Monday, April 9, 2012

12 on 12

you've been reading this blog for a long time

you know me

maybe you do...maybe you don't

12 random things about 12kyle

1. I Can Speak Spanish - well...let me rephrase that...I understand Spanish when it's spoken slowly. I can speak it a little but I want to learn to speak it fluently

2. I Don't Sleep When I'm the Passenger in a Car or an Airplane - maybe it's a control thing but I will NOT go to sleep in a car or plane no matter how tired I am

3. I Don't Eat Watermelon - I am from the south and I am black and I hate watermelon. All jokes and stereotypes aside, I hate it. Don't come around me with it

4. I Have NEVER Seen the movie The Color Purple - Yes...I'm black. LOL. I've seen parts of it but just not all the way through. For the record, I've never seen Casino, The Godfather Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, sue me. I'll watch day

5. I Can Sing - I can sing very well. I was in the chorus in elementary, middle, and high school. I was in the Honors Chorus while in high school for all four years. I made All-City chorus as well as All-State chorus. I can sing...but don't ask me to sing because I won't sing for you.

6. The One Place I've Always Wanted to Visit - the Soviet Union. This is on my bucket list. I've always been intrigued by this place. Not sure why

7. My First Love Wasn't a Girl - it was the pigskin

8. I'm Global but not Local - I watch the World News (NBC) every night but I almost never watch the local news. Not sure why I do this but I have very little in the local news

9. I Like to Lay and Eat - At least once a day I will have a meal on the floor. I like to lay flat on my stomach and eat food. I don't know if these practice is healthy for my digestive system but I've done it since high school. I do it but I won't let my kids do it.

10. Word Association - I have a tendency to associate words that I hear in conversation into prevalent rap lyrics. Most of the time it's mental but sometimes it comes out verbally. For example, one day when I was at work a co-worker said..."Hey Kyle, I have a question." And before she could ask the question, I recited the lyric from Eric B and Rakim's song "I Ain't No Joke"

"I gotta question. It's as serious as cancer. Who can keep the average dancer..."

11. I Hate Math - Ever since the 7th grade, math has been my enemy. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in banking/mortgage industry as a career because of my hate for math. Luckily for me, at my job I just need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I can do that. Never understood why...

x + y = z

To me that's dumb

12. I Won't Shoot Again - When I was in the 10th grade, I fired a loaded gun...IN THE HOUSE!!! My cousin told me that the gun wasn't loaded when he handed it to me. He didn't tell me that there was a bullet in the chamber. Luckily, I didn't hurt him or myself or the rest of my family who were all asleep when it happened. I complicated matters by LYING to my mom about shooting the gun despite the gun smoke in the room and the hole in the wall. LOL. She wasn't buying it.


Keith said...

Amazing how much we have in common...I don't sleep on Planes or in cars either... I don't watch the local news either(except for sports!) and my first love was the pigskin also....but for years, my mother wouldn't let me play because I was so skinny..I had to put on weight, which by 11th grade..I had. Great Post Fam!

chch said...

French psychiatrist Lachan claimed that a child's Math ability was related to the child's relationship with the father. Lachan thought that he noticed that an inability to do Math was related to a child's anger towards an absent father--either physically or emotionally absent.

Tee Reese said...


Good stuff! But I would love watermelon if I didn't have to pick through the seeds.. Never been one who could eat the seeds... even the the tiny white ones. I'd pick through it. Too much work for the good taste... LOL!

Only time I've shot a gun was during my short lived stint going into the Army Reserves... I got Mystikal's Boot Camp Clique "my rifle and my ruck sack" bumping in my head" I was a sharp shooter with my M16, I could take it a part and put it back together in under 60 seconds. Shaking my head at self about this Army Reserves thing... I joined the reserves to try and get a woman back.. Long story I may share on a blog post one day.. LMBO!

Seen and read the book 'Color Purple'.. I read it in a day for a class in college during a spring break when I was bored out of my wits.. I was from Florida and had no way of getting home my freshman year at NC State. Shaking my head, no Casino? No Godfather? NO MATRIX.. I'm disappointed! LMBO.

My first love... My mom! I just remember one day as a little kid. My mom was sitting out in the front yard and I plopped down in her lap.. and when I sat up to look at her. It just came over me to express... "Mom, you are beautiful and I'm going to marry you when I grow up!" Hey, I didn't know no better.. just an innocent child who saw a beautiful woman who happens to be my mom.

Thanks to track and field, I've been to a lot of places around the world.. I'd have to say. I like to actually see Hawaii, since all I saw of it was the airport in Honolulu on my way to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Preciate the share Bruh 12!

12kyle said...

@ Keith
Thanks fam! Great minds think alike! LoL

@ chch
I hate to break Lachan's theory but my father was ALWAYS there and still is. So is my mom. Sorry...LMAO

I hated math b/c i hated math. Bwhahahahahahah

12kyle said...

@ Tee
Great perspective

Lmao! I know...i'll watch those movies one day.

MsKayotic said...

Now Kyle! You know better than that! How you gonna eat on the floor and not let your kids do it?! That's so wrong. You know that's how we ate when the cartoons were on!!!!! Just mean! Thats a part of life!

You word associate with lyrics. I word associate with movie quotes and lyrics. Don't ask me where it comes from but I'll do it.

As for you and all the movies and stuff, I'll get your wife to work on you. Just pitiful!

As for the gun... I've never been in the present of one so I know how you feel. Myou tell your cousin that he needs his head examined if he thought that damn thing wasn't loaded!

Good stuff Kyle!

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm with Keith, we have LOADS in common. I usually always drive because I'm a control freak, I hate any kind of melon, and I speak Spanish, but better than you. LOL. Enjoyable post.

12kyle said...

@ MsKayotic
I eat on the floor b/c I can do it withou making a mess...they can't.

I may get to those movies this summer. If so, then it MUST be before football season starts. Once the season is upon us, I won't have time

@ Queen
Thanks,Q. You no speaky espanol betta than me.

Donde esta un reloj?


♥ CG ♥ said...

I always like learning more about my buddies, good stuff here. you got away with that shooting is a miracle, did she light your tail up? lol

K. Rock said...

#9 tickles me so. So you like, lay on your stomach, with the bottom half of your legs up in the air just whirlin around while you eat some cereal. Funny.

#10. I do this too. If ever anyone says "OK Here's the situation" I will launch into the last verse from Parents Just Don't Understand. now granted I have only been able to do this once in my life but it was sooo worth it.

#11 I love math. It may have been my first love even.

12kyle said...

@ CG
I didn't even get touched. But I was grounded for the summer. Couldn't go tv...couldn't see my friends. Felt like I was locked up! LoL

@ K Rock
I'll eat anything on the floor.

I think word association means that we are truly paying attention. LoL

I think we've discussed this before. You love that math. I just can't deal with it. I run from math problems. LoL