Monday, March 29, 2010

u name it

A month from now, my family will welcome it's newest member...

It's a boy...

Anutha boy...

We're excited...

I can't wait for the lil fella to get here.

I hope he's healthy.

I'm excited about having my second nephew...

Oh...don't get it twisted. I'm sure that the first lines may have made you think that I was having another child! LOL! Nah, we're done and very content with our 3 soldiers. Trust me!

The newest edition will be named Braydon. He'll have an older sister (Taylor) and an older brother (Tyler). I asked my brother why he and my sister in law chose that name. I can't remember the answer but he liked it. I do, too. We named our sons...Deion, Kameron, and Brandon. As you can see, both me and my brother have given our children very common names. I've never been a fan of exotic names. I don't knock those who have exotic names because they can't help it. However, I do scratch my head when I hear some names that today's parents have given to their JaMarkwon for example.

I guess in '72 you could say that the name Kyle was exotic. I guess? It was rare. My mom named me that because she had a co-worker, who happened to be white, and she liked the name. I found the name to be very rare growing up. I had only met 5 people named Kyle through my school years. And they were all white. When I got to college, I met 2 black people named Kyle (a dude and a chick). Nevertheless, I like name. Always have.

kyle- a narrow channel of water between two islands or between an island and the mainland; a strait or sound. (Scotish/Gaelic)

What about you?

Does your name have a meaning? (*first names only...some of you may be on a WANTED*)

If you have kids...what are their names? Do they have a meaning? If you DON'T have kids, what would you name the kids that you plan to have?



LadyLee said...

Dang man. You tripping with that first part. I was like "wow! another boy!" You jokester!

My first name is Alesia, which I found out meant "truth". However it is spelled wrong on the birth certificate (Ma admitted she didn't know how to spell it.) My middle name is Nicole, taken from the One Life to Live character Viki, who had a split personality name Nicole, who was a bit dark.(I was NOT happy to learn this).

I am not a fan of exotic names. My brother's name is Dacari, and my sister is Kinyanay (spelled wrong on purpose since NO ONE has her name). She has always been a very self-concious about her name, to the point where she goes by "Kay". We learned this by mistake a few years ago. Talk about SHOCKED.

I don't knock exotic names. (Saw a name As'shole the other day! That is nuts!) But think of the kids, ya'll. My sister is a teacher, and she had a 6-year-old student named Notorious. Kyle, uh... I see you naming the next boy that, you hip hop junkie. LOL!!

I never had kids, but if I did, the names for boys would be either Kenneth or Keith. Girls- Tashira or Shakira.

E.M.H. said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family. At first I thought you and your wife were expecting, but I didn't remember reading previous posts about it. LOL

As far as my name . . . don't think Erin means any thing. It's fabulous nonetheless. LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

My first name is Carlene. It's the feminine form of Carl (my dad's name). It's not that common.

My daughter's name is Mehalia which means marrow in Hebrew. I didn't know that until much later. I named her after Mahalia Jackson, I just spelled it different.

wynsters the tigress said...

wynnie is traditionally short for gwenyth, which is Gaelic for "pure & innocent", two words which often come to people's minds when they think of me lol

as for future baby names, since my background is Haitian and the boy is latino, they will definitely have French & Spanish names. no Michaels, Georges or Peters here!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My first name is weird. Here is the older brother named me by putting two females (that he liked) names together. However, the funny thing is that it's also the name of a Greek city, which I found out later on in life via my pediatrician. With that being said, I'm not saying what it is...I go by my middle name that is much easier.

Kingsmomma said...

Well My name is a bright yellow flower. very popular, became even more popular after Aladdin. I however have teh proper spelling. My son's name is Kingston. no real meaning there. I just liked that it was strong sounding. I wanted to name him D'artignan or Bakari which is swahili for most promising. Maybe my next one. (when i adopt)

swtstiletto said...

I thought I was going to have to call CPS on you when I read the first few lines because I knew for sure there were recent tweets that sounded like you and the wife had been hanging out I was thinking,"whoa!".

Back to the topic. I love your new nephew's name becuase it just happens to be my son's name spelled different (Braeden). I am not a huge fan of the exotic or oddly created names either. I hated my name growing up because everyone struggled to pronounce it. My dad named me after him (Leon and added aye...Leonaye). I've since grown to appreciate it, but was not going to do that to any of my offspring.

Coogie Cruz said...

I was about to get on you for keeping that secret for so long, "For real couldn't tell me I was getting another nephew???" But I digress...

My govnt name means "bright or shining one", or "light". I think its fitting. My parents debated about my name, mom wanted "Meghan" or "Paige" but daddy wasn't having it so they settled on naming me after a hurricane that hit Florida the day I was born...

theINTELLECT said...

My first name is Jaimey, and I got this because it was the female version of my father's name which is James. Now the reason its spelled this way is because my mother liked all the Jamie/y versions so she put them all together

The Flyyest said...
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The Flyyest said...

OMG!!! you had me fooled!! hahaha

my daughters name is Aryonna Azzaia

Aryonna because her dads middle name is Aryon

Azzaia because her dad made it up (that foo)

i cant wait to have another one... in time you will be seeing belly pix (when the time is right tryna do it right and get married first... 2011 watch out big bro... youll be getting an invite to seattle for a wedding!)

BrokN_RecorD said...

My name, Nadirah, is Arabic and it means precious, rare and unique. My middle name is Khadijah and it means justice.
I love a unique name but the one with a million syllables are a def no-no in my book.
I dont have any children and I'm really not sure what I will name them when I do start having kids.

Mizrepresent said...

I was named Diana (i believe after Diana Ross). Funny thing i didn't even find out about it until i saw my birth certificate...i had always went by Diane. The meaning = Divine, Goddess. I'm loving that, lol!

The Jaded NYer said...

Kyle, you know you stay fiendin' for a daughter!

Anyway, I'm named after my momma, and our names mean: Precious Lamb

For my oldest we used a baby name book for something that would pop out at us, and her names means wise child (which she is).

For the little one I wanted the name Julia so bad but it got vetoed. It was getting so close to my due date and we had no name so I got desperate and picked one from the bible; her name means Pleasant and Delightful

12kyle said...

@ LadyLee
Asshole and Notorious??? Wow. That's wrong on sooo many levels

@ E.M.H & Beautifully.Conjured.Up
For the record, I really love both of your names and I would have had to choose one if Brandon had been a girl. Since he's the last one...oh well. LOL

@ BorednTalkative
It's interesting that you'd name your daughter after her and you live across the pond.

@ Wynsters
LOL @ pure and innocent! I hear ya!

@ Kingsmomma
I like Kingston. It's very strong!

@ swtstiletto
I knew when we first met that your pops HAD to be named Leon! LOL. It's a nice original name, tho

12kyle said...

@ Coogie Cruz
I can't really picture you as a Meghan

I like the way that's spelled!

@ Flyyest
Hahahahahahaha! I knew I'd get SOMEBODY! Nooooo! We ain't havin no mo churren. Brandon is enuf...TRUST ME! You know that lil lady is adorable. I'd take her off your hands!

You're on the right track. Get the husband first! You have that wedding and I'm coming out to Seattle! Real talk.

@ BrokN_Record
I never knew your name was Arabic

@ Miz
Divine, goddess? Yep. It fits

@ Jaded Santana
Hard to believe that YOU got veto'd.

Keith said...

I've always liked my first name because it was short..only five letters and easy to spell and pronounce. There was about five other "Keith's" in my neighborhood and when somebody called one of us,all of us turned around...When one of us did something, All of us had to explain that it wasn't us.

My name supposedly means "Nature" or Natural, but I know my mother didn't know that..She just liked the name that's all..

Don said...

I too thought you were adding to your fam. Which, wouldn't be a bad thing at all. All of your sons have that look of happiness on their face. Good deal.

I have no ideal what my name means - if it even means anything. Daughters Kiara, Jameelah, Christina. I also have no precise idea what any of their names mean either.

Christina means annointed, her mother says. I personally named Kiara. I just have always liked the name. Jameelah, her mother named her. A mixture of a couple of her relative's names.

ShellyShell said...

My name in Hebrew means "Who is like God" But my mom really named me Michelle because at the time she was carrying me. She was a RN working nights and every night for a month she would go and talk to this old lady. The lady would always rub her belly and say it's a girl, she's going to be wild and have her own personality blah blah.

Well one night my mom went into the room and the lady was saying the usual stuff to her about me being a girl etc(my mom had no idea what she was having. I'm sure she was still in shock since I had a 8yr old sister 12yro bro and another 16yro bro)! So the lady rubbed her stomach and said name her Michelle it will bring her and you luck. My my said she laughed and said ok blah blah. The next evening my mom gets to work and was told the lady died shortly after my mom left that morning. Needless to say my mom said she doesn't mess with the dead and that's why she named me Michelle! LMAO! Crazy I know!