Thursday, March 29, 2012


Funny thing happened to me yesterday

I was in the local CVS (pharmacy) and I was waiting in the line so that I could purchase my chewing gum.

There was a gray haired, elderly white woman who was purchasing a few items. She was having a conversation with the cashier. Once she had made her purchase, she seemed to be struggling with the multiple bags that she had as she walked toward the door.

There was a young black man who was standing near the door. The dude was about 19 yrs old. He had his hat turned to the back, saggy pants, and both arms were covered with tattoos. At first glance, he looked like he could pass for a wannabe rapper. With the gold teeth in his mouth, he fit just about every stereotype that you could think of.

As the old white woman walked closer toward the door. He walked towards her. His eyes were fixed on her and the bags in her hand.

Was he gonna rob this old lady and run?

The black kid open his mouth and said...

"Hello ma'am. Do you need some help with your bags? Let me take them to your car."

The woman didn't flinch. She handed the bags to him. He took them and then opened the door for her.

I watched from inside the store as they walked to her car and he placed them in her car. She thanked him. He took off his hat as if to say "you're welcome". He pulled up his saggy pants and walked away as she drove off.

That scene that I had just witnessed reminded me of something that I had learned...never judge people. Let them show you who they are before you formulate an opinion about them.

(RIP Trayvon Martin)


Phoenix said...

We can't judge someone before they show who they are. True indeed. We still have to teach our young people to look presentable because they will be judged. Its a part of the world we live in. I do hate that our youth are perceived as thugs and thieves but when they see the other kids in all black and chains they are expressing themselves. Great post honey!

Tyrone said...

I love this. However, I would have loved for the gent to dress a little better. However, he did the right thing.

Tee Reese said...

Definitely appreciative of his actions! And it sucks that he presented himself with all the stereo-types in one... LOL!

Powerful share! And it's moments like those that splash the 'wake up' water on how we can get caught up in type casting and passing judgement.

I had my own glimpse of some nonsense, that had me wondering.. Saw a young male walk up into 'CiCi's Pizza' pants falling halfway down his thighs, no belt, he had to keep pulling them up. He looked to have been called back for follow-up information for employment. As he filled out the necessary information.. his pants was beyond sagging. I couldn't help but think... that can't possibly be a presentable sight and you're looking to be employed.

Got to do better! He may be the nicest person in the world but isn't there a time and place to be young and dumb <~> 'un-presentable'!?!

Queen of My Castle said...

This post really made me smile. I don't care how he was dressed, all that matters is that he did and was allowed to do the honorable thing.