Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tatt it up!

Do you know the profession where 91% of its employees has tattoos??

Take a guess...

Yep! The NBA!!!

I came across this random stat the other day. And later that night I watched a game that featured the Denver Nuggets. It seems like EVERYBODY on the team has at least ONE tattoo!

I don't think the head coach does. But I wouldn't be surprised if he did. They might be the most tatted up team in the NBA.

JR Smith

Chris "Birdman" Andersen

Kenyon Martin

Carmelo Anthony

The more I watched these cats, I realized that that I'm never gonna get a tattoo. I went through my stage of wanting one. I don't knock those who do. I was supposed to get one when I was in college. But it didn't happen. I may get one...one day. But it'll be ONE. I can't look like this. I wonder what these dudes will look like at 40 yrs old? 50 yrs old?
What about you?
Got any tats?
If so, where and how many?


Coogie Cruz said...

Well believe it or not but I have NONE...(I also never dyed my hair nor do I have anything other than my ears pierced). I've thought about getting one but the idea of something permanently marking my body for the rest of my life doesn't sit well with me because I know in like five, ten years I would wonder "WTF was I thinking".

rashida said...

I'm up, so I'll comment :). I have 3 tats. One I plan to get rid of as soon as they perfect painless tattoo removal. It's nothing embarrassing, I just didn't like the way it was done. The second one represents my profession, and the third my husband and I got alike. They are all small & simple, so I don't expect them to look too crazy when I'm older.

I have seen older people, especially women, who have very elaborate, faded tattoos, an it just looks a mess. Or people who got tats when they were skinny, and they're not anymore.

Chelita said...

I don't have any although I've wanted one since high school. Kept thinking that I had to choose well so I wouldn't be thinking "WTF???" later in life -- like Coogie said. lol May still get one someday...

kyle said...

@ Coogie Cruz
I'm surprised! I thought you'd say that you had 5 or 6. LOL

I feel u, tho

@ Ra
Matching tatts with your husband? Wowwwww! I feel you!

kyle said...

@ Chelita
So you haven't given up on the idea of getting one?


I went to McDonalds about 3 months ago. There was a chick who was working the window. She had the word BLACK tattoo'd on her neck.

I asked her why she had that tattoo'd on her neck.

Was it her last name?


Was it because of her color?


She said...

That's my boyfriend's nickname

Anonymous said...

I have 3 tats. Chinese character for good luck on my left arm. And I did research it before I got it so I know it doesn't say something else. I have a heart in the middle of my shoulder blades and a fairy on my lower back. I'm addicted to them, I have plans for a few more as well.

Kingsmomma said...

i've got 1.5 tats and they are in discreet places...well besides my tramp stamp which i got in part of my love for track and field...They are in places that don't move with age and body fat so I'm okay with em.

Tattoos are nice but too many people over do them. I don't like seeing females in ball gowns and tats on thier arms and legs. It's looks trashy

Otis said...

yo .....

I have 1 tat...right bicep. its an Old English O with a crown on top...Some King ish...lol.

I was watching the Magic play the other day, Jason Williams had tats on his FINGERS...wtf.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Be careful Kyle, I heard once you get one they become addictive!

Thought it was just me...I was wondering if the NBA took team field trips to the tattoo parlor or had their own artist come to them?

I don't have any. Was going to get the shield on my ankle with my Line Sisters after seeing a gorgeous one on frat. We were undergrads of course.

What stopped me was that cute little Z Phi B on me at 20 years old would spell Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, Inc. 30 years later! LMAO!!! That was enough to say ummm.....no thanks! Can't wait to try a temporary henna tattoo :-)

Lady K said...

I have three and they are in places where they can't be seen. A phoenix on my lower back. The baby phat cat on my lower right quadrant of my stomach. A tribal tatt on my left foot. The Phoenix was channeling when I got it done but they aren't in poor taste as some of the folks I've seen.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I have 3 and have plans on getting a few more before all is said and done. Like a few other posters, they are in places where they can't be seen, unless I choose to show them.

Mizrepresent said...

I have none, but i did think about it for awhile, now, not so much...can't think of any good reason to do it.

cdngurl said...

I have 3, I will probably get 2 more they are addictive. But I vow that I will never have it so when you see me you see the tatts first, you will have to seek them out.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I have a couple. Would I do it again? Probably not. It's become too much of a fad. Any tattoo that can't be covered by a short sleeve shirt is a no no for anyone who wants to be taken seriously (I guess the ball players are exempt, huh?).

Miss Mika said...

The thing that I don't particularly understand about tattoos is why people choose to get words in other languages. Do you think that in Japan, they are over there getting "Loyal" or "Love" tattoo'd on their bicep in English?

I don't have any tattoos, but I won't say I will never get one. I have seen a lot of really creative ones though.

leonaye said...

I have lots of them myself. I've even taken the bold step to get a sleeve (technically 1/2 sleeve). Many people are surprised when they find out how many I have. I'm sure some folks might judge, but I do it for myself bcuz it's something I like...PERIOD. In my opinion, people who worry about how they will feel about a tattoo years from now are probably not good candidates to get them...just saying.

Chelita said...

@kyle: Nope, still haven't given up on the idea. I'm not 100% convinced it will happen, but it's likely.