Wednesday, July 21, 2010

12 Radio/Top 5 MCs

Tune in tonight to 12 Radio. Tonight's topic...Top 5 Hip Hop MCs of All Time

The MCs are based on the following criteria...

Classic Album (Gotta have at least 1) defined by a hip hop publication (The Source, XXL Magazine) or hip hop website

Classic Songs (Gotta have at least 5)

Memorable verses (gotta have at least 2)

Lyrical Skill - can rhyme with NO beat and it’s still hot

Lyrical Content - Has to have the ability to rhyme about something…not just the latest whatever is out drink, chick, cars, clothes, jewelry

Storytelling - Foundation of Hip Hop is to be able to tell a story and make it hot and visual

Show starts at 9pm EST/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Central


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Tee Reese said...

Without research My All-time would have include these two.

"What they definition of Classic is
Timeless, cause age don’t count in the booth
And your flow stays submerged in the fountain of youth"
Rakim - on Kanye West 'Classic'

"This is the difference between MC’ing and rap
Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly illegal, MC’s spit rhymes to uplift they people
Peace, love, unity, and Havin’ fun, these are the lyrics of KRS One"
KRS One on Kanye West 'Classic'

are two I'd have to have on any top 5 list.

Anonymous said...

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