Monday, February 15, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Another football season has come and gone. I'm sure gonna miss it. Football is my first love!

The older I get, the more I appreciate jazz music

I think we all should take a day to scroll through the address book in your phone and call somebody whom you haven't spoken to in months

And while you're scrolling, if you come across a number that you haven't called since you put it in your phone, you prolly should delete it.

Is it just me or does anybody else watch the Winter Olympics just to see somebody fall down?

Anybody who knows anything about football knows that the interception that Peyton Manning threw in the Super Bowl was HIS fault. You can't defend that and you can't defend Manning. I'm sorry.

Brandon told me the other day..."Your name is not's Daddy!"

Dick Cheney was on tv talking about "there's gonna be another attack on America." Well, we endured 8 yrs of bs...I wonder if that's what he was talking about?

I'm not an Obama apologist. I'm gonna hold his feet to the fire, too. But you can't expect the man to work miracles in a year.

Errrrybody and their momma is a Saints fan now? Gimme a break!

Raise your hand if you've made the realization that you know more at work than the person who manages or supervises you...

Call it a play on words but I never call somebody my boss when discussing work. You could be my supervisor or my manager. You'll never be my boss.

Ipad? Blah. Iphone? Blah. I aint feelin it.

Shoutout to everybody who's been listening to my show on Blog Talk Radio every Wed night @ 10pm est. I appreciate the love!

Remember when Space Shuttle flights were big news?

Don't forget about Haiti. They will need our help long after the networks deem that it's no longer a story. Give and continue to give.

The new Sade cd dropped last week. Anybody copped it? Thumbz up or down?

Trust me when I tell you...all black people can't dance! And I know some white people who have rhythm and can dance!

I'm sure that most of us are tired of seeing snow...but it looked good at my house. And the boys enjoyed it! (front and back yard)

Love is...

Who is usually the first one to get cold feet in a relationship as things turn serious...a man or a woman?

If a dude is a self proclaimed "momma's boy", when he gets married...does his mom come before his wife? If so...why?

Does the dude who made "Pants on the Ground" know that he lost a ton of money by NOT copyrighting that?

Guilty pleasure...The Pepa Show

Looking forward to kickin it with the Crew in Charlotte for the CIAA Tournament. We're going long! I'ma be like Randy Moss on a fade route...Wide Open! Hahahaha!

You know who I have the hardest time shopping for??? Me! I rarely buy stuff for myself

I did buy a jacket that was $65 but got it on "sale" for $12. Now that's a "sale". *sarcastic*

I really shouldn't have to stare at you to figure if you're a woman or not.

I really wanna take piano lessons.

I see you Mike Vick. Good to see you back in the League. You'll be somewhere else next year. Also, it's good to see that BET hasn't effed up your show!

Can't wait for the Boondocks to come back on tv! That's my show!

Penny Gordon...Penny Gordon...Penny Gordon


Queen of My Castle said...

How cute is that picture of B?!?! Too funny, Daddy.

I wish someone would come to Houston and pick up all these damn New Orleans rejects and ship they assses back to the NO. Yes, I know I said they asses instead of their.

I would say the person that is the most scarred gets cold feet first.

ATL homes are set up differenly from the ones here. :-)

Take your piano lessons. I wanna learn the flute. LOL

Tyrone said...

I started to appreciate Jazz when I was studying in college and wanted to listen to something w/o words that was soothing. favorite jazz album: Miles Davis, "Kind of Blue".

I need to delete MAD ppl from my phone.

I do wish that receiver came back for the pass, but it is Manning's fault.

Not a Saints fan, but I do like Brees.

Not an apple fanboy either, but I'll be damned that my iPod saves my life weekly.

I just bought that Sade last night along with JDilla. However, I can't get past the Dilla for the moment. When I listen to it, imma let you know.

Buying gifts for my wife is tough.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Jazz is an acquired taste that often comes with maturity.

LOL at your name being 'daddy' kids say the funniest things.

Mama's boys will always put their mama first, married or not.

Boondocks is coming back on? About time!

BrokN_RecorD said...

"And while you're scrolling, if you come across a number that you haven't called since you put it in your phone, you prolly should delete it."

I just recently did this. I felt liberated.

Mizrepresent said...

I love jazz, especially live jazz.

Your son is so adorable!

Men usually get cold feet.

The snow was so pretty, too bad it's gone now. Even Frosty in my neighbors yard has lost his head.

I want to learn how to play the electric guitar :)

Miss Mika said...

Sade's CD gets two super duper enthusiastic thumbs up. I love that CD!!

LOL @ your name being daddy. How cute is that. I remember my son called me by my first name once and I felt like he had called me a curse word!

You have a beautiful home... with or without snow.

I so want an iPad. And I've got an iPhone and an iPod... *sticks tongue out*

I need to delete not only numbers out of my phone, but folks off my messenger list too. No need in holding to folks that don't need to be held on to.

Rashan Jamal said...

I miss football already too.

If I deleted all the numbers in my phone I haven't called since i put them in, I'd have like 10 numbers left. LOL

I watch the Olympics for the falling too.

i hate how all the so called Falcons fans were rooting for the Saints. I couldn't bring my self t go for Division rivals

i am living proof all black people can't dance. LOL

I didn't even post my snow pics, cuz everybody else beat me to the punch.

E.M.H. said...

I miss football season already :-/ Saturdays and Sundays just aren't the same!!! and I AM NOT A SAINTS FAN, congrats to them and their real fans . . . not bandwagoners.

The Ipad just seems unnecessary. I get the iphone and macbook but the Ipad, not so much.

Definitely looking forward to Boondocks :-)

LOL@ watching the winter Olympics to see ppl fall. That is not my purpose for watching, I actaully like the winter olympics (not more than the summer of course) . . .falling on that snow or ice hurts!!!!!

Love is amazing, priceless :-)

I've seen one episode of the Pep show, the ladies are funny.

I saw the Mike Vick show over the weekend. I rather enjoyed it, I'm glad BET did mess it up as well. I think he will do even better next football season now that he has completed a season, worked out the nerves, hushed the naysayers, and worked his way back into football shape. GO VICK!!

Last but not least . . . that snow is serious!!! We had 78/79 degree weather this weekend in Cali

Don said...

I loved this post. I can sit and discuss every single thing written. But, time permits, so I will address only a few.

First off, your home is the ish. I like that.

And, yes, it seems like every body and their mother are Saint fans now. It's a good thing, yet it's somewhat funny. But it's all good though.

I heard some Colt fans claim that Wayne didn't cut hard enough. I guess Peyton didn't see Porter break for the pass, before Manning released the ball.

Porter made an exceptional play. One in which he could have easily been beaten on, if Manning had pumped fake ... but, I am glad it all went down the way it did.

cdn gurl said...

U have a lot of stuff here!

I never like jazz, but I do now--love it some days.

Brandon is adorable, and yes ur name is Daddy--to 3 lil ones.

Your house is beautiful, I love the seasons, the snow cleans everything up--winter can be dreary.

Tha L said...

Kyle, I've got only two words for you right now. Fuck snow.

That is all...