Thursday, July 8, 2010

life and times of KD

Step into the world of 12kyle

I wanted to share a few pics from Deion's graduation from 5th grade.

It was a great time. My parents came down from South Carolina to attend the event. My parents, who have been divorced for nearly 25 yrs, stayed at my house. They slept under the same roof! It really meant a lot for me to have them there. They are good friends now.

Have a good weekend

The youngest in charge...3 yr old Brandon


Mom & Dad with Deion

Deion...the star

Deion the graduate

Deion with Mom & Dad

Deion's chillin

Deion (10) & Kameron (7)

Mrs12 and the boys

Mrs 12, Deion, and me

Me & Da Fam (minus Brandon who won't stand still long enough to take a picture)


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful family. Deion looked real sharp in his suit.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Awww...what great photos. I couldn't imagine my parents sleeping under the same roof. Someone would be shanked by morning, LOL!

What's with the mean mugging in the last photo Kyle?

swtstiletto said...

Thnx for sharing! Great looking family you got there.

BTW - You look just like your mom.

12kyle said...

@ BorednTalkative
Thanks! He didn't wanna take that suit off. He kept it on all night

@ Kay C
Mean muggin? That's my bboy look! LoL

@ swtstiletto
Thanks! 'Preciate the love

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! Your wife is very pretty. And I want to take Brandon with me. But I will bring him back. He look like he get into everything.

Dione said...

Congrats on the graduation as well as Mom and Pop 12 spending time with everyone as a FAMILY :-)

E.M.H. said...

Beautiful family!! Congrats to Deion . . . it's just the beginning of many more graduations and celebrations!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Redbonegirl97 said...

Awe, great looking fam. Congrats.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

12kyle said...

@ Southern Girl
Thanks! You are correct! Brandon gets into EVERYTHING!

@ Dione
Thanks! It was great to have the whole family there. I don't know if this could've happened years ago but I'm glad that it did!

@ E.M.H
Yes! There will be several graduations to come! I can't wait! Thanks!

@ Redbonegirl97
Thanks! 'Preciate it!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

That's a good look 12K. Wonderful looking family.

Angel said...

Wow Kyle they boys are getting bigger every time I see them. Deion looked so smart, you have an beautiful family

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

As my mom would say back in the day "that sure is a good-looking family". Thanks for sharing your world with us!

BrokN_RecorD said...
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BrokN_RecorD said...

Cuz they are adorable!!! Yall are a good looking family.

LadyLee said...

Bruh, you suppose to cheesing hard like Harpo. You trying to look all hard. Love the family pics!

What a happy time. Everybody could come together and it be a good time. Congrats to Deion on graduating! Yeah, you got a LOT of graduations to look forward to!

12kyle said...

@ Rich
Thanks fam!

@ Angel
Yes! They are growing right before our eyes. Deion turns 11 next month. It seems like we brought him home from the hospital yesterday. Thanks

@ Curvy Gurl
Thanks lady!

@ BrokN_RecorD
Thanks cuz!

@ LadyLee
LMAO @ u! Thanks!

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful fam!

Mizrepresent said...
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Juz Dee said...


Solomon said...

Looks like you are blessed with a wonderful family Kyle...

Thanks for sharing with us!

Maylady84 said...

You have the cutest family! Deion was pin needle sharp in that suit!