Wednesday, May 4, 2011


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TOPIC - Relationships (the good AND the bad) by Sweet Stiletto...(347)215-7162...Don't miss it!!!

Why is it hard to find a good relationship?

If your man/woman hit you, would that end your relationship?

Should past relationships be discussed in your current relationship?

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Tee Reese said...

Question 1.

Why is is hard to find a good relationship? Either one or both find it too hard to ride the good in/ will come from the relationship over persevering the obstacles that life presents us. We these days grew up in a society of 'I want what I want, how I want it NOW!'

Question 2.

If your man/ woman hit you, would that end the relationship?

I'm a man and I've been hit in two relationships and stayed in it. But my thinking if it planted the seed in me to hit back.. I would say, I need to walk away. And if it's the woman that gotten hit. Capital H E (L L Cool J) Yeah! I say end it. No man should ever hit or have the thought to hit a woman. If you do, it's time to go and the same should go the other way around if it proves to be a situation where it could lead to worse.

Question 3.

Should past relationships be discussed in your current relationship?

I say yes, because it isn't until you learn about someone's behavior from how they deal with the past that you can learn more about the current person. I just don't think going into great detail is something that should be discussed. There are things from the past that will simply carry over because of who you are but my thinking is that new relationship can benefit from things you learn about yourself good or bad in a past(s) relationship that will help you become a better friend, lover, etc in the new.

Won't be able to make the show tonight but wanted to add my input. Have a great show Kyle and Sweet!