Monday, August 2, 2010

lost one

Chat rooms.

I hate em. Neva been a fan of them.

When I first got on this thing called the innanet, I quickly noticed that most chat rooms were filled with people who were pretending to be something that they were not. I mean, you're on a computer...who would know if you're being honest about who you truly are? I promised myself that I would be as truthful on this blog about myself on this blog as I am with anybody who knows me. I could tell you that I'm a 6ft 8 inch, self made millionaire, ladies man. I could tell you that I was the best wide receiver to ever play at South Carolina State and I TURNED down an opportunity to play in the NFL. I could tell you that I've got 6 kids from 5 different baby mommas. That's not my style. Instead, I choose to write about the stuff that I do and I let you into my world. Most of the people who read this blog have not met me yet they know me very well. They know about me and my love for my 3 lil boys, my wife, family, and crew. The picture that I've painted is one that is true.

"A lie don't care who tells it."

Now to the subject at hand. When I woke up on Saturday, I noticed that I had 67 friends on Blackberry Messenger. Strange. I had 68 on Friday. I thought..."No big deal. Maybe somebody left Blackberry for the iphoney." I didn't give it another thought until my boy Russ asked me if I had read my boy WisdomIsMisery's latest blog. I hadn't read it but I quickly read it. If you didn't read it, please do. It may not mean as much to you as it did to me and I understand that.
It was about my friend "Reina" who USED to write on the blog "". To summarize it, "Reina" and her blog was a sham. The picture above does not belong to "Reina". The picture is of someone else. I won't get into too many details of how she "pump faked" me and the rest of her friends. Read WisdomIsMisery's blog. He breaks it down. And I gotta thank the homie for doing that. He told "Reina" that he knew she was fake and mysteriously...she disappeared. Suddenly...I had one less follower on less Facebook less Blackberry Messenger friend. Her blog,, is gone.

I'm not here to bash "Reina". Here's what I DO know about her. She was/is an intelligent woman. Her stories on the blog were very well written. She was an advocate of the fight against domestic violence against women. I know that "Reina" was mad cool. We chatted often...almost daily on twitter or blackberry messenger. She told me of her feelings for a fellow blogger. Like I said, mad cool. I would often tease her about her voice. She was Black/Puerto Rican but she sounded like she was from the backwoods of South Carolina. She co-hosted on my show, 12 Radio, 3 or 4 times. In summary, I considered "Reina" to be a friend.

Once I found out that "Reina" was fake, I was tempted to call her on her cell (we've spoken by phone) and try to get to the bottom of it. Why lie? Why be somebody who you aren't? Keep it real. You think you have to be a swimsuit model for people to like you? Do you! Be you! That's it! The fact that she disappeared once WisdomIsMystery found out who she was/wasn't speaks VOLUMES about who she is/was/will be. For all i know, "Reina" could be a 300 lb female Biggie Smalls look a like. It aint about a look because i guarantee that i look wayyyyyy betta than my pictures and my pics look great. It's about being who you are. It's about being truthful and honest about who you are. Am I hurt? Nope! Disappointed? Yes. I'm a loyal dude. If you're cool with me, then you are cool. She was cool with me. Now...I dunno know. She's got my info. I ain't hard to find. I'm sure she's reading this.

Get at me "Reina"

The moral of the story is that all I ask from ANYBODY is to keep it real with me. I'm gonna do that with you.

And that's something that "Reina" had a hard time doing.


Mizrepresent said...

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst! (been awhile, lol). WOW, just wow. I have been privy to the talk shows where Reina/Nikki/??? co-hosted with you and she was very believable. I also have read her blog on numerous occasions and really enjoyed her writing. So sorry that she was faking the funk, well at least the pics, bc she seemed like a genuine down-to-earth person. Oh well, i guess that's just how it goes on the Innanet.

Tee Reese said...

You've summed it up best.. Be you! It doesn't come to mind to wanna paint a picture that isn't a direct reflection of myself so I can't imagine why another would take it there.

Haven't been in the blog world but a hot minute and you telling me, this is something I got to look forward too!?! LOL!

Smarty P. Jones said...

You, too? OK, this is the only place I'm going to address anything about this whole situation.
First off, this whole situation and how she was "outted" first on Twitter then on WIM's blog was juvenile. This was some high school shit if I ever did see it.
Am I condoning the lies that have been told? Am I condoning anyone else's behavior in this situation? Nah. Am I judging? Nope. Was I pissed? Damn straight. Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing about it.
This has been the talk of Twitter the whole weekend. It's a brand new week. Let's move on.
Everybody keeps saying, "I wanna know why," and "why didn't she say something" or whatever. Have you reached out to her at all? Have any of you?
I mean, at this point we've been beat over the head with these posts, the jokes and everything in between. I can see a couple joke, I mean, it's what we do. But being innundated with this every time I log on? Miss me with that.

