Friday, April 13, 2012

spank me

"If you spare the rod, then you'll spoil the child."- Anonymous

This was an old saying that I heard when I was growing up.

There were no spared rods when ole 12kyle was a youngster. I got my share of spankings. But at a certain age (which I can't remember), the spankings stopped. I was having a conversation with my boys today. And one asked "when should he STOP spanking his child?" Apparently, the kid is at the age where spankings should no longer occur.

I think this varies from child to child. I spank my sons. My oldest son will be 13 in August. I don't spank him as much as I used to because he's getting too old. When he gets 13, it'll probably stop. My daughter WON'T be spanked by me simply because I don't want her to ever think it's ok for a man to hit her. My sons...on the other hand...get it and they know Daddy will swing the belt.

Here's my question to you...

1. How old were you when you STOPPED getting spankings?

2. At what age should you stop spanking your kid(s)?


Don said...

I feel you on the non-spanking of daughters. I've never spanked my daughters and it's always been something I took a certain pride in. Especially after seeing my mom go "Foxhole" on my older sister more than a few times. Lol.

I believe a father should instill a certain level of fear in his sons. My father never spanked me, he died while I was young, but my step-father had no problem handing physical down punishments.

I hate that man til this day....

Just kidding. Lol.

I'd probably stop spanking a son around the time he enters high school or when he starts grabbing the belt. Remember that? Lol.

Tee Reese said...

I second that on the daughter issue when it comes to spankings.. I only have one handsome young prince and he gets it! Haven't spanked him in a minute and he's 11 and I'm starting feel like.. don't want to have to do it... he's gotten his share of it, especially in the younger years. But his mom, actually gave him one maybe a month ago. So, it's still in the 'spankin' zone'.

I don't remember what age for myself when it stopped. I just remember The Day, the last one when 4 of 5 siblings got a switch whoopin' that made for great comedy for our friends. Our oldest brother saw us playing at the canal behind a neighbors house and had the privilege of 'Telling on us'. One of my brothers was Suppose to be the lookout and in his best 'I'm the 6 million dollar man' slow motion I'm fast re-enactment with sound effects said he didn't get caught on lookout when our oldest brother was making his way back from the basketball courts on the playground.

To our surprise when we went home, thinking we got away with it, the switch was waiting for us.. we pleaded our case as we tried to explain we only was down there long enough to catch some tadpoles in a jar. To no avail we got the switch whooping of the decade on our back porch while our friends in the neighboring hood watched and laughed. If you could picture this.. this is where I think I developed my hurdling skills... high knees and stepping like I'm walking on hot coals! Mom went to work whoopin' all 4 of us (2 brothers, 1 sister and myself).

That good nap followed. LMBO!

Bella said...

I was spanked by my dad until some time in elementary school and I dont think anyone man or woman should hit me as an adult. I dont think its really that confusing because you are doing it as a punishment as a parent. Not something that I have ever thought about really. I don't every child needs the same punishments but when the teacher threatened to call my dad...I stopped trippin quick!

I think if you decide to go the non spanking part you also have to watch the spoiling part because we have more than enough daddys girls that never marry because of the crazy set of expectations some dad gave his daughter lol. Men do stuff for daughters they have never done for there wife, telling them a future hubby should do it. Okay I got off subject but anyway for spanking until the age becomes where the child is more hurt by things being taken away ie sports,tv,phones,time that they cant hang with friends.