Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I saw her.

I wasn't looking for her but I saw her.

She looked good, too.

One day last week, I was flipping through the channels and I saw her. There she was...in the middle of a rap video that came out in 2001. As usual, she was featured in a video that showed off her body but the song had nothing to do with the video. Typical for most rap videos. But she had IT.

Nice firm hips...

Toned and tanned legs...

Pressed long hair (or weave...i can't always tell the difference)...

Breasts that were more than a handful...

An azz that was meant for squeezing...lol

Lips that you could kiss all day.

She had IT! She had the kind of body that most men would drool over. In fact, more than a few men HAVE drooled over it. I asked myself..."Man, what is her name?" Who knows? Who cares? Do you see that body?

I really couldn't rememeber her name. She was a video vixen. Some women don't like video vixens. Most men love em. As I watched her dance and gyrate, I asked myself, "Wonder what she's doing now"? I mean, I'm SURE that she's not doing videos anymore. The shelf life for video vixens is not that long. What do you do when your body and face ain't the hottest on the block no more? Do they settle down and look to get married and have kids? Do they try to get into acting? I was once told that "women have it more difficult because they are always comparing themselves (and their bodies) to what they USED to look like." Well I guess that makes it tougher for video vixens who have to "retire".

Do they have a pension plan? What's next for them?

Can they go back to being a "regular chick"?

Will the regular chicks ever show them some love? Prolly not. LOL. Don't worry video vixen...the men love ya.


Tee Reese said...


Still LMBO!!

Good post and YES, I do the double take followed by.. Oh My Goodness... Did you see THAT!?!

Yes, I appreciate a tight body, beautiful skin tone, hips that make you want to grip em. Lips that make you wanna pucker up with closed eyes as I feel the luscious'ness that'll sure'ly have me whipped.


I'm with you... what's next after all that fine'ness is considered not worthy of blessing a music video that has nothing to do with the song!

Great Post!

Jazzy said...


I don't dislike video vixens...I really don't think about them. Maybe this is why I had no idea who Esther Baxter was until all the twitter squawking started about her and Joe Budden. I almost had to google him too though. Pump it up was a long time ago yo!

PS: totally side-eyeing you wondering all about what home girl is doing at that exact moment. o_O.