WisdomIsMisery said...

Good post man. Pretty balanced. I think my blog speaks for itself so I'm not going to go into the details all over again. I will say that I spoke with "Reina" for about 4 months, but prob 'learned' more about her this past weekend when I was inundated with emails and DMs from everyone and their mama about their side of the story. lol which is cool, just sayin.

Anyway, those who were in the know, knew I was feelin "Reina" or at least who I thought I knew. Even tho Im the cause of the ish, like Smarty, even I'm ready to move on.

Even after all that's gone down, I'm not upset. Confused, yes. Disappointed, yes. But hey, that's life. Shit happens. Lets keep it movin.

Savannah Goldlust said...

Great post!!!!

Funny thing, I went on a mini Twitter rant this weekend about fakeness.

When I started blogging my stories earlier this year, I, being rather outgoing and blunt in real life, was suddenly shy!! These stories were rather explicit!!! So I set up a separate Twitter account for the main character in my stories (with a fake cartoon picture as the avi) and tweeted about my blog.

"Savannah" was getting great feedback and her follower count kept growing. Only a few people knew that I was the real author.

To make a long story short, I closed that account. If I wanted to be known as that Erotica writer and be recognized for my creativity, I had to come out. And I'm glad I did. This is me. I'm me. And when I'm tweeting as the character in my story, all I do is add a hashtag ;)

Oh and the pic on MY blog?!?!

Yes. It's me. Non-skinny, non-model, non-actress ME.

Cuz I'm real :)

EazyduzitVA said...


PS When I found out the pics were fake ... ILMAO !!! (way 2 much promotion !!!)

Savannah Goldlust said...

Ironically enough *giggles* it's my character's name that's set up on my Google account. For blogging purposes.

Just sayin' ;)

and1grad said...

Totally echoing this sentiment/post. I've "known" Reina for longer than most, if not all, of you and am very disappointed. And like you said, Kyle, should she wanna set the story straight, we ain't hard to contact. Somehow, I'm doubting that happens tho lol.

swtstiletto said...

We all know you keeps it real...sometimes painfully real...ha! When I read WIM's post, I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. Not laughing AT him for having this experience, but rather at the whole story. Very interesting the choices ppl like "Reina" make to create a persona not truly who they are...and for what? I just don't get it, and won't spend too much energy tryna figure out. It's just plain ole funny! SMH

12kyle said...

@ Miz
LoL @ first! It has been a minute! LoL

I agree with you. Very cool and genuine.

@ Tee
I know you're new to the blogger family but this is not something "normal". What I've found is that we tell people so many things about who we are through our writing. Some things are direct but most are indirect.

It's easier to be you than it is to be somebody else.

@ Smarty
First, I wanna say that I understand where you're coming from. I think you may have been closer to her than anybody else from our circle. And that's what we have...a close knit circle. Virtually, we ALL spend a LOT of time together. Y'all have as much access to me (cell, emails, bbm, twitter, Facebook, blog) as my wife does! LoL

I won't bash WisdomInMisery's approach and call it high school or childish. He simply stated the facts. If there were no facts, there'd be no post.

Lastly, if YOU had done the same thing that she did, I'd be writing about you

@ WisdomIsMisery
I gotta thank you again for bringing it to light. If you didn't, who knows. Like you said, this went on for years. I know you're prolly tired of talking about it. This is the last time I'ma talk about it. I'd be remissed if I didn't address it.

For the record, "Nikki/Reina" has a copy of this post. She knows how to get in contact with me or how to respond to this blog.

@ Savannah
Thanks for coming thru to this blog and posting.

"Cuz I'm real..." Love that! Nuff said!

@ Eazyduzitva
Lmao @ u!

Really, it aint about the pics (although it is comical). It's about keepin it real. Cool is cool...but you gotta be real about who you are

@ and1grad
No doubt! She knows how to get at us. At this point, I doubt if she ever will. Nevertheless, I've put it out there for her.

@ swtstiletto
You know I'ma keep it real. And I don't ask anything from a friend except for them to do that to me.

12kyle said...
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SincerelyGo said...

Wow, I had no idea people were doing it like that. I have heard that photoshopped photos were huge these days though but to totally steal someone's identity that's crazy.

When I first got into the online thing. Chat rooms were the first thing I fell in love with.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say.



Jazzy said...

still smh and saying WOW.

J.R. said...

You need to edit this post. No matter who or what, throwing people's government names around the internet isn't really cool.

I know she is who she says she is. I wrote it on Wisdom's 1st blog and I'll say it again here. I'm not for the back and forth and since I shut down TruthMerchants I'm not to heavy on twitter.

I hear you...all of you...I just know better and choose not to debate the shit.

Real talk on the name thing tho. You see Wisdom didn't do that. Keep it above board Kyle...

Angel said...

Wow, never heard of her but it sounds very crazy I had no idea people could do this.

Anonymous said...

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