Friday, March 5, 2010


Some things are funny...

Some things are downright slack...

This post is funny to me but it's very slack! would you feel if you went to Victoria Secrets and paid $50 for a great pair of painties. However, the painties had been USED and worn before but you thought that they were new.

Think it doesn't happen???

Think again!

NBC goes undercover and blows the lid on some of the places where you shop. You'll be surprised to find that some places sell USED and stained painties. Wow!!!

Don't say ole 12kyle didn't warn y'all. LMAO!!!!!

Peep the vid (6 mins long...cut and paste the link below)


Lady K said...

I saw this today! I ain't gone lie...

I would be mad as hell! I would sue the company! For real. Women have bacteria that may cause an infection in others and if I knew my draws were used?!?

I guess Victoria does have a secret.

12kyle said...

@ Lady K
Victoria is naaaaaasty! Who wants dirty panties????

The Jaded NYer said...

While this is nasty, who DOESN'T wash undies before wearing them? I don't assume my ish is used but I do assume that whatever Indonesian factory produced my clothes had sub-par working conditions.

Woolite is my friend...

LadyLee said...

I saw that when it aired on NBC the other morning, bruh.

Lesson learned... wash yo draws.

I wash everything before I use them: draws, towels, bras, sheets. EVERYTHING!!

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
LMAO @ Woolite. Haven't heard that in a minute

@ LadyLee
This came as a HUGE surprise to me. I had no idea that these companies got down like this

Rich Fitzgerald said...

If they had a NO RETURN policy this sort of thing wouldn't happen. How many bruh's you know buy draws and then take them back. SMH...only a woman would do that.

I know I'm making a lot of friends with that comment. :-)

Redbonegirl97 said...

Yeah this is really nasty. I wonder if things shipped are any better?


BrokN_RecorD said...

I totally cosign what The Jaded NYer and LadyLee said.
I dont know where those things have been before they got to me so I wash before using for my own sanity.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I learned this from my teen modeling years. The lingerie models have to wear those things without knowing who wore them first and yep, they end up selling everything that hit the runways or showed up in the photo shoots.

There was also a story about the flesh eating bacteria being in bras and panties that were shipped and mail ordered. That re-enforced washing everything before wearing it for me.

Kingsmomma said...

Even if they aren't used they have been handled. You make a dude wash his hands before coming close why wouldn't you wash your "new" drawers?

I'm still scarred from reading a study about bowling balls when I was in elementary school

ShellyShell said...

It'a notr just Vicky's! Express, Bloomingdales and Macy's did it! Back in college my girl used to work at Vicky's and she told me they did that nasty azz shyt!

E.M.H. said...
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E.M.H. said...

I saw that segment. HOT MESS!!!! JUST TRIFLIN!!!!! That's one of the reasons why you wash them first! You just never know!!!!

12kyle said...

@ Rich
You prolly pissed a few people off with that one! LOL

@ Redbonegirl97
Good question!

@ BrokN_RecorD
Smart move!

@ Kay C
Bacteria??? Ewwwwwww

@ Kingsmomma
Bowling balls? You may have to drop a post on that

@ ShellyShell
Y'all gotta be on your Ps and Qs

@ E.M.H
I learned a lot from it. I never thought it went down like that

Angel said...

Shops here have a no return policy on things like underwear and earrings but Im with Lady K on this....I would be livid! It is nasty but its true you have to wash everything before wearing.

Charles said...

This skeeved me out when I first saw this on the Today Show, and it continues to do so. Luckily, the drawz I buy come in packages, and I haven't seen the inside of a pool in I don't know how long so I def don't need any bathing suits.