Monday, August 1, 2011

12 Things I LEARNED on vacay

I'm back!

Back from last week's vacation in Jamaica (Ocho Rios).

During that week, I learned a FEW things. Wanna hear em?

Things I LEARNED...

1. FIRST is better - thanks to my rewards points as an elite member with AirTran, my wife and I were able to fly first class to and from Jamaica. I always like first class. Not braggin or nuffin...but I like it. Comfortable seats. And I can get started drinking early. LOL

2. SOMETIMES you gotta DISCONNECT - for a whole week I was disconnected from my "social media empire". No twitter, 12RADIO, facebook, NBC Nightly News, ESPN, etc. Well, I did have access to ESPN and I briefly followed the NFL updates with the lockout. But for the most part, I had no phone access. And it was ok. Sometimes when you disconnect, you realize you give that stuff more time than you think.

3. WARM like BATH WATER - this blue/green ocean felt like I was in the tub at my house. Most people love to take a bath. I felt right at home in this water. And the pool!

4. ALL IN - you can't beat the all inclusive resorts. I took FULL advantage of the unlimited food and booze. I'll be back in the gym this week trying to work off the damage I did last week. I don't normally eat 3 meals a day and drink like a fish but I did. I mean...champagne at breakfast...I was outta control...but I was on vacay! LOL

5. YOU A JERK - If you are what you eat, then I'm a jerk...jerk chicken. I couldn't stop eating it. I've had jerk chicken before I went on vacay. But it didn't taste like this! LOL. I even asked the chef what he put in it because the meat was falling off the bone.

6. THREE ain't a CROWD - You have more fun when you have friends with you. We went to Jamaica with 2 other boy Russell & his wife Lisa...and their friends Lionel & Angela. We all had a ball together. We hung out the whole week. We dined together at every meal. We spent time talking about ourselves, our marriages, and the world. We were also there to celebrate Lisa & Russell's 10 yr wedding anniversary on July 27. There was a ceremony and they renewed their vows. The weather was beautiful that day and every day that week. We were truly in paradise. One night, we shut it DOWN at the piano bar with Lisa and I singing (yes...ole 12kyle can every song that the piano man could play. We might need to go on tour! LOL. In the end, we made some new friends and we're already planning NEXT year's trip!

7. JAMAICA mon - Jamaicans are some pushy people. Mad aggresive. They don't take 'no' for an answer. Maybe I shouldn't say all of them. Maybe it's just the ones who "work" at Dunn River Falls in Ocho Rios. They stand around and badger you to come and buy their products from them. When you don't, they get mad. One dude asked me if I wanted to buy some Jamaican woodcraft. I told him no. He said "You supposed to be a brother but you won't support another brother. That's a shame!" Huh? I chuckled. Maybe he should send ME some money when I gotta pay my mortgage company? LOL. I didn't take it personal. I know it's an extremely poor country and they make their money off tourism. Nevertheless, a silly guilt trip won't make me buy no woodcraft.

8. GET NEKKID - this is the "nude" island. To get there, you'd have to catch a boat from our resort because it is located about 400 yards away. Apparently, only elderly, white people like to get nekkid because they were mainly the ones who I saw going over there. I'm a progressive dude. But I dunno about laying around nude for a bunch of meat peepers to look at me. LOL

9. LEFT & RIGHT - The steering wheels on cars over there are on the RIGHT side of the car. And they drive on the LEFT side of the road. This was my 2nd trip to Jamaica and I've seen it before but it STILL freaks me out

10. TANNED - Contrary to popular belief, black people DO tan. Sherice was tanned. I think I was a lil tanned too! So now you can call me...the DARK CHOCOLATE BOY WUNDER

11. SUNRISE SUPRISE - One of my favorite moments was to watch the sunrise from my balcony. Looking out and seeing nothing but the ocean while listening to the waves crash was a great feeling. I used to the time to reflect on where I am...and where I'm going. Self relfection is good. Try it at sunrise whenever you can

12. GO because 12KYLE SAID SO - If you ever get the chance, go to this resort where I was. Couples Tower Isle. Tell em I sent ya! (


The F$%K it List said...

LOVE JAMAICA! That's where we tied the knot and I can't wait to go next year. Looks like you had a good time.

IF you ever make it to NYC Shelly and I will take you to our favorite authentic Jerk chicken spot.

K. Rock said...

I absolutely love this post. I have determined (based of your post and a few others) that I am definitely getting myself to an all inclusive next year. And like you i am sure I will over indulge on the booze and the food but that is what vacay is all about.

And LOL @ meet peepers.

♥ CG ♥ said...

This my kinda good time. Glad you had fun and were able to rejuvenate. Next time you go, try horseback riding, it was great to do that (in the hot azz

GorgeousPuddin said...

I LOVED this post!!! Thanks for sharing! Looks so fun and lovely! Warm like bath water?? Stop It! I must get to Jamaica! I keep hearing about this all inclusive and I'll do this from now on. Man! first class is the truth! The first time I traveled that way it spoiled me! It confirmed for me that I'm supposed to be RICH! LOL!

Beautifully Complex said...

Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing time was had by all. It's great to hear about happy marriages from a male point of view.

I love authentic Jerk Chicken too. You got it on my mind now LOL

***checks Yelp for nearest Jamaican spot****