Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where's The Beef?


That was a popular slogan on a commercial when we were kids. It featured a lil old lady who uttered those 3 words and became famous. To this day, I can't even remember what company had the commercial. I just remember that the commercial was very popular and that lil old lady got rich.

Today's question should be...what's in the beef? As you know, there was a recall on beef last week. What you may not know is that Americans already have eaten most of the 143.4 million pounds of beef involved in this week's biggest-ever U.S. meat recall. Yet the U.S. Department of Agriculture says consumers are at little risk -- even if they did eat the meat. Huh? I'm confused. As a person who eats at LEAST one burger a week, I am concerned. I try to watch what I eat. I work out and exercise 3 or 4 times a week (i should do it daily). I'd be lying if I said that this recall doesn't have me concerned about what I'm putting into my body.

The USDA said the risk is low of getting sick because no contaminated or infected beef has been found and because no human illnesses have been linked to the recalled beef. However in last September, twenty-one people in eight states may have fallen ill after eating hamburgers possibly contaminated with E. coli bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Giving up on hamburgers may become a problem for some of us (like me). It's about to get warm and that means it's time for me to break out the grill. LOL. As we try to be more conscious about what we eat, what should we do? Just become vegans? Ignore the warnings signs? Your thoughts.



Airtre said...

....that's the thing 12Kyle. Folks think we have to go to the extreme when we incorporate certain elements into our lives. Give up drinking completely. Stop all smoking. No cursing ever...etc.etc....

We all need to be more aware of what we eat. Shoot, the other night, I ate too much food and hot sauce that I was up half the night with heart burn. I thought, "I'm too damn old to be making that dumb azz mistake."

L. Renee' said...

I am one of those extremist people who falls off the deep end if "THeY" report something is wrong with food, water, plastic etc. I won't let my children drink cow's milk anymore because there were reports of little girls starting their periods as young as 3 because of all of the hormones and steroids injected into the cows. I also got rid of all of our plastic tupperware containers because "THEY" said that when the plastic is heated it makes a harmful poison release into the food which can cause cancer. So..meat is out! I feel sorry for my husband and my kids. I secretly fed them flame grilled veggie burgers and they didn't even know the difference. LOL
Ofcourse, I confessed after they finished.

12kyle said...

I've been down that road before. I remember eating a couple of slices of pizza late one night. It was wayyy too much grease. I felt horrible all night. At this age, you're right...we should know better.

12kyle said...

That's funny. Talk about taking it to the extreme. However, I understand. My wife only cooks frozen vegetables. I grew up on canned vegetables and I can tell the difference in the taste. I think the reasons why some of the kids physically look like they do is because of the steroids and hormones that are in foods nowadays. Our parents and grandparents ate food that was far worse than what we do...but they are living longer.

Brad said...

I think there are so many things that we have to be afraid of that we'd never live if we followed everything. I do try to eat better. Veggies with every meal, not much red meat. But I don't take all this too seriously. Salmonilla was in chicken, mad cow disease in beef, worms in pork, E-oli in lettuce. You can't eat no meat or salads anymore. I guess you have to pray over your food and hope for the best. LMAO.

Oh and it was the Wendy's commercial "where's the beef".

12kyle said...

That's right! Wendy's! I remember it now.

Trish said...

Well, when you see these reports on the news recently about beef companies and their practice of cruelty to the cows, stabbing the sick ones with electric prods just to get the sick ones to stand up so they can be considered good for the slaughter line, its bound to give us contaminated beef. SICK COWS = CONTAMINATED BEEF.
How these ill minded people can do such things without consideration that this food is eventually going to end up on someones dinner table, is absurd! I bet they make sure their families dont eat beef.
Its very scary, to the point you dont know what to eat anymore, Here in NY an employee of a Chinese buffet was stomping garlic in a bin outside in the back of the restaurant with his boots to crush it!!
What the hell is goin' on?!?!
Brad is right, all we can do is pray. Wash and practically scrub your veggies, wash even your meats when you take them out of the packages. When cooking make sure you're at optimal temps. to burn of whatever might be there to harm you.
This is surely a way to cure obesity. It makes you want to stop eating altogether.

12kyle said...

I saw that video. Very scary when you think about it. If an animal is distressed then you're probably going to get a bad product. I try to make sure that I cook meat until it's cooked all the way throughout. Dark and crispy is what my wife calls it. LOL

TNice112 said...

All you have to do is listen to KRS-One "Beef" I believe it's on the Edutainment album. Poisonous, Addictive, (most drugs are) and high in Fat and Cholesterol. Why do they continue to feed this to us? Dr. get richer when you are sick or have health problems all the time and prescribe meds which are expensive and make the drug companies billions which is regulated by the Food and DRUGS administration. That's right the Government. Let not forget the Insurance Companies who take you money and then figure out the best way not to pay out a damn dime. It's a vicious cycle people. I try to go Organic as much as possible but that's not always available, especially meats.

12kyle said...

I see that you dropped some knowledge as well as hip hop lesson. Good points bruh. I have thought about going organic. But those burgers taste so DAMN good! LOL

Don said...

All I can ever do is hope for the best. It's going to be mighty hard for me to put the hamburgers and steaks down. I do know this.

12kyle said...

I agree. It would be very hard for me to give it up. But when you think about how people are being stricken with diseases like makes you think. The only thing that you can do is to excercise and pray.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

I think the general consensus here is to be aware of what we consume and the products we use. There are so many products hazardous to our health it is scary. L.Renee I am like you I go to the extreme with the warnings, because if you think about it by the time hazards are made public knowledge we have been exposed to them for so long that we can’t tell what hazardous product has caused the problems that we are experiencing. More and more people are developing all forms of cancer, obesity is on the rise, children are being labeled ADD, and now adults are being labeled AADD!!! Even animals have issues now. Mad cow disease, bird flu, cancer, urinary tract infections, etc. After checking I found out that all of the Mary Kay products (and 90% Avon) that I ONCE used had several chemicals that were potentially cancerous and dangerous to the neurological system. I have given up all types of meat, I limit the amount of fish that I eat, and I try to buy organic products whenever possible, and like Brad I PRAY over all the food that I consume. I believe that we as a people (around the world) will have to stop the pollution that we are causing with all the conveniences that we are accustomed to. It’s funny that with all the technology that we have to make life easier we are going to have to take some things back to the basics in order to survive.

Don said...

@ 12kyle: yep.