Friday, February 12, 2010


Valentine's Day!

Is it a holiday for lovers?

Is it a holiday for suckers?

You be the judge...

Valentine's Day is the holiday for love. Holiday? When did it become a holiday? My first memory of Valentine's came when I was in the 3rd grade. I had to give candy to my classmates (including the dudes) and exchange cards with the girls. Ironically, I had 2 special cards that were gonna go to my 2 Valentines...Catina & Carolyn, who were best friends...LOL.

Back then, Valentine's Day was fun because you would find out the girls in your class who liked you.

Nowadays, Valentine's Day ain't the same.

I mean, there is still a girl in my life who gets a card. And my mom still gets a card.

But society has commercialized the day so much that people who don't have Valentine's are made to feel bad.

Maybe we're just too old now and things ain't what they used to be.

Or maybe...people have turned something that used to be special into a money makin' venture.

Lovers or suckaz? I dunno.

Enjoy the "holiday" folks. LOL


Chelita said...

I'm with you; it's too commercialized. I banned Valentine's Day gifts years ago! LOL

Don said...

Broad headed to All-Star weekend in Dallas. She doesn't have her mind on anything but "....are you still giving me some money for Valentines Day?"

Now what kind of ish is that? LOL.

I sent my daughter a card and yellow roses to her school. Real appreciation right there.

So, yeah, Valentines Day is an extended moment for both lovers and suckers.

BrokN_RecorD said...

I say boooo to this week ass holiday!!! I havent celebrated in years because its too commercialized. Love should be shown regularly and especially not on a day when everyone else is doing it. If they had a Suicide Day where everyone was expected to kill themselves in various ways would these sheep (oops I mean people) participate?

SincerelyGo said...

Valentines Day is definitely a day for Lovers. I guess I have a Valentine; I got a $180 pair of tennis shoes in the mail as a gift so...

But yeah I don't think it's too commercialized it's Valentine's Day *fuzzy on the inside*



Tee Reese said...


Took me back to my grade school dayz of giving out those pre-boxed cards with candy. 3rd grade I remember finding the prettiest card with a mind to give it to the one, I couldn't stop staring at daily.. (Didn't pay attention beyond it was the prettiest going to the prettiest girl in the class).

Well, the time came to give out the cards. I delivered my cards and waited in anticipation of the smile she'll share once she got the card... she opens it, she get up and walk in my direction.. heart is beating 100 miles/ hour. She speaks, "You gave me the wrong card, it's suppose to go the teacher." she shows me where it said, for the teacher.

Thinkin' to self, how I didn't see that before??? Heart broken. I blew it! LOL