show. I was not entertained by it at all. I realize that sex sells but where is the limit. Apparently you guys will watch anything to see fine women =( Just skip the madness and go straight to porn. I understand that this is not real even though it is called reality TV and it is for entertainment purposes only, but I have a problem with shows that depict us as minstrel show baffoons. People remember the degradation that our ancestors had to endure when they were forced to act in this same fashion to entertain white folks. We have risen above that as a people and the least we can do is show some solidarity and make sure we all stay above the baffoonery and minstrel show antics. That being said I am ashamed to say that the episode of the Dave Chappell show where he was the blind black man that was a member of the KKK was funny as H E double hockey sticks to me.LMAO

12kyle said...

@ Brown Girl Gumbo
I feel you. You felt the need to take the I Love NY copy before it got in the wrong hands, right? LOL

Good points, tho. I think we'd be crazy to look to television to get a positive image of sistas. There are some...but clearly not enough

@ Ms Moore
I hear you...you know I do. Can we boycott NEXT year, tho? LMAO. This season is too good.