Monday, May 30, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Oprah's show ended. meh. never was a fan of her show...but i respect her hustle

throw on a JDilla beat and watch all of the heads bob

i wish Sarah Pale-lynn would run for president. i need more jokes

if you tell folks that you're having a baby, you'll see everybody having suggestions for baby names. thanks but no thanks.

speaking of baby names, a female friend of mine told me..."I hope you're not gonna give your baby a white name?!?" name is KYLE. i didn't know ANY black people named Kyle when I was growing up.

i don't get into the black and white, but i'm into common names.

this weather is crazy. pray for the victims of these violent storms

games in high def is the best thing since sliced bread

my son Kameron (age 8) asked me if i could grow an afro. i told him i didn't want one. he said..."why not? you had one when you were my age."

not only is Sammy Sosa light skinned...but he's Ricky Ricardo careful with your words to men. the wrong words can pierce through a man's spirit and soul

fellas...stop flossin' material possessions. most women don't care about that. they wanna know about YOU

Scottie Pippen must have been on crack, ecstacy, and heroin to say that Lebron James could be better than Michael Jordan. stop being a prisoner of the moment. nobody is better than MJ

NFL lockout...*sigh*

Dad called me the other day to give me props for the poetry that i posted on the blog. he said he didn't know i could write that well. yes Dad...your son has skills!

anybody ever got beaten with something other than a belt by your parents (i.e, shoe, yard stick)

Kris Humpries proposed to Kim Kardashian with a 20.5 carat ring that costs 2 million dollars. Yet, his NBA salary is only 3.2 million dollars. and you want me to believe HE bought it for her??? nope! not buyin that theory. she bought it for her damn self

marriage is 'sposed to be forever. if Kris wants to lay with dead fish Kardashian for the rest of his life, then it's on him. we saw the tape, bruh. she's dead fish...

ever notice how Prez O has a lil "pimp" in his walk?

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i told y'all SexEd-die Long was gonna settle out of court. people will never know what really happened. now that he has settled the case...i wonder what his congregation thinks.

i really enjoyed the US vs THEM conversation on 12Radio the other night with Krishna.

ladies...don't let your man wear anything but boxers or boxer briefs. you get your hands and feet done? i don't. some dudes do. is that the new thing?

if the Bulls don't get Derrick Rose some help, he's gonna make his own DECISION...and bounce!

we've got text messages, emails, instant messages, etc. these are mediums when points can be misunderstood. sometimes you need to pick up the phone and talk

kelly rowland


Tee Reese said...

Off the dome....

I beez looking forward to these! Good stuff... and what black man hasn't done a fist pump when we watch 'The President of the United States' the most powerful man in the free world walk like a brother. Lovin' it!

I'm stopping right there and live in the moment of that thought!

President Obama is the man.. For Real y'all!

K. Rock said...

Only boxers and boxer briefs?

Just one thing to say....tighty whiteys are alrighty.