Thursday, July 29, 2010

he got it

The cold, dark night started with a plan.
He wanted to hit the club so that he could dance.

A place where he could release stress and be free
A place where there was always a pretty lady to see.

He looked through his closet for the right thing to wear
He wanted to make em look and maybe even stare

Found a nice shirt, shoes, smooth slacks
Tonight was gonna be his...his outfit couldn't lack

He made it to the club and got in for free
He was confident and excited about how the night would be.

As he made his way to the bar...
he exchanged daps and hugs like he was a star.

On his way, he saw a fine chick who caught his eye
Nice hair, pretty face, great body...she was mad fly

They made eye contact and he saw her smile
His heart raced. He hadn't felt like this in a while.

He was headed in her direction.
A woman with whom he'd want her affection

Out of nowhere stepped another man
She must have came with him and he didn't understand

Why would she give him "The Look"
Her ulterior moves had him shook.

He played it cool and proceeded to get his drink
Knowing that she faked him out, the night was beginning to stink.

He watched her dance with him for the rest of the night
He quickly noticed that she kept him in her sight

Despite being with him, she didn't stop with her eyes
Her actions told him that she was telling lies

You know...I'm here b/c I have to be
Suddenly...curiosity was getting the best of he.

This went on until the club was ready to close.
Her and her man went separate ways and it was time for her to show

If she was wid it
Could he get the digits?

She gave him the number and told him to call
He said he would and he knew they'd have a ball

He called her the next day anxiously with no delay.
The number was to the fish market. Damn...did he just get played?


12kyle said...

after 3 yrs of running this blog, this is the FIRST poem that I've ever written

Tee Reese said...

Nice word play! Love the flow and man did I get played too! LOL! This may be your first, don't let it be your last. You have a gift to keep the reader in anticipation of the next verse!

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Great poem Kyle!! Keep em coming!

wynsters the tigress said...

i like! too bad for the protagonist in your poem though.

swtstiletto said...

You are doing a lot of first this week! First show on 'love', and now your first poem. Good job keeping the reader interested in the outcome...and of course, I laughed at the end.

Keep 'em coming!

Miss Mika said...


This was funny, in a sad and frustrating way... lol.

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Finger Snaps! Loved it and please keep it going. Smooth flow guy!


SincerelyGo said...

LMAO, I loved it. Got dammit maybe she owned the fish market! Did he ask if she was in? Kmsl. I like this Kyle!



Mizrepresent said...

Congrats on your first! lol, this was enjoyable.

Pumps and Gloss said...

Nice poem!! Ending was funny!! More, please!!

Angel said...

So glad I am stalking your blog tonight! This took me by surprise, have been reading your blog for at least 3 years and haven't seen poetry, I loved it though. Good ending