Monday, February 25, 2008

The Wire (Clarifications)

It was must see tv!


Chicago Bulls vs Houston Rockets...nope

I'm talking about the best thang on tv. The Wire. Last night's episode was powerful! However, in that episode, one of my favorite characters died. Omar Little. Omar was the local, professional stickup kid who terrorized the streets of Baltimore. He died from a gunshot to the head. The surprise wasn't the fact that he was killed but it was the person who killed him. A young snot nosed punk named Kenard. Kenard...not Kenard! Anybody but him. In last week's episode, he had just seen Omar for the 1st time and he had NO clue as to who he was. In the back of my mind, I knew that Omar had to die. He had done too much dirt NOT to die. He couldn't just ride off into the sunset. He had shot too many people and robbed too many stash houses to turn back. Omar was back in B-More to avenge the death of Butchie, his blind mentor who kept his ears to the streets. Butchie was killed by Chris who took the order from Marlo. When word got back to Omar, he came back to Baltimore and he was determined to get even. He had already killed alot of Marlo's muscle on the street. He had destroyed Marlo's drugs on the street and even the money that Marlo's hustlers had made. That said, I figured if Omar was gonna die it was gonna be in a shootout with Chris and Snoop. I never thought he'd get dropped by a young punk who never even shot a gun before. But that's the beauty of The Wire. If you think something is going to the left, it will go to the right.

Omar was a bad dude. A thug. A criminal. A thief. A killer. How could you be a fan of a guy like that? It's easy. Omar was the illest! Not to mention, Omar was a homosexual. While I don't think any dude should be kissing anutha dude, if that's your thing...then you can do what you want to do. I like women. LOL. I will say that I'm not the only fan of Omar's. Since this episode appeared last week online and on HBO's on Demand, message boards have been blowing up! Some people are mad b/c he died. Some are mad b/c he was killed by Kenard. I call it great writing by David Simon. The Wire has never been predictable. Moments after Omar was shot, my phone starts blowing up. Text msgs and emails. One of my boys called me b/c he just couldn't believe what he had seen. He knew that I had already seen the episode. He said that it caught him off guard.

As for the rest of the show, it was very intriguing. The walls seem to be closing in on McNulty. He's way in over his head. I like McNulty. I don't know what's gonna happen to him b/c he's sinking in quicksand. He came clean with Kema, who then denounced the whole scheme. He also came clean with his old lady who is about to leave him. Although the case is almost solved, McNulty is feeling guilty about creating this whole "serial homeless killer" stuff. It don't look good for McNulty.

Bunk has a warrant to arrest Chris but at McNulty's request he holds off b/c Lester is close to closing the case on Marlo. Speaking of Lester, he approaches Clay Davis in a bar and advises him that they will be headed for round 2...only this time it'll be a federal case. Clay knows that his "MLK act" won't fly with a federal jury. Sheeeeeeeyyyyyyyyytttttt!!!!

Gus catches Templeton in a lie. I like Gus. He knew that Templeton was making up stuff but he could never put his finger on it. He has exposed Templeton for what he truly is. A liar.

After watching the previews for next week's show, it looks like the last 2 episodes will be explosive.



Brad said...

Son, that was crazy. Omar is gone. It don't even feel right. Like the streets just lost a legend. But if you think about it....he had to get it from somebody that wasn't scared of him. Even the ghost formerly known as Michael was scared of the sizzy. SO who better than a kid who ain't yet learned what to be scared of. That kid is gonna be a serial killer too. He was about to torcher that Kitten.

McNulty is headed for a fall. He's done too much to turn back. The Mayor is banking his Governor race on the Homeless killings. This is gonna end bad for him.

I think Marlo is gonna be exposed for a punk. He was cold hearted as hell....but when it's you staring down the barrell it's a different level of heart then.

Why would the take the show of the air when it's obviously the best show on tv? PERIOD

Eb the Celeb said...

"The Wire has never been predictable."

The reason that this show is the best thing on TV is that statement right there... No matter how much you try to figure it out you never can. Even if you do have a hunch to who will get killed, no one but the Wire writers could think up how it ends up going down.

And I thought I was the only one who had crazy friends that text message about shows...LOL... none of my friends have demand so last night at 9:20 on the dot my phone was erupting with messages asking if I was watching and what they just did to omar...

Don said...

You said it best...The Wire has never been predictable.

I hated to see Omar die by the hands of an unknown. When the season began, I had a feeling this was going to be his last season. I had Chris being the one to off him, though.

Marlo is cold.

Don said...

lol @ The

12kyle said...

Kenard was about to set the cat on fire. That's funny.

My friends are crazy. And they are crazier about the show. One of my boys will wake up a 5am to watch The Wire on Demand so that he can see it before he goes to work. And I thought I had it bad. LOL. Everybody was pissed that Omar got popped. After talking to them, I realized that I'm not the only one with issues. LOL

Marlo is cold. The way he did Prop Joe was ruthless. Great acting. He's gotta go. I had hoped that Omar got him. Maybe Mike will get him.

TNice112 said...

Genius! I believe he knew who Omar was that's why he was so terrified. Remember since he 1st appeared on the wire he's been trying to prove himself. C'mon Kyle you know the "Napoleon syndrome" LoL! But he shot Omar because he knew Omar wouldn't expect no little ass kid to do him in and to gain a rep. Plus the fact that this little dude is sick, remember he was bout to burn a cat. Yep I don't know what I'm gonna do without the wire but if they don't come correct on HBO that's 20.00 buck a month I'll save. Peace!

12kyle said...

@ TNice
I may have to get rid of HBO once The Wire goes off the air. I barely watch it.

The Wire was supposed to end after season #3 with the death of Stringer Bell and the fall of Avon Barksdale. But the brought it back. I'm hoping that there's a 6th season but it's not gonna happen. David Simon said that the only aspect of Baltimore that they haven't covered is the influx of hispanics into the city. They have no Hispanic writers so they don't want to try to tackle that subject.