Tuesday, April 24, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

so...I heard the Secret Service knows how to party! drinks and hookers...can't beat that

somebody should have told them that you can't go to another country and bug out

anybody seen Herman Cain lately?

trips to New York AND LA are on deck for this summer!

the older you get...the smarter your parents sounded.

if you're not watching Scandal on ABC on Thursday night's...you're missing out

some dudes gossip more than women

Bobby Petrino said his downfall (loss of job, 3 mil salary, and destruction of his marriage) started with a kiss to his mistress. DUHHHH.

my days on blackberry are numbered :(

fellas...it's ok to go to the spa and get a massage. manicures and pedicures...not ok.

ladies...just because a guy speaks to you doesn't mean he wants to holla at you

i took this picture at a gas station in my hometown, Florence, SC. i'm not sure WHO would return cigarettes and beer. are they used?

NBA playoffs are right around the corner. can't wait

one day we'll find out the truth...bottled water is REALLY tap water

it was 55 degrees today (Monday) but will be 85 degrees (Thursday) in Atlanta.

why was Mary J Blige singing for food in that Burger King commercial?

fellas...you should never be in the car with another dude and be blasting ANY slow music

ladies...it is NEVER acceptable to leave the house with a head scarf on. NEVER...

why was the dutchie passed on "the left hand side?"

and why were kids singing about passing the dutchie?

the four gray hairs on my mustache have doubled!! arrrgh

remember when MTV played videos?? I do

fellas...no more shades on in the club

ladies...if you're gonna wear opened toed shoes...your toes shouldn't touch the ground

do you have iTunes? if so, download, subscribe, and enjoy 12 Radio on iTunes. (search BTR 12kyle)

why do some people on Facebook talk in all CAPS?

speaking of social media...have you noticed how some people are on Facebook and Twitter. I've seen how some are very "tame" on Facebook but on Twitter...they are TOTALLY different and unfiltered. Well, there's a reason for that. On Facebook, you're "friends" with people who actually know you. On Twitter, you're "followed" by most people who don't know you. Some people can get on Twitter and say whatever they want but wouldn't dare say it on Facebook. Why...because they know people would call them on their bullshit. Be who you are...at all times.


Don said...

Looking forward to the NBA playoffs. Almost everyone I know feels LeBron will capture his first NBA title, this season. I believe OKC will play in the Finals as well. But I will keep a close eye on the Memphis Grizzlies.

Wholeheartedly agree on parents making more sense than ever, now that gray hairs are in our present.

Heard about Scandal, need to watch.

Petrino fell victim to man's quickest downfall. Which, I imagine, isn't cool when you've already exchanged vows.

Hilarious @ a woman's toes shouldn't touch the ground.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

I bet the one Secret Service agent is mad he didn't pay the hooker.

Scandal is a damn good show.

Bobby Petrino...SMH. Anyway, GO HOGS!

I have to disagree with men not getting pedicures. Men feet would look so much better if you all would get that dead dry skin from the heel of your feet and around the toes. I see nothing wrong with men getting pedicures. Just don't get any polish. lol

ShellyShell said...

I bet you that Secret Service dude feels like a big dummy for not paying ol girl. If I was the other dudes I would be that dudes mutherfckin azz!

Yep. You WILL BE in NYC for my bday party! JUNE 23! It's going down!

Hmm. Somedays those mugs sound smart and other days i'm looking at them like WTF! LOL! I love them though! Well let me take that back. I'm talking to my mom now and she just broke down some Latin terms.

I like Scandal but I think that Kerry Washington overacts! But I think the President's wife is setting his azz up! LOL!

Petrino is another dumbazz! it started with a kiss! boo boy bye!

Let go of that shytberry kyle! Let it go!

Evian and Fiji are not bottled! Both of them taste like crack to me! LOL!

Playoffs?? I don't care who wins this year. Leaning towards OK. Bron and them need to go somewhere!

dudes CAN AND SHOULD get pedicures. Dudes feet look jacked the eff up sometimes. Just leave the polish!

Leaving the crib with a head scarf on is a no no! AND walking around with your hair wrapped in a doobie is a no no! I can't stand when I see women do that!

Dutchie was passed on the left because it couldn't be passed on the right! LOL! They started smokin' young!

Shades in the club or inside period should be BANNED! Dudes and chicks look so wack!

People writing in all CAPS! We had this convo the other day. It's just so niggerish!

Ah Twitter wanna be G's!

Keith said...

I heard that the Secret Service Agent thought that he was supposed to pay the girl 30 dollars and she wanted $800.00...Don't know if I'd of paid her either...LOLOLOL!

You're right...No two guys should be riding together in a car with slow jams playing! LMBAO!

People are different on Twitter than they are on Facebook!

Queen of My Castle said...

This post had me cracking up. Why WERE kids singing about dutchie? Damn good question.

I have about 4 grays in my head, and they make me paranoid because yes...eventually the carpet matches the drapes. *sigh*

I always say this, but I LOVE your off the dome posts.