Thursday, August 11, 2011


I spotted her from far, far across the room
Nice body, cute face, Michael Kors bag, Donna Karan shoes
I watch from a distance as she settles into her seat
I see her every other day in class. But she never notices me.
At times I feel brave and I want to walk over and speak
Then I become flushed with a feeling and I become weak.
It feels like my body is paralyzed with fear
I get that feeling without her even being near
Captivated by her beauty and brains
Quietly, I'm driving myself insane. I'm sure she doesn't know my name
I know who she is. And I'd love to get to know her better
Too scared to talk. Maybe I should send her a letter?
I could tell her about how I love what she does with her hair
Nah, I don't wanna sound corny. But I really could go there
Tell her about how it looks when the sunlight hits her highlighted streaks of red
But I don't want to offend her by anything that I've said.
See, I'ma different kind of man
And that's something I want her to see firsthand
I could complement her on her curvy hips and thighs
Nah, that sounds too much like those other guys.
Maybe I could tell her how her smile lights up our entire class
Nope. Can't say that. Sounds like I'd be coming on too fast
How about those dreamy eyes?
Damn. Can't say that. Doesn't sound too wise!
I've never been at a loss for words
All of this for a woman who prolly thinks I'm a nerd
One day I will be bold and overcome my fear
I need to talk to her soon. Hope that day is near
Class just ended and I should stop staring into space
Daydreaming about looking into her eyes and kissing that cute face
I walk out of class in a rush
Need to get outside to catch a bus
I look forward and see an image approaching me
Is that my secret crush? No, it can't be
The closer that she moves toward me, it feels like time stands still
I can't run now. I've been waiting for this moment. So I should just chill
Now we're standing face to face
Can't believe I'm in this place
The scent of perfume tackled my nose
Wow. I can't believe she is THIS close
She smiles and says "Hi. How are you?"
My mouth opens. But the words never come through
What do I say? This opportunity I can't miss
I'm infatuated with a women who I didn't knew that I did exist.
Man, please let me say the right thing
Suddenly, her cell phone begins to ring.
She answers the call. And then she turns to walk away
I want to yell to her..."Hey, can you please stay?"
I try to be patient as she talks because I don't want to be rude
I don't want her to think of me like she does those other dudes.
The call takes her attention from me and she walks away.
Captivated by her presence. Moved by her gesture. It is in that spot that I will stay
Hopefully she'll come back
I'm standing here feeling real wack
I hope that she will soon be near
And then I won't allow myself to be paralyzed by fear


Tee Reese said...

Fist pumping appreciation, a great write, One I definitely can relate...

You've painted a picture-perfect view
of a feeling I once or twice went through.

DLuvhall said...

I see you trying to make me pick my pen up homes! Good write!!!