Monday, April 30, 2012

we're getting a divorce

This will be the first and the last time that I address this personal issue...

But it is official...

We are gettin a divorce!

Am I mad? No. It's been a great run. We've had some great times. We've been together for years. I cannot...and will not say anything bad about her. We've spent countless hours together. And you just can't put a price tag on that.

To say that she meant a lot to me is an understatement.

If you ask ANY of my friends, they'll tell you that we were inseparable.

Remember when she held it down on the trip back from Destin, Florida?

Or remember how she hooked everything up at the WHS Homecoming a few years ago?

You'll never hear me bash her. I didn't want it to end. But don't all good things come to an end? Well...that's what they say. It's funny...I starting writing this blogpost about a month ago but I didn't think I'd ever publish it. Didn't think we'd go our separate ways. Some people would say bad things about her because they didn't want to see us together. But I wouldn't listen to them. Never thought we'd be HERE!

But we are...and it's sad. It wasn't 'sposed to end like this. So...where did we go wrong? When did we drift apart? I'm not even sure

Maybe it was the days when she would "reset" for no reason?

Maybe it was the days when I kept getting that "hourglass"? And that led me to having to do a battery pull

Maybe it was when she couldn't hold a charge? Then last Wednesday...I would "open" her up and the screen just went black. Well...that was the final straw. I had to divorce her that day!

I miss the BBMs and the emails and all of the great times. But I always said we'd be together until she could no longer do the stuff that I needed for her to do. And that day came last Wednesday.

And while I have moved on to the biggest TEAM in the world...I know that I could have never become the social media mogul without you.

Love you, BlackBerry


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I just can't with YOU!!!!!!!
Ha ha ha! I have a BB too and it has served me well for business and personal, but I too am about to divorce for all the reasons you stated. Good luck on you new team! Crackberry out!

♥ CG ♥ said...

I'm about to kiss mine goodbye too, KD. Talk about sad times :-(

Tee Reese said...

From BB to Team Droid I beez! LOL!

LadyLee said...

*throws a BIG brick and strikes Kyle in the forehead*

Boy... *balling up fist*

I thought u were talking about you and wifey. Thought I was gonna have to roll out to the eastside and put a foot up your azz....

Time to move on. Get a new phone, bruh! LOL.

Up4Dsn said...


Sometimes you just gotta let go and take your talents to another team. Ya digg?

Miss Mika said...


You totally got me on this one. I saw the title and was like "WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!??!"

But after it was all said and done, I couldn't be happier for you.

Is it time to welcome you to the Apple family?


12kyle said...

Team iPhone

Adrienne said...


12kyle said...

@ everybody
I'm wayyyyyy too private to write about a REAL divorce. LOL

Honestly, it was hard to part ways. We've been down for so long.

Coako said...

hahaha (all late)