Tuesday, August 30, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Madden 2012 drops today. I haven't played Madden in like 3 or 4 yrs

good to see that folks survived Hurricane Irene. unfortunately, she won't be the last hurricane that the east coast will see this year

my girlfriend's back and your gonna be in trouble...hey laaaaah...hey laaaaaah...my girlfriend's back

the DVR is the best thing since sliced bread

Dubya gave a 2hr exclusive interview about his memories of 9/11. 2 hrs? He probably only rememberd 30 mins and his ole lady told him the rest

remember the little gray hair on my mustache that i told you about a few months ago? well, he has returned and he brought 3 friends with him

i hope that she got paid to do this...

congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z on being pregnant. i'm happy for them. but their pending parenthood ain't news. jay z knocked up his wife...that's what he's supposed to do!

speaking of couples, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith dodged rumors that they were splitting up. i heard someone say they "epitomize black love". if you believe that, then i have some ocean front property that i'd like to sell you in Las Vegas

an earthquake and a hurricane in ONE week.

you can run from a hurricane and a tornado but when the earth moves, where you gonna go?

gimme five on the black hand side

i hate having to watch 25 seconds of a 30 second commercial to find out what the commercial is about

so they raided Gadhafi's compound and they found a photo album of pictures...pictures of...Condoleezza Rice! *blank stare*

No movie stars. No porn stars...but Condi Rice??? *another blank stare*

the summer is almost over and i didn't get my tattoo. *sigh*

anybody want a ghetto burger?

Ladies...i think you fear rejection from us just as much as we fear it from you. it's ok

Fellas...just because you make eye contact and she speaks doesn't mean she wants to be your woman

do people REALLY watch shows like the world series of poker?

if you're not listening to 12Radio on Wed night's at 9, then you're really missing out

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i used to think that a football locker room is the stinkest place on earth. it's not. it's the woman's bathroom at my old job!

i'm trying to take it to the next level. you need to come with me

wonder what would happen if kids took an apple to school for their teacher?

never leave home without it!


Don said...

DVR is the best invention since cell phones and yes it's impossible to leave home without setting it.

Condi Rice has that vibe. Lol.

I played Madden with my Lil brother and a couple of his homeboys this summer and got tore out the frame! I want a rematch, but only in some Madden '94.

Your radio show is becoming the bomb show. I see you, bro. Good deal.

ShellyShell said...

I haven't played Madden since '96.

Earthquake and hurricane in one week in NYC. Hmmmm...

Your girlfriend is back. My side piece is back. My bf will be back in November...College Basketball baby! GO HEELS!!

I still don't have DVR..I know it's a shame. I can't justify paying for it when I can catch repeats online! I laugh at myself though because I WILL drop some serious cash on shoes...lol!

I can't listen to Dubya! Cheney is worse. They have two different accounts of what went on after 911.

I have SEVERAL gray hairs. I've had them for quite sometime too! Smack dab on top of my head. That's why color is MY friend!

That Bey and Jay shyt being MAJOR news is ridculous! Like you said they're married! It's a natural progression!

I heard that dumb shyt too about Will and Jada being our generations Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.....*blank stare*

I guess Condi is sexy to Ghadafi! Maybe she has a fatty! LOL! Or he's attracted to her intellect!

GO GET THE TATTOO! I want another one!

I told you last week. Rejection isn't a good look! LOL!

I love the radio show! I can't wait to host again!

The women's restroom is the WORST! Soo many stories. These chicks are dirty! Blood on the floor and toilet seats. Shyt on the floors! Effin bathroom smells like hot shyt!

Hey. I'm L. said...

OK, that tattoo on the face thing? Outta control. SMH.

I've always been super scared of hurricanes and tornadoes...but an earthquake is really not that big of a deal to me. Drop and cover and hold the hell on! Guess that's 'cus I'm from Cali.

If a kid brought an apple for his teacher, he'd probably get expelled for sexual harassment. Society today is so messed up.

Who cares if Will & Jada are or aren't breaking up? If more folks started worrying about their own relationships instead of wondering what's up with the relationships of celebrities, maybe our divorce rate wouldn't be so damn high. Just sayin'.

Oh, and don't EVEN get me started on the women's restroom at work. Nasty bitches.

Tee Reese said...

Thumbs up!

I look forward to my reads as I laugh, shake my head, and nod in agreement.

Madden! I use to be hooked on that game but hadn't touched it since 2003,04,05 yeah that long ago.

Not a fan of tattoos, but had a woman I loved it on simply because I love that woman! But what is sexy... those tats you see on a pair of gorgeous legs... Whoa! Freezing that moment until I see some old wrinkled up person with tats.. YUCK!

Haven't had the luxury of DVR, but I hear it's great.

Yeah, Mother Nature aka God is shaking things up a bit. Wonder what He's telling us?

I concur, where's the news in that? Jay and Bey/ Will and Jada... nicely said.

I hate I don't get to participate in 12 Radio that often it's my night out with my girlfriend <~ my 8s aka Skates and my son for Family Night at the skate rink. It'll be 2 years in January when I took her serious. Lmbo. But I do enjoy tuning in via the archives.

DLuvhall said...

You mean Jay & Bey aren't just a business marraige...they actually fuck? LMAO

12kyle said...

@ Don
I can only imagine how bad I'd get beat in Madden if I played now. I used to be a Madden king back in the day!! Thanks for the compliment on the show. It's growing and doing well. I'm enjoying every minute of it

@ ShellyShell
LOL @ your side piece. Thanks again for co-hosting on last week's show on dating. We had a ball and we'll definitely do it again.

@ L
You're from Cali so I guess you know what to do. I'd be scared as hell if I were in an earthquake. That bathroom was so nasty that women would come to the men's bathroom. LMAO!!!

@ Tee Reese
I concur on tats on the legs! Especially if they are in the right place!!! I think the global warming effect is taking over. Hurricanes like Irene will become more of the norm

@ Dluvhall
LMAO!!! I guess they do. Jay should have knocked her up a long time ago